What does it mean when a firestick is unlocked?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

A Firestick is an incredible device to have in 2022. It exposes you to a world of limitless entertainment with every tv network at your disposal. In other terms, it will transform your tv into a smart tv without any hassles. Did I also mention you don’t need a bank to have it?

However, there is a secret we want to share with you to enhance your experience with a firestick.

Standardly, the work of the firestick is to provide access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many more other networks.

However, it doesn’t give you the key to break in. Consequently, you have to pay for any subscription fees imposed by the network. In other words, it gives you the access point, but you have to pay to enter this world of limitless entertainment.

Do I have to remind you that these subscriptions are not that cheap, especially in the long run? What if we showed you a backdoor or another way to break in into this world? Don’t mention it. I know that’s what has brought you here.

But before we dive in, is it legal to tamper with the functioning of the firestick? Let’s find out. 

What does it mean to jailbreak a firestick?

The major drawback of a firestick is that you must pay a subscription fee to access the entertainment services. For instance, you are following several programs from different networks, which means that you have to pay a subscription fee for all the networks.

This issue introduces us to the fire stick jailbreaking or unlocking concept. Unlocking or jailbreaking a firestick simply means breaking through to a pool of entertainment apps that give free access to your favorite tv programs.

Simply unlocking or jailbreaking a firestick is getting past the limitations placed by the manufacturer when you purchased it. As a result, it gives you access to third-party applications not included in the Amazon app store.

Why unlock a firestick?

Standardly, you cannot access third-party applications when using a firestick. Thus, you can only use the apps found in the amazon play store, which usually require subscriptions. 

If you had done your research well, you might have noted that several applications provide your favorite shows and tv programs and do not need any subscriptions. This matter at hand introduces the first reason you should unlock a firestick.

In other words, unlocking a firestick makes it possible to install third-party applications that are free or cost cheaper than the amazon play store apps. 

Additionally, it gives countless services and more user control over the device.

How to unlock a firestick?

Usually, it will cost you a few more dollars to purchase an unlocked firestick from the dealer. However, you don’t have to incur such huge costs since jailbreaking a firestick isn’t a technical thing to do.

The best part is that we will give you a step-by-step guide to follow to access the limitless pool of entertainment using your amazon firestick. Let’s get our hands dirty. 

You can also check on this video on how to unlock a firestick.

Step 1: Change the firestick system settings

Installing third-party apps is against the manufacturer’s terms of use. Thus, to make it possible, you have to alter the settings to do that;

  • Open the home screen
  • Find the settings app and tap it
  • Click on my fire tv
  • Find the developer options tab and tap it
  • On the button that shows the apps from unknown sources, toggle it to on

Step 2: Install downloader on the firestick

There are several other ways to enable the firestick to support third-party apps, but we will use a downloader because it is convenient and reliable. Follow the below steps to install it.

  • Navigate to the apps and channels screen
  • Using your remote, press the Home button
  • On the screen that pops up, click on Apps
  • Find the downloader tab and click it
  • You will be prompted to install it, thus click on Download and wait for a few seconds
  • Launch the downloader app by clicking Open

Step 3: Install Kodi 

Kodi is free, open-source software that will do the arduous task of unlocking the firestick. Several other apps can be used for the same purpose. However, Kodi is common due to its attractive and user-friendly user interface. To continue with this step, you must have your downloader correctly configured, as explained above.

  • Open the downloader app
  • At the home screen of the app, find the input field and type ‘http://kodi.tv/download ‘
  • On the remote click Go
  • On the pop-up screen, select the Green Android Robot to display the available android installs
  • On the list, select the last .apk file and wait for the downloader to connect to the server
  • Wait for a few seconds, depending on your internet connection, for the Kodi app to download
  • After the Download is completed, click on the install to install the Kodi application
  • Once the installation process is over, click on done to complete

Step 4: Configure the Kodi software

To have the Kodi application functioning well, you will need an add-ons tool to organize your media library.

  • On your home screen, click on apps “Your Apps and channels.”
  • Run Kodi by clicking Open
  • Select your preferred Build or Add-ons to install

Step 5: Protect your device

Now you are happy that you can stream whichever content that you want. However, that does come without a cost. Be reminded that if you stream illegal content, there will be consequences, even if it was unintentional. Subsequently, you should use a virtual private network to guard your activities against online surveillance.

Is it illegal to use an unlocked firestick?

Let us make things clear for you.

Jailbreaking or unlocking the firestick isn’t illegal. Thus, you will never find cops looking for you for unlocking the firestick.

However, this act is against the manufacturer’s terms and conditions of use. For instance, you cannot be compensated according to the warranty if you have unlocked your firestick.

Additionally, you should be careful against streaming illegal content because that might have implications for you.

Final words

Unlocking the firestick means getting past the manufacturer’s limitations and accessing third-party apps and services that are not found on the amazon play store.

Fortunately, it is not illegal to jailbreak your firestick, but you should note that it is against the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

Even better, you don’t need to hire a technician to jailbreak the firestick for you. You can do it all by yourself by following our guide. 

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