Why my LG TV has a Black Screen? – Quick Fixes

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Television is the quintessential black screen that elevates the user’s experience. But is your LG TV turning black as you open it? There are numerous reasons why this issue is arising, and I have compiled a list of causes and solutions that support the case.

Not just that, you will get a whole guide to follow and several troubleshooting tips that a user apply when facing such an issue. Below is the article that you read if you are experiencing the same thing. Here we go!

What does it mean when your TV turns on, but the screen is black?

Usually, your TV screen would turn black when it faces issues like an update running in the background or inadequate power being supplied to the TV. Several other problems that cause a black screen are:

  • When a user applies a different picture mode, the TV temporarily turn black to display that picture mode.
  • The LG TV must be facing some temporary glitch that is causing the screen to turn black.
  • The backlight of the TV is getting overheated due to invariable temperatures. 
  • Sometimes, throwing any liquid material by mistake cause the TV to malfunction and the TV losing its power. Hence, all you would see is a black screen.
  • Sometimes the power indicator light harbors issues because of some point in the software leading to a dark TV screen. This situation disables the ability of the software to update according to the software.
  • Several times, power issues due to multiple power supply boards led to problems in the functioning of the TV. Since some TVs have numerous power supply boards, and if one of them fails to work, then the TV’s functioning is hampered. 

Such issues are very common that every user face at least once; however, they get rectified almost immediately too. Now, read below to know more about the solutions and fixes in the article.

How do I fix my LG TV when the screen goes black?

Facing a black screen, especially when you want to watch your favorite show, a quite frustrating. However, the fixes are not impossible, and sometimes, a simple turn off and on cures the black screen. Unfortunately, there are times and people that have so much dirt and dust collected over the TV screen that needs to be cleaned to get a normal working screen.

However, sometimes the issues don’t get corrected by a simple switch on and off and have to be fixed. Let me guide you through some solutions that apply if your LG TV is turning black as well:

Disconnect and reconnect the power buttons for the TV

Sometimes, a remote malfunctioning leading to non-working TV. Therefore, you must check this by opening the TV from the power button present on the TV’s sides. The controls are located on the side of the screen or below the screen.

This method is the quickest way to get the black screen from working on the LG TV by following some really easy steps:

Step 1 – Remove the power connection of the TV right from the socket.

Step 2 – Take some time off, say, 15 minutes before connecting everything.

Step 3 – Now turn it back on by pressing the power button for about 15-20 seconds.

All temporary glitches fixed by this method. If this doesn’t fix the black screen, follow the next step.

Open the LG TV from the button on the TV

Sometimes, hear a sound coming from the TV with the black screen. If this happens, open the TV screen by pressing the button present on the TV.

Please do not use a remote as it is faulty too. If this works for you, open the menu option from the button present on the TV and see if there is any issue there.

You would need to repair the TV if you see a message regarding the issues faced by the TV on the screen. Usually,

Look for any problem with the power cables 

Sometimes, power cables are connected loosely or are a bit into by a rodent-like a rat. When this happens, the TV does not receive power constantly, which result in a black screen. 

Therefore, check all connections of power cords with the TV and other external outputs as well, such as a cable box, Amazon fire stick, etc.

Remember to check the power outlet as well that is sourcing the TV. An inadequate supply of power is the reason the TV does not work since it does not receive adequate power.

Reconnect the HDMI cables on the LG TV

If the points above don’t help you, check for the HDMI connections located at the back of the TV. See if the HDMI cables are connected at the correct ports and whether the labels on the HDMI are right.

Sometimes, one could mistake connecting an HDMI connection at a wrong labeled port. Turn off the power before rectifying any links of the TV.

HDMI connections are a very important part of the TV as they are considered the main connections. Therefore, use good quality cables and ensure that they are connected properly to the right ports.

Look for any change in connections or connection settings

Now, look for any changes in the peripheral connections, such as the set-top box, cable box, etc. Check if they are inserted in the right port or not. Several times the main output cables of the TV, such as red, blue, and green, won’t inserted in the right port.

In addition, restart the TV to set any changes you have made in the connection settings after waiting for 30 seconds.

Can I perform a Factory Reset on LG TV to rectify the black screen?

Are you still reading? If you still haven’t solved your problem, then it is time to reset the whole TV settings back to their factory settings. A factory reset removes all types of updates and resets the TV back to the default settings. 

A factory reset rectifies any issue that the backlight setting causing to the TV leading to a black screen.

When doing a factory reset, follow the steps mentioned below to conduct the steps:

Step 1 – Click the settings option and choose all settings.

Step2 – try to locate the General option.

Step3 – Now, reset the TV by clicking on the Initial Settings.

Step4 – The rebooting is now complete. The factory reset has changed the settings back to their default version.

By now, you must be able to solve this issue. However, if the black screen still doesn’t go away, then follow this next title.

Troubleshooting fixes for black screen on LG TV

  • One should not stop trying unless necessary. If none of the solutions helped you, then contacting professional support is the only option left.
  • Go on the official website for LG support and get assistance. Then, discuss your issues on the online chat and get a professional reading. 
  • When directing your issue, the user have to instruct their TV’s in-warranty and out-warranty repair, the access manuals, as well as any other case with the TV.
  • Access the “Ask the community” forum, where a group of LG TV owners shares their experiences and all problems that you can read and learn from.


If the user figures out the issue for the LG TV turning to a black screen, then a quick remedy is found and applied. However, before finding the solution to the problems, one must perform several troubleshooting steps to see the issue they detected is right or wrong.

Do not worry about your TV because it does happen sometimes but always be fixed! Once your TV screen gets the video back, go back to enjoying movies and shows.

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