How to Connect LampUX to Alexa: 3 minute

LampUX is a relatively low-cost SMART bulb brand which can be considered as a good choice of purchase.

It has all kind of SMART properties that many premium products offer in the market. Including;

  • Voice over controllability
  • Amazon Alexa  and Google Home support
  • Ability to change all shade of white colour depends on colour temperature
  • Turn ON/OFF scheduling
  • Lifetime customer service..etc

Maybe, I do not even need to specify these features, since you may even know these facts already if you have it.

If not, here’s link to Amazon. You can find 5 different smart bulb choices.

So, let’s dig into our main topic without any more intro.

How to connect LampUX to Alexa for voice control – step by step

The steps are pretty simple. You can quickly finish the whole process within 2 or 3 minutes.

Step 01: Turn On your LampUX bulb by plugging it into the power socket.

Step 02: Go to the LampUX app and click the ‘ME’ icon. You can find it in the bottom right area.

Smart Lighting for Home
Step 03: Then It will open a new option set. Click the option “More Service”. Now app will open another window that will help you to select your voice controller. In this case, its ‘Alexa’

Step 04: Once you have selected the Alexa option, it will ask the permission for allowing your LampUX app to connect with Amazon Alexa. Proceed with giving permission. Then it will sync your LampUX devices into the Alexa app.

Step 05: Now go to your Alexa app and select the ‘More Device’ option. It should show your new device in the list. If it isn’t in the list, refresh the list (you can refresh the list by dragging the display area top to bottom).

Once it is available, you can use the device name to control it via your voice commands.

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How to connect LampUX smart bulb to its app

If you are having problems with connecting your LampUX bulb into its app, then you may not be able to connect it to Alexa afterwards. Even to proceed with above-mentioned steps, you need to have a proper connection of your device to its core app.

So, if it rasie a problem with core app, follow these steps to connect your smart bulb into the LampUX app.

Step 01 – First, you need to download the official app ‘Lepro LampUX’ into your mobile and install it.  

Step 02 – Then you need to create an account for yourself through the app.

Step 03 – Once these two steps were finished, Turn ON and OFF your bulb for 3 times. This process will trigger it for discovery. If you are able to done this properly, you should see your bulb blinks rapidly.

Step 04 – Now click the icon ‘Add Device’ and enter your Wi-Fi credential for access and an identification name. Once you have finished this process, you will see the device name in your app front page.

How to troubleshoot your connection between Alexa and LampUX

If the device does not show in the Alexa device list – Follow these steps to solve the problem

  1. Go to the menu in Alexa app, then click ‘Add Device’. This will provide a list of device categories.
  2. At the bottom of the list, there will be a category named ‘Other’. Click it.
  3. Now, the app will ask you to discover new devices. Proceed with the scanning process.
  4. This step will help you to find your LampUX smart bulb in Alexa App interface.
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