How Long Does Fire Stick Battery Last?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Firestick itself does not require any batteries. It has a power adapter that you connect to a power source. However, the Firestick remote needs batteries. These should last about 8-9 months in normal circumstances. But on average, its lifespan stands between 5 and 6 months. 

How long do firestick batteries last?

Your firestick uses AC power to run. It comes with a power adapter that you connect with a power source to run this device. It has a USB port and a power adapter; you can use either way to power up your Firestick. But Amazon suggests you use the power adapter that comes with your package. 

Your Firestick does not require any batteries but, its remote does. Batteries are needed to power up your Firestick remote. These batteries should last for 8-9 months. But controlling your device consumes a lot of battery power. Thus the lifespan is often shortened to 5-6 months. 

If you use Alexa at home, your Firestick remote can last for an even shorter period. Because- Alexa needs constant communication with your remote. It means your remote is always awake and draining its batteries. But even so, batteries should last for at least 5- months. 

But many Firestick users have presented a complaint against battery lifespan. Most people have said their first batch of batteries lasted for a couple of months. But after changing them, they finish up as early as 3-4 weeks. Amazon has replaced most of these users’ remotes, but the actual problem remains. 

You might be wondering why your remote’s battery is draining so fast. A lot of issues are behind this problem. These remotes have a lot of functionalities and higher capabilities. It can be a reason behind fast draining. Using Alexa can be another reason. But most people who have faced this issue believe that it is a manufacturing defect. 

How do I elongate Firestick Remote’s Lifespan? 

You can’t do much considering- it is a manufacturing defect from Amazon. But there are some steps you might want to consider. You should reset your remote. There is a possibility it will consume less battery after you reset it. Follow these steps:

  • First, take your remote and press the Left, Back, and Options buttons at once and hold them for about 10 seconds. 
  • Your remote will reset itself and take a few seconds to connect with your Firestick. 
  • Now monitor how fast it is draining. It should be lasting longer now. 

What Affects My Firestick’s Lifespan? 

We have already discussed the factors responsible for affecting the firestick remote’s lifespan. But we should also focus on the factors that affect your firestick’s lifespan altogether. You might have found several issues while using a firestick. Those are the factors that affect the lifespan of your device. 

These issues can be internal program-related or external hardware related or both. Both the software and the hardware can affect your Firestick. Let’s address some of these issues: 

  • Constant lagging of your device. 
  • Repeated restarts. 
  • Heating up unnecessarily 
  • Crashed applications. 
  • Blank screens, etc. 

These issues can seriously damage your device. You should take care of these problems if you want a long-lasting firestick. 

How do I Improve My Firestick’s Lifespan? 

If you take proper care of your firestick, it will last long- just like any other electronic device. Listed below are some of the ways you can take good care of your device: 

  • Turn on Sleep Mode: You should put your firestick in sleeping when you are not using it. It will prevent your device from producing excessive heat. Press your home button several times and select sleep mode. 
  • Delete Unnecessary Applications: You should uninstall and delete unnecessary applications from your Firestick. It will free up space and make your device fast. 
  • Turn Data-Monitoring Off: Data monitoring uses a significant portion of your Firestick processor. By turning it off, you will unload some of the pressure. As a result, your device will not face unwanted buffering. 
  • Update Firestick: You should regularly update your Firestick firmware and other software for fixing bugs and other issues. But frequently updating can slow down your processor. Keep that in your mind as well. 

How do I know if my Firestick remote needs new batteries?

Remote is very important for your Firestick, as you can control everything on your screen with it. Your Firestick remote uses batteries and, with time- they will wear off. But how do you check your remote’s battery life? Well, you can check them from Firestick Home. 

You have to set it from the settings first. Here’s how you will do it: 

  • First, go to Firestick Home and hit the Find button. 
  • Then type Developer Tools Menu in the search bar and click on it to launch it.  
  • Now tap on the Developer Tools Menu button after it launches. 
  • You will see a lot of options. Click on System X-Ray to turn it on. 
  • Finally, you will see a remote- button at the bottom of your screen. You can see your battery level from there. 

 The battery icon will show three different color indicators. They are:

  • Green: Meaning, your remote’s batteries are full, and working fine.
  • Orange: Meaning- your remote’s battery is not 100% but not too low either. They are somewhere in between. When your battery percentage is 50%-70%, it will show an orange color.
  • Red: Meaning, your batteries are in a danger zone. You have to replace them as soon as possible. 

Can you change the batteries in a Firestick?

Your Firestick device does not have a battery. So, there is no question of changing it. But, your Firestick’s remote has batteries and you must replace them with new ones when they wear out. 

Your remote’s batteries should last for about 5- months. But when they finish up, you have to replace them with a new set. Changing your battery is an easy task. I’m sure all of you know how to change batteries in a remote. But let me tell it how to do it on your Firestick remote: 

  • First, take the remote and open up the battery compartment from the bottom of your remote. 
  • Then take out the old ones and replace them with a new set. 
  • Finally, cover the lead and pair your remote with your firestick again. 

Do not replace batteries with wet hands and, never mix old batteries with new ones. 

Which battery is best for the Amazon Fire Stick remote?

Your fire stick remote uses 2- batteries to run. If you do not use a good set of batteries for your remote, they can wear out frequently. It can become annoying and a hassle to replace batteries too often. So, you must invest in a good set of batteries. 

Buy high-capacity rechargeable batteries- they will last much longer. You can recharge them too. So, even if you have to invest some more money at first, it will pay off in the long run. You’ll not have to change batteries too often.

Buy AAA alkaline batteries. They are the best of their kind. You will have a longer lifespan with them. Make sure you do not buy cheaper ones. 

Final Word

I hope my article answers all the questions regarding your Firestick remote’s batteries. Now you can identify and solve remote’s problems yourself.