Blink Camera Outdoor: Ultimate Guide to Blink Outdoor Cameras

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

When it comes to your assets’ safety and security, the security camera would be the only choice that we have today. It is tough to protect your belonging without having a security system in place. In the region where the population is less and not much activity happening around the house would be an easy target for the thief to still anything.

The thief would enter your home, steal anything that they can, and run away quickly when you are not home. Also, even if your family members are in the house, it would be difficult for them to protect themselves without having a security system.

The outdoor camera enables you to view the activity outside the door using the Smartphone. Modern camera devices produce real-time pictures using Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can log in to the application, access the photos using the app, and check that it is on your door. The application allows the person to take quick action and not open the door if it detects suspicious activity. The owner or the family member can call the police immediately and save their lives.

Can you put a blink camera outdoors?

Blink has introduced a high-end security camera that enables the owner to monitor the place using the smart device. The Blink outdoor camera is compatible with all types of operating machines and smartphones.

It comes with remote technology that syncs with the Blink mobile application and gives users real-time access to their Cameras. You can watch a live recording of the video and see what is happening in front of the camera view.

Additionally, it is the only camera that provides wide-angle shots giving you maximum exposure to your view. The small device fits easily into the little place and stays in stealth mode without making any noise.

No one will know where the camera is placed, which gives it a spy feature. Only you know where it is placed, so whenever there is any unusual activity happening around the premises, you can take immediate action to stop it.

Features of Blink Outdoor Camera

1) HD quality video recording: The Blink camera produces 1080p high-resolution video quality. The video will be sharp even if it is zoomed during the close view. The picture quality will be far more advanced than the regular security camera you find in the store.

2) Comes with Alexa and IFTTT support.

Blink camera easily gets connected to the Alexa and IFTTT applications. Users who are using Alexa in the home can use the application to operate it with voice support. Let Alexa depict your pictures on the screen or take action with the voice command.

Even the IFTTT gives you advanced features that enable the Blink application to work freehand. It means you know need to touch your Smartphone as well to monitor or operate your Blink device.

3) Local and Cloud Storage: For any security system that works on live video recording, the storage would be challenging. The high-resolution video recording consumes a fair amount of computer’s hard drives. Even a few weeks of recording would fill more than half of the local hard drive space.

It would be difficult for the homeowner to frequently upgrade the hard drive and keep the area empty for the Blink camera to work seamlessly. As soon as the storage is full, the Blink camera would stop working, and your security system will stop functioning.

The blinking camera comes with a cloud storage facility to prevent errors. You can purchase the cloud storage service from the company. All your recorded files are safely stored on the cloud storage hard drives and made available whenever you want.

 Cloud storage gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the storage capacity as per your need.

Do blink cameras record all the time?

Whenever there is a high amount of storage, or the Blink records more videos, the cloud storage will enhance the upper version, and more space is allocated to your device.

Also, the cloud storage analyzes your data uses and provides suggestions on the average monthly storage requirement. You can take the appropriate decision based on the given direction and save money on cloud storage.

Cloud storage is a cheaper option compared to local storage. You have to rely on the local devices in local storage, their maintenance, regular monitoring, and hardware upgrades. Also, the local storage devices are not safe when it comes to the recorded video’s security.

Anyone who has access to the local computer would copy or transfer the video file to other devices. Therefore, there will always be a vulnerability in the data storage devices at your home.

4) Battery Life: All security cameras come with batteries for emergency support or a power cut. Cameras that work remotely without needing the direct power supply as operated are using AA-size Lithium-Ion batteries. Good batteries are the heart of the device.

Battery life would determine how the system will work and when it requires the upgrade. The Blink camera system comes with good quality batteries that sustain for an extended period. The battery supports for approx two years. It means you no need to worry about the replacement of the batteries. Your device will perform perfectly fine in all conditions and keep your premises safe.

5) Easy Installation: The Blink Camera doesn’t have complicated practices or an installation guide. You can easily install the camera and activate it immediately. The camera works fine with all types of weather.

The Blink camera software automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid any slowdown or freezing of the harsh weather hardware device. Place the camera wherever you want and connect it to the Wi-Fi network, and it will be ready to use.

All the features can be accessed through the mobile application. The recorded video is stored in the default storage device. You can opt for the cloud storage service to avoid local storage expenses.

Cloud storage facilitates remote access to all your stored videos. You can check all the recorded videos anytime and from anywhere in the world using the Blink app.

6) Weatherproof: The Blink camera is built using a durable material that sustains in all kinds of weather. The Blink Outdoor camera is dust, water, heat, and corrosion-free. Once you install the camera outdoors, it will automatically adjust according to the environment and produce better quality videos.

Moreover, the outdoor blink camera is powered by AA-size batteries that provide a sufficient power supply for two years. The blink security system comes with two-way audio, motion detection, and many other features that perform perfectly fine in all climate types.

Does Blink have an outdoor camera?

Yes. The Blink outdoor camera comes with additional features that protect the camera from environmental damage. Blink outdoor camera is waterproof and dustproof. The device also has a heat resistance capability that keeps the internal software and hard-cool in harsh conditions.

A security camera that doesn’t stand in a challenging environment would not be reliable for the security application. The camera must protect itself in a difficult situations and prevent damage to the core function and produce high-quality videos.

Blink camera has everything you need in the outdoor camera, making it one of the industry’s best outdoor cameras.

Where should blink cameras be placed outside?

The ideal position for placing the Blink camera outside would be directly facing your entrance or the window where anyone can spy in your home or try to enter the place. All the entries should be captured in the blinking camera.

Hence, you can point the camera in the direction that anyone can pass through. The Blink camera uses motion detection technology, so avoid placing it directly in front of the moving parts or the tree. This may block the view of the Blink camera.

Because the Blink camera application is susceptible to motion, an inbuilt feature stops the trees and does not activate the motion detection when the Blink camera software sees the tree in its view.

Even the shadow of the tree will be ignored completely. Anyone passing through the tree would not be detected in the camera as an objection. Hence the motion detection would not get activated when anyone is standing near the tree.

How does the blinking camera detect motion?

In the majority of the cases, motion detection would be helpful to avoid continuous use of the camera. The motion detection application of the Blink camera gets activated when anyone passes through the camera.

Any activity in front of the camera would be detected and alert to the record of the video. Motion detection is susceptible to capturing all kinds of animals or insects passing through in the radius.

A small-sized bird flying around the camera can also activate motion detection, and the camera will start recording the video. The default range of motion detection is five to twenty feet from the camera.

You can place the camera facing the entrance. Also, you can have one camera in the backyard to prevent anyone from coming from the backyard.

Why do you get False Alerts?

False alerts are another problem that your Blink camera will face in extreme weather conditions or the heat. The fast temperature rises around the camera would make the function trigger false alerts.

It would help if you kept your Blink camera in the shadow to avoid direct sunlight. Also, check for any heat source around the camera, such as heater pipes, heat from the exterior of the wall, and the sunlight’s full reflection directly on the Blink camera that may be the cause of the false alert.

The hardware is protected from a certain amount of heat level, but as it crosses the minimum threshold, the Blink Camera starts making false alerts.

The only way to prevent the false alert is to protect the Blink camera from any source of heat to it. If you do not know how the camera would perform in certain places, you can place it at your desired location and monitor it for a few weeks.

If it is having trouble working in the outplace, then chance to site.

The image quality of the blinking camera

After you place the camera, monitor the image quality of your Blink camera. The ideal image is where you can capture a full view without any blocking. The purpose of the security camera is to capture minor details of the surrounding. If any unexpected event occurs, you can record it and use it as proof in the legal procedure or prevent the wrong circumstances.

What is the Image quality of the blinking camera?

Avoid placing the camera’s useful net on a flat surface. The false surface reflects the light, which blinds the lenses, and creates glare around the lenses. You will experience low-quality images, or in worst cases, the glow may have blocked the photos.

Do not put the camera facing the object that reflects the light or the source of light is pointed directly to the camera. The light would create a fog effect in the image.

You would notice the photos have white patches on them. Due to that, the images would appear in a way that are taken using low-quality cameras.

How do I hide my outdoor blink camera?

You can place the Outdoor blink camera on the black surface or hide the camera in the home interior’s corners. The small size of the camera makes it hard to detect.

When the camera is placed on a black surface, the camera’s black colour merges with the background, making it hard to see. 

Another way of hiding is by using natural object outside the home, making it difficult to detect it. Anyone passing through your property would not notice that the tree branches or the corners of your family have a camera device pointing directly at them.

Can blink cameras get wet?

The outdoor blink camera is water-resistant and does not get wet. You can comfortably place the camera outside and start recording the videos even in the rainy season. However, the Blink camera would not work underwater at a certain depth. So before using it underwater, you should consult with the support team. Get accurate data from the support team about its water dept capacity before using it.

Does the Blink camera have night vision?

Yes. All blink cameras come with a night vision facility. You have to activate the night vision in your camera using the setting. The night vision is powered by Infrared (IR) technology that detects the dark subject and starts recording it. The night vision camera would protect your home from the thief or any unexpected events.

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