How to Connect Yeelight Strip to Wifi? Troubleshoot Included

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

With a variety of many bright colours and options, the Yeelight strip is getting popular with LED-Light lovers. I also bought it recently to group it with the rest of the light strips in my home and I am happy I picked them.

It is easily compatible with Google Home Assistant and with a minor issue coming, also with Alexa. 

Unfortunately, many people conceive that the instructions on the package about the setup process are not clear.

I also had a challenge while setting it up and now as I have gone through its setup process, I have drafted this comprehensive article that touches upon all your recurring questions about the Yeelight strip connection and other problems. Stay tuned.

The following steps will guide you on how to setup Yeelight strip:

STEP 01: Download and install the “Yeelight Blue App” from your Android play store or Apple app store.

STEP 02: Turn on Bluetooth on your device and open the Yeelight App, a list of Yeelight products will appear on the sidebar. 

STEP 03: Select the bulb/lightstrip option, then press Connect. Take help from the guide on the device interface and turn on the bulb.

STEP 04: Connect your phone to Wi-Fi connection, a button will pop up, tap “Next”. Enter your Wi-Fi password in the app and then again tap “Next”

STEP 05: Now you have established a Wi-Fi network provided by the Yeelight Strip.  

STEP 06: Go to the settings of your phone and then Wi-Fi section. Connect to “yeelink-light-abc” Wi-Fi option.

STEP 07: Once the connection part is done, wait a while so that the app-strip pair starts working. Your strip will now be showing as “Yeelight Color Strip” on the App home page.

Why Yeelight Connection Timed Out?

As there are multiple factors involved in the connecting process, the connection often times out when you try to connect the Yeelight strip to Wi-Fi.

Same is the issue in case of power cuts.

The multiple factors that make it a complicated procedure are the Wi-Fi router, the light strip, and the cloud server, they all work together so your Yeelight strips get to shine.

Sometimes there are trivial reasons like incorrect Wi-Fi passwords or poor internet connection.

There could be other technical or logical reasons as well, but the most repeating ones are:

  1. Lack of compatibility between Wi-Fi router and the light strip. 
  2. Poor communication between the light strip and the cloud server due to some occasional cloud problems

To avoid Yeelight strip connection problems, you can use the following guidelines.

  • First of all, make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is working well and that you have typed in the correct password. Better download a song-like file in order to ensure Wi-Fi is actually working and the speed is good. 
  • As the Yeelight smart strip works only on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (5G is not supported), iOS 7.1, Android 4.0, and their later versions check the compatibility issues of the light strip with the phone’s operating system and Wi-Fi router’s frequency.
  • If the download speed is down, try disconnecting other devices from Wi-Fi to ease the flow of signals towards the strip. This way you will be clear that if the issue lies with the connection or something else.
  • Sometimes the Wi-Fi router security restrictions are too tight to allow the connection to light strip-like devices. You can ease the restrictions for a while, connect the light strip with the network, and then change the settings back to the previous state.

How do I reset my Yeelight strip?

  • If none of the above-mentioned solutions works, you should go for resetting the strip using the following steps:
  • Switch on/off the device five consecutive times.
  • Now turn on and hold the button for 5 long secs to see the strip flashing, now release the power button.
  • When the flashing stops, the reset is done.
  • As the last step, open the Yeelight Blue App, it will tell you if your light strip is detected. Follow further instructions to finally get your strip lighting again.

Most common Yeelight connection problems

The most common problem that is coming with Yeelight Strip is it’s random disconnecting from the Wi-Fi.

You have to go through the hectic installation process again and again.

First off, the length of these strips is only 2 meters and the cut-points are not situated at even distances, so that appears to be a matter of casual handling.

Plus, it’s really hard to cut the plastic covering of the cable and getting to the copper conductor takes years.

Yes, that’s a safety measure, but it shouldn’t be tough to cut at least with a sharp knife.

A friend of mine was off the point, “I really like everything about this product except for its terrible connection loss every other minute. I have to unplug and plug it, again and again, to get it back functioning. It happens every 2-3 days, still, I love the price and colours”

Another point that I have in my mind is the short length of the Yeelight strip.

This strip is relatively small as compared to other brands and is suitable only if you have a small TV or cabinet etc. otherwise, it doesn’t suffice.

Although it has one of the most perfect colours out there, lumens and brightness still matter.

Some users have also reported issues connecting to 10 mm RGB connectors.

Yeelight Strips are also showing problems with Alexa Voice recognition. The issue of unresponsive voice commands is quite recurring and common.

The fact is: Voice commands on Yeelight products work only on the Singapore server. If voice commands don’t respond, simply consider changing the server to Singapore One.

I also suggest you to not name your devices with words that rhyme with commonly used terms. For example, Alexa might mistake “Yeelight” for Highlight.


All in all, Yeelight Strip is a good alternative to expensive lights out there. For the price and the quality, I am sure these lights wouldn’t disappoint you.

As all Yeelight users have shifted from the previous official app Xiaomi Mi, don’t forget to remove your devices from there before trying to connect them to the new Yeelight Blue App.

Remember, if you have only deleted the app, and haven’t removed the lights from it, you will have connection problems. However, this problem doesn’t appear in versions 1.0.3 and onwards.

The pertaining issues of the ceiling-5 model of the lights will also be solved hopefully. However, this is a relatively new brand in the market so you can expect some faults in the upcoming versions as well. 

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