How to Get Amazon Fire Stick Remote’s Back Off?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

I have received my Amazon Firestick and guess what? I had a really bad time with its remote’s back. Every time I tried to open it, I failed.  But I knew that I had to find my way to its opening and here I go….I have got the solution.

Believe you me! It’s been two long taxing days. Now that I have figured out how to get its back off and how to put in batteries, I want to share these “secrets” with you.

I will also talk about some alternative solutions and important points along the way, stay tuned.

How to open back of amazon fire stick remote?

It’s definitely not straightforward to open the Amazon Fire stick’s remote. 

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You won’t get a straight clue about where to open it from and how. The fact is, the remote is pretty well designed and made intentionally so to keep it firm and long-lasting.  

The back is really tight and not loose from any point. It doesn’t appear to have any splitting and appears to be a single unit.

As it’s too tight to be a regular remote-back, a layman would try to push it harder, up down, up down… it doesn’t slide even a cm, and you become absolutely clueless. 

One simple way is to use the plastic opener that comes with the remote. 

Screw it into the thin line between the remote and its back cover, and lift it up. Maybe this simple way can come in handy for you. 

Else, what worked for me was a bit trickier as I wasn’t able to find the thin seam right away. Then, I couldn’t screw in the plastic opening into it as it was too tight. 

My solution: 

So I held it top side down and flipped it around to get it on a soft surface (soft, because you need to do some more or less hard tapping.) 

Now there could be two possible ways ahead: 

The first one is pretty simplistic: hold it, tap it, and push down.     

Didn’t work? Okay.

The other way is the one that I also tried, get it exactly on the edge, and then just hit it hard. There will be a small opening.

The inertia you get here is enough to barely open the tip.

Caution: Be careful and make sure you don’t damage your remote’s front here.

The next procedure is simple: 

  1. Pull it down a little bit, what you want to do now is get that small crack to open here, and then once it’s open, you push it down.
  2. Once it’s down, flip it over and then pull it off. 
  3. Don’t try to push it all the way down as it’s just not going to slide.

Putting it back is pretty much the same. Slide it back, just as you see it.

Opening Amazon fire stick’s remote is hard but only for the first few times. Once you get it open, it gets easier and easier afterward. 

What to do when amazon fire TV stick remote won’t open?

Sometimes, the remotes have micro-texture edges because of using newly made plastic or whatever, due to which the grip becomes a bit hard. In fact, too hard to endure for tight handling and then tapping on some surface. That is sometimes a pain in the ass for sure.

Here, you might want to use something else to grip it firmer, maybe a fabric, maybe a rubber glove, band, etc. 

For example, you can put on a rubber band on your thumb and then push the back lid using it. This can be the easiest and fun way to open it.

Another effective solution for the first time opening it, can be latex gloves.

How do I put the battery in my Amazon Fire TV remote?

Sometimes your amazon Firestick remote needs battery replacement or at least an adjustment if they have been dislodged mistakenly. 

We have brought this guide that will help you with this process from start to end.

To change your batteries, follow this path:  

  1. Use the way explained above to open the battery compartment.
  2. Flip-up and remove the battery cover. 
  3. Lift and pull out the front battery first, then the second one.
  4. There is a battery-fixing of rubber. Cut it off. 
  5. Use the cutter or knife carefully, along the longitudinal lines of the   remote control, and strip off only the red marked part of the rubber battery-fixing. 

Caution: Please make sure that you actually need to replace batteries as they, once changed, might start to permanently rattle when using the remote control afterwards! So, it’s better to change them only when needed.

Warning: Stay away from the bottom of the remote as there lies the circuit board of the remote control. As you are using a metallic knife or cutter, it can be catastrophic for your safety. 

Thus, avoid any scratching of, or searching between the battery compartments using the metallic knife or cutter. It can damage the remote control’s conductivity as well. 

6. A good alternative to knife for cutting off the battery-fixing can be a small side cutter. 

7. Find new batteries and make sure they are the correct polarity and put them in the right orientation. 

8. Place them and adjust well.

9. Okay, now simply place your case back on and make sure the positive and negative poles are set the right way

10. Wait for about 15-20 seconds so that the remote can reconnect with the respective Amazon Firestick device.

11. Check if the remote control is functioning well. If yes, you’re done!

At the end, there is an important point for you to consider: The Amazon basic batteries are consumed up so fast. So, it’s better to replace them with some more durable batteries. Duracell batteries can be a good alternative in this regard. They are a suitable choice for a long-lasting Firestick remote control.

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