Can firestick use tv ethernet?

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Your firestick can use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet. If your Wi-Fi network is far from your firestick and you do not get enough speed, you can use an ethernet cable to connect it to internet. You will get a direct internet connection from your router. 

Can firestick use TV ethernet?

Wi-Fi is the default way to connect your firestick to internet. You can connect your firestick to your Wi-Fi router and start streaming. But sometimes- you might face some issues doing that. Your Wi-Fi router can be far away from your firestick. It might not get enough signal strength from your router. 

In this case, an ethernet connection can solve your problem. You can connect your firestick to a Wi-Fi router with an ethernet cable. Thus, you will get a direct line from router to your firestick. No signal will lose on the way. It can solve any buffering or slow internet issues. 

However, if your TV has a wired connection- unfortunately, it will not work for your firestick. Though firestick does not have an ethernet port, you can make it work in other ways. 

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

How to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to Ethernet?

Amazon firestick is a pretty good inexpensive streaming device that can make your regular TV a smart one. It requires a stable internet connection to run. A powerful Wi-Fi connection is not a problem for most people. But in some cases, your wireless connection can suffer, resulting in buffering when you use a firestick. 

While Wi-Fi is your default internet source and works well on firesticks, there might be situations where it does not work as needed and, you have to think about other alternatives. It is that situation- where you can use an ethernet cable to connect your firestick with internet. 

But unfortunate as you call, your firestick does not have an ethernet port. If you find yourself in a situation where you need an ethernet connection for your firestick: there are some inexpensive but effective devices to convert your wireless connection to a wired one. You guessed right- I’m talking about ethernet adapters. 

Ethernet cables can send internet signals directly to your firestick from a router or modem. Since firestick does not have an ethernet port, you need an ethernet adapter. There are a few options available in the market. I will discuss two different ethernet adapters compatible with your firestick device. 

For your information, an ethernet adapter works as a mediator between your firestick and your Wi-Fi router. You have to connect it through your firestick’s USB power supply cable and not its HDMI port. Meaning this adapter will go into that port where you insert firestick’s USB cable. 

After installing an ethernet adapter, you will get rid of your Wi-Fi signal issues and other issues like slow internet, lagging, and slow download speed. Ethernet adapters work perfectly fine with old Wi-Fi routers and enhance their signal strength. 

Here, I will discuss two different ethernet adaptors. One is Amazon Ethernet Adaptor and, the other one is Ugreen Ethernet Adaptor. You will find both of them on Amazon website. Both of them are inexpensive devices. 

But there are subtle differences between these two adaptors; Amazon ethernet adaptor has a female micro USB connector. You have to insert it into your firestick USB power port. That means this adopter will go directly to your firestick power port. 

On the other hand, Ugreen ethernet adopter has a standard male USB connector; You have to connect it directly to your firestick. Both adapters will give you a stable internet connection for your firestick device.   

How do I connect firestick to Amazon Ethernet Adapter?  

Amazon has realized the needs and benefits of ethernet cables. They have brought their ethernet adapter to the market. You might think why- not put an ethernet port on a firestick device. It might be just another marketing policy amazon has adopted. 

You can buy an amazon ethernet adapter from Amazon website. It is not that expensive. After buying one, you have to set it properly with your firestick. 

But it can be a tricky job if you are doing it for the first time. Don’t worry. I will guide you through. 

Follow these steps to connect an amazon ethernet adapter to your firestick device:

Step 1- Connect Amazon Ethernet Adopter to Your Firestick Device: This is pretty simple. After purchasing an Amazon ethernet adopter, unpack it and plug it into your firestick device. Remember, this adopter has a female connector. You have to connect it to your device’s USB power port.  

Step 2- Examine Your Ethernet Cables: You need a good-quality ethernet cable to get a fast and stable wired connection for your firestick. You have to plug the other side properly into your Wi-Fi router. Ensure that both sides are- plugged in. 

Step 3- Plug Your Firestick Power Cable into Amazon Ethernet Adopter: Your Amazon ethernet adopter has a slot for your firestick power cable. You have to plug an amazon power cable into that slot. After doing it, your wired connection is all set. 

Step 4- Check Your Connection: Now that your wired connection is in place- check whether you have a stable internet connection. Go to your firestick and start streaming anything. See you face any buffering or lagging. You should also check the download speed. 

Amazon Ethernet Adopter Compatibility with Firestick Version 

Amazon ethernet adopter is not equally compatible with every firestick version. Check for yourself: 

  • Firestick Generation 1: You will have to root your first-generation firestick to connect with an amazon ethernet adopter.
  • Firestick Generation 2: Does not require any root. You can just- plug and play your Amazon ethernet adopter. 
  • Firestick Generation 3: Popularly known as Amazon Firestick 4K- Amazon ethernet adopters will work by default on it. No need for any root. 

How do I connect firestick to Ugreen Ethernet Adapter?  

You might not want to use Amazon ethernet adopter. In that case, you have other options in hand. One such option is Ugreen ethernet adopter. You will find it on Amazon store and, you can rely on this adopter. 

Setting your Ugreen adopter is also the same as Amazon adapter. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1- Plug an Ethernet Cable into Your Ugreen Adopter: After selecting an ethernet cable, you have to plug it into your adopter. Plug the other end into your router. 

Step 2: Connect the Adopter with Your Firestick: Now, you have to connect your ethernet adopter with your firestick using a micro USB. 

Step 3: Power Up Your Adopter: Finally, it’s time to power your adopter up. Use your adopter’s USB port to power it up. 

Does firestick work better with ethernet cable?

Wi-Fi is your firestick’s default internet connection. But if you face any problem with a wireless connection, you surely can use an ethernet cable for an internet connection. It will enhance your internet speed. 

Wi-Fi signals often get distracted and scattered for many reasons. But when you use an ethernet cable, internet directly flows from your router to your firestick and does not get lost on the way. So, you can say that firestick works better with an ethernet cable.  


I hope all your confusion has cleared by now. You can now confidently choose between Wi-Fi and ethernet cable.

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