Hard Reset LG TV Black Screen? (black screen)

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

A black screen is a common problem in smart screens. One way of fixing them is resetting the television. However, how do you reset a screen where you can’t see anything?

You are not a magician, right? To your surprise, it is possible to reset an LG TV with no picture.

To add one more thing, this type of resetting will not lose your saved data making it quite safe.

Additionally, it is one of the quick fixes that will consume less of your energy and time. Just take your remote, and let’s learn how to reset LG TV with no picture.

How do I reset my LG TV without a picture?

How do I reset my LG TV without a picture

I came across a joke on WhatsApp that if your device is faulty, just try resetting it. Another person replied that resetting is a medicine that every device can take any time without any side effects. Well, it is not only a joke, but resetting can help solve a lot of issues.

However, the most common way to reset the device is to visit the settings menu and select restore factory settings. But this can’t work for your situation.

Good news? We have an alternative that might fix your expensive tv.

Method 1 of resetting an LG TV with no picture

Resetting an LG TV with no picture

Step 1: Power off

I hope you hadn’t forgotten to put on the power off, and you are here almost getting to the neck of the manufacturer.

In this problem, we assume that the TV is on but cannot display pictures. 

To start the resetting process, first, put off the TV. Advisably plug off the power supply or switch it off. 

Step 2: Press the power button

You have already unplugged the power cables. Next, press the power buttons on your remote for at least 30 seconds.

IN other words, you are sending the signals to start the TV, but it can’t since the power supply is off. 

Step 3: Plug it on

After pressing the power button as instructed, plug in the power cables or switch on the power supply.

If you have unplugged the cables, be careful while handling them and ensure that you have plugged in the right port.

Step 4: Turn it on

Lastly, turn the television on.

Simply press the power button on the remote.

 You deserve a pat on the back if you have successfully reset and fixed the device. You can now relax and watch your favorite show. 

However, if the screen is not responding, you can check the condition and the cabling system of the power supply. Otherwise, you can review our next alternative method of resetting the TV.

Method 2 for Factory Reset LG TV

Alternative method of resetting the LG TV

This is an alternative method of resetting the device, which does not require you to temper the cabling. 

When performing the LG TV reset process, you need to ensure that the power supply is on. 

All you need to do is press the power and volume buttons on the remote simultaneously for 10 seconds. Wait for a few seconds for the LG screen to start automatically.

That’s it.

If your television does not respond still, it might be experiencing a more serious problem. 

Does my LG TV have a reset button? 

Does my LG TV have a reset button

It would have been easier if LG TV had a reset button that you simply press and fix your TV, right? Same case, I wish that was possible.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The LG TV remotes do not have a particular reset button,

However, you can use the remote to reset the TV with conditions.

For instance, as we have discussed above, you can reset the device by pressing the power and volume buttons simultaneously.

Similarly, you can use the power button when the power supply is off to reset the TV. 

What more can I do if resetting does not fix an LG TV with no picture? 

Resetting is not the only way to fix your screen that does not display pictures. Besides, there might be hinders the reset problems. You can also try the below steps;

  1. Remote controller issues
Remote controller issues in LG TV

When resetting a tv with no picture, you will have to use a remote. Consequently, your efforts will be futile if the remote is not working. 

Probably, your batteries are dead, or there is an opaque material blocking the signals. Fortunately, remote batteries are quite affordable; hence you can easily replace them. 

Further, you should ensure no opaque cutting across you and the device. You should be quite close to the device when resetting it for such reasons and much more. 

  1. Software issues

Besides the physical part of the television that you can see, it also uses installed software that instructs the device what to do when it receives a command.

As a result, if the software is faulty, it will not respond to the reset instructions appropriately. You can fix this issue by upgrading the software.

Advisably, you should not wait until your device is faulty to update it. 

  1. Power supply issues
Power supply issues in LG TV

Another problem might be your power supply. Check if you have it on when needed and if the power cables are correctly connected.

Additionally, you can check if the power supply board is in good condition as well as the backlight. You can watch this video on how to fix a power supply board. 

Final words

Resetting a device is the antidote that devices need when faced with most challenges. However, the standard resetting guides use the settings menu.

However, in your case, you can’t even see a picture. The screen is entirely black.

The solution?
Press the volume and power buttons simultaneously when the power is on to reset an LG TV with no picture.

Similarly, you can press the power button only for at least 60 minutes when the device is powered off.

We have gone deeper on how to reset LG TV with no picture without having to incur the cost of getting a professional. 

Besides, if you are facing issues, we have highlighted some of the common hindrances and fixes to ensure that your efforts are fruitful. 

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