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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Google nest mini is the recent invention of the google nest brand, slowly taking over the google home brand. 

Basically, it helps the users control music and video by issuing passing voice commands. Even better, it is enhanced such that it supports two-way conversations. However, this google product has much to offer.

If you are new to this product we are here to help you. We will explain what a mini google nest is and look at how to use, reset, and set it as a Bluetooth speaker. Let’s get into it. 

What is the google nest mini app?

Google nest mini is a smart speaker developed by Google that enables the users to listen to music, receive news updates, and control the playback of videos using voice commands. The google nest device uses the google nest mini-app, which receives the commands and initiates an action. 

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

It has improved automation to give a better user experience. Consequently, it has upgraded mechanical speech patterns making it possible to recognize multiple commands and queries even when the music is playing in full sound. Exciting, right?

Besides supporting voice music control and telling you the news, google nest mini does much more.

For instance, it has three far-field microphones that respond to commands and manage the everyday task. Further, its app is compatible with podcasts platforms such as Spotify. Hence, you can listen to your favorite podcast using the google nest mini-app.

Even better, do you find yourself forgetting the item on your to-do list and thus failing to meet your goals. Worry no more if you already have the app installed. Why?

The app syncs with the google account. Hence, it can read the items in your google calendar and broadcast them as a reminder. Similarly, you can use it on google duo when video calling. 

Let’s look at the design of google’s next mini-app;

What are the key features of the google nest mini app?

  1. Google assistant 

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant software developed by google that supports two-way conversations. Consequently, it not only executes your verbal commands but can also give audible feedback where necessary.

Since the google nest mini-app supports this feature, it does away with the manual work. Thus, in the comfort of your seat or bed, you can pass a command to the app to play music, and in case of a technical hitch, it will give you audible feedback which is easier to interpret. 

  1. Application compatibility

Besides supporting the voice commands, the google nest mini-app is compatible with many google services and Netflix.

For instance, it is compatible with the Google play music app, Spotify, and Google videos. Thus, it can directly access them to play your favorite music or video.

You can search and play for a YouTube video without manually opening the app because it is also compatible with this video streaming app. 

  1. Upgraded broadcasting compatibility

The google Nests mini-app compatibility is not limited to Google products.

It is compatible with multiple other broadcasting apps such as radio, music apps, and podcast platforms such as Spotify and Tunelm.

Since it also incorporates Chromecast support, the application can broadcast from other devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops. 

  1. 100% recycled construction

Nonetheless, durability is at the heart of the manufacturer of the google mini nest device, which uses the google mini nest app. 

The device is made of 100% recyclable plastics, which are quite strong to last longer. 

What are the pros of the google nest mini app?

Due to intense labor and sharp brains deployed in coming up with the google Nests mini-application, it is worth the investment. To offers nothing short of a good user experience.

Below are some of the reasons why you will not go wrong investing in this application;

  • It has a high voice sensitivity such that it recognizes the user’s voice even when playing loud music
  • The double bass power gives you clear audible music
  • Relatively cheaper than the Amazon Alexa
  • Its device comes with wall mounts making it easier and safe to mount
  • Due to the two-way voice support, the nest app will give you audible feedback. 

What are the cons of the google nest mini app?  

  • The  embedded google virtual assistant supports only two UK languages
  • The menu navigation is slightly difficult
  • It does not support a 3.55mm aux  lead slot

What is the google home app?

Google Home app is a software developed by Google that supports virtual assistants. It enables the users to control multiple smart devices via voice commands. These devices include speakers, nest devices, and nest cams.

Beyond that, it is useful in managing other google services such as media subscriptions, google email broadcasts, and calendar events and reminders. 

Google nest app versus google home app

These two google products have almost similar functionalities and can easily be confused for each other. 

The nest mini-app is a replacement for the google home mini. In other words, it is the latest app.

However, the two products have an almost similar design, features, and price tags.

They all have a cute puck-like design and almost the same dimensions with a circular covering and LED lights on the top. 

Also, they have almost similar functionalities such as in-built assistants, music control, and other smart device control.

But what is their difference? 

Feature Nest miniHome mini
DesignBuilt-in screw wall mountWall-mounting accessories required 
Controls Its controls include a physical microphone mute button, pause control, and volume controlsIts controls include a physical microphone mute button and volume controls
Sound 40mm driver and 360-degree sound40mm driver
Microphones Three microphones Two microphones 

How to set up google nest mini?

The goggle nest mini package contains the nest mini device and a power cable. The nest mini device has a puck-like design with a cloth at the top and plastic at the bottom. The bottom part also consists of wall mountings to mount the device.

It has a mute button for the microphone and a power adapter slot on the sides. Therefore, you can press the mute button if you do not want the device to pick your voice.

Below is how to set it up;

Step 1: Create a Gmail account

You will need a Gmail account to use the google nest mini-app, which controls the nest mini device.

Hence, you will need to sign in if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Download the Google Home app

Next, open the Google play store and look for the nest mini-app. Click and wait for it to download. 

Step 3: Launch the Google Home app

After the app has been downloaded, click on it to launch it. 

After launching, you will be directed to the let’s get started screen.

Click on the ‘let’s get started button

Step 4: Set up the device

After clicking on the get started tab, you will be taken to the device set up device screen.

Click on New device, and next tap, create a new home.

Step 5: Add location details

You will be prompted to enter the location details to get the correct weather or direction broadcasting 

Step 6: Plug in the device to power

Plug in the mini nest device to a power source using the adapter and start it.

Step 7: Select the device

on your phone, and select the device you need to set up. In this case, you should tap on the google nest mini device.

Step 8: Agree to the terms of use

Tap the ‘I agree’ button to accept the terms of use

Step 9: Select the place of use and the wi-fi

Next, select where you will be using the nest mini and choose the wi-fi you will be using and enter the password.

Step 10: Finish the setup

Follow the guidelines given on the app on your phone to complete the setup. 

You can also check on this video to learn more about the google nest mini device

How to use google nest mini?

The google nest mini device has several buttons that make it quite easy to operate.

On one of the sides, it has a button that you can turn to put off the microphone. 

Tapping on the right side increases the music volume, while tapping on the left side decreases the music volume. Additionally, the center part of the device will pause the music.

To play the music, you need to use Bluetooth functionality. 

How to use google nest mini as a Bluetooth speaker?

 Step 1: open the Goggle home app

You must have installed the google home app on your phone to use the nest mini device as a Bluetooth speaker. Open the app, and let’s get to the next step.

Step 2:  Select the device

Opening the device will display all the devices connected to the app. Tap on google nest mini

Step 3: Device setting

On the screen that pops up after selecting your device, find the settings icon at the top and tap it

Step 4: Paired devices tab

On the device setting screen, please scroll down to find the list of the paired devices and tap it.

Step 5: Enable pairing mode

Click the bottom right button to enable the pairing mode

Step 6: Turn on the Bluetooth functionality on your phone

Open the Bluetooth functionality on your phone and turn it on

Step 7: Allow the pairing process

After a few seconds, a message will pop up asking you to allow the pairing process. Tap on allow button 

That is all you need to do to use the mini nest as a Bluetooth speaker. For more clarification, you can check this video. 

How to reset google nest mini?

Resetting the google nest mini device is quite easy. You can check on this video or keep learning to know how to do it.

Step 1: Press the center of the nest mini

Press the center part of the mini nest with the lighting to start the reset process.

Step 2: Wait for 5 seconds

Keep on holding the nest mini for about five minutes to initialize the process

Step 3: Wait for more than 10 minutes

Keep pressing the device for about 10 more minutes until you hear a sound that confirms the device is resetting.

Final words 

Google nest mini-app is the software used to control the google nest mini, which is an advancement of the google home device. Consequently, it has more functionalities which significantly upgrades the user experience. 

Fortunately, we have discussed the features of the mini google nest, its advantages, disadvantages, and how to use it. Besides, you will no longer face issues when resetting the product or even when you want to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. 

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