How to connect the JBL soundbar to LG TV?

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The soundbar is designed to amplify the sound from the tv, which improves its quality. Are you wondering how to connect the JBL soundbar to LG TV?

You can connect the JBL soundbar to LG TV using the Bluetooth connection. This set-up reduces the cabling making your room look cleaner and more manageable.

Besides, Bluetooth connections are quite simple and less manual work is needed.

However, there are many other ways to connect a soundbar to LG TV. Please stick with us as we help you have quality sound in your home. 

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samsung smart tv

How to connect the JBL soundbar to LG TV?

The best and easier way to connect the JBL soundbar to an LG TV is using the Bluetooth connection. Basically, you need to establish the connection and wait for the two devices to sync. Below are more details on how to perform the connection.

Step 1: Display the Home screen

Press the Home button on the remote, which will trigger the home screen display on your tv.

Step 2: Navigate to the settings screen

On the home screen, look for the settings icon. It is located in the upper–right–hand corner in most cases. Identify it and click it to get to the settings.

Step 3: sound settings

The settings page contains tabs that allow you to customize or alter the programming of your television. In our case, we want to customize the sound output. Thus click on sound under settings and then sound out on your new screen. 

Step 4: Enable “LG sound sync wireless”

By default, the sound output is set to the TV speaker. You must first enable ‘LG Sound Sync wireless to allow a wireless sound output.’ Click on “LG Sound Sync Wireless”

Step 5: Search for compatible devices

Your television is ready to start looking for any nearby Bluetooth connections utilizing sending and receiving signals. To start the search process for compatible devices, press Device Selection.

Step 6: Pair the soundbar with the TV

Next is to pair the devices. Pairing establishes a communication path between the two devices. In other words, this step makes it possible for the television to send the sound to the soundbar, which decodes the signals and produces the sound. To start the pairing process Press the LG button on the remote.

Step 6: Wait for the pairing process

The pairing process will take a few minutes. Thus, you need to exercise patience. After it is done, the name of the soundbar will appear on the screen. Click on the circle next to the name.

Step 7: Done!

Does your device appear on the “paired Devices?” If yes, take a deep breath. Now you can use your JBL soundbar with the LG Tv.   

How to connect a soundbar to LG TV using HDMI?

The most common way of connecting devices is using cables. HDMI cables are designed to transmit sound digitally, resulting in higher quality audio. Below is how to connect the soundbar 

Step 1: Connect the HDMI to the TV Port

HDMI cables are connected via ports usually located at the back or bottom part of the TV. In some cases, the ports may be labelled to make it easier to distinguish them. Look for the HDMI port and plug in the HDMI

Step 2: Connect the HDMI to the soundbar

Similarly, identify the HDMI OUT port on your soundbar and connect the other end of the HDMI cable.

If you have successfully connected the two ends of the cable to the two devices, you have already done the hard part. Just a few more steps and your TV and soundbar will work seamlessly. 

Step 3: Turn on the soundbar

Turn on the soundbar and press the Source button. Keep pressing the source button until “HDMI” is displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Turn on the TV

Next, turn on the TV. Navigate to the sound output settings and change to the HDMI port connected to the soundbar.

Additionally, if you have another external device, you can connect it using HDMI. Plug in one end to the soundbar and the other to the device

Everything should be working well now. Enjoy amplified and higher quality audio from your JBL soundbar.

Can I connect my JBL soundbar to my LG TV?

Yes, you can connect the JBL soundbar to your LG TV.

In most cases, this soundbar only supports an HDMI connection. As discussed above, you only need to connect the two ends of the HDMI to the soundbar and tv ports. 

Moreover, if the JBL soundbar supports a Bluetooth connection, you can connect and pair the devices using the sound sync setting on the LG TV.

Fortunately, the connecting process is straightforward. Hence, you can do it all by yourself. 

Why won’t my JBL soundbar work with my LG?

If you have connected the JBL soundbar and it is not working as expected, you can run the LG troubleshooting mechanism to diagnose the problem.

First, check the cabling system and ensure it is well done. If it is well connected, proceed as follows:

  • Press the select button on the soundbar remote.
  • Set the input mode as “Optical.”
  • Using the TV remote press menu
  • On the menu screen, select sound and select Sound Out Speaker
  • Next, press Lg sound sync, which will change the input mode
  • Further, you can check the audio volume using the volume buttons on the remote. 

Final words 

JBL soundbar is compatible with LG TV models. Thus you can connect it to your television to amplify and improve the audio quality.

You can use the HDMI cables or Bluetooth feature to perform the connection. When using the HDMI cables, you only need to plug in one end to the soundbar and the other to the HDMI port on the TV.

On the other hand, establish a Bluetooth connection between the two devices, enable the Bluetooth, and pair the two devices.

Fortunately, we have discussed this issue on how to connect the JBL soundbar to LG TV. Thus, you have all details at your fingertips. 

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