How to connect hearing aids to samsung TV?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So, you have bought the Bluetooth hearing aid but don’t know how to connect with Samsung? Don’t worry! 

In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step tutorial for you. However, before jumping on the guide, it is essential to look down on the important facts that you should know about. So, let us get started!

What is a hearing aid with Bluetooth?

Undoubtedly, Bluetooth technology has advanced compared to the past ten years. Now it allows the devices to talk to each other wirelessly. Moreover, Bluetooth hearing aids allow everyone to watch TV, listen to music, or do anything without disturbing anyone around. 

Moreover, Bluetooth hearing aid offers a seamless approach as you are not required to connect many wires and devices to operate it. All you need to do is follow some basic steps, and your device is connected. Besides, it offers you suitable connections and offers you the independence to keep your entertainment to yourself.

Well, it is a fact that with the use of Bluetooth wireless headphones, the habit of annoying others. If you are thinking about using it, then you have made a brilliant choice. But how to connect, later we will discuss it. 

How do Bluetooth hearing aids work?

Bluetooth hearing aids have in-built technology that easily streams audio to devices that are connected with them. You will love enjoying its usage, as it will make you happy while watching your TV without worrying about wires. Most importantly, it cut the other noisy sounds running around you, depending on the brand you are using. 

These portable headphones keep you connected to sound with wireless signals. You can connect your headphones with any which has Bluetooth options such as a home system, computer, and more. 

What are the advantages of using Bluetooth hearing aids?

One of the best advantages of using Bluetooth hearing aids is you will enjoy an effortless experience of sound. You will be able to stream your favorite TV show without disturbing others. Besides, there are many more reasons you should consider it. 

  • No hassle of wires: Bluetooth hearing aids allow people to enjoy remote service without worrying about anything. You do not need to make any adjustments or set up the proper wiring set. For effortless sound, just turn on Bluetooth and avoid the risk of damage as well.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound: Another best feature is one can enjoy the best sound quality, which makes you able to even communicate with your friends on a phone call or enjoy watching your favorite shows and music channels. 
  • App-driven adjustments: Most portable Bluetooth hearing aids can be connected to a smartphone, so one can easily make changes to whatever one want to do. You can raise or lower the volume of the headphone. Even more, the tiny buttons on Bluetooth headphones can assist you in accessing the sound as per your need. 

Things to keep in mind while Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are easy to use but sometimes hard to maintain. Therefore, one is recommended to use headphones by following the given precautions. 

  • While using, ensure you are using one Bluetooth audio device at a time. 
  • Sometimes, the user may find compatibility issues, depending on the Bluetooth device. For example, some Bluetooth devices are used to connect with mobile phones only, so ensure your headphones have compatibility to support phones and TV. 
  • Headphones have an issue with lip-sync
  • Another important check is you can’t use Bluetooth devices along with Wi-Fi speakers or TV sound Connect. 
  • When you are using Bluetooth headphones, they may disconnect, depending on the distance. Suppose your Bluetooth offers a 20m range. It will disconnect when you are in the 21m area. 

Bluetooth devices may give the following malfunctions when:

  • It gets in contact with your body part with receiving or transferring system of the TV or Bluetooth device. 
  • If the device is imperiled to electrical variation if the obstruction is caused by a corner, wall, or other barriers.
  • If the device is exposed to electrical interference such as microwave, refrigerator, or wireless LANs.

Samsung TV hearing aid compatibility

TV ModelBluetooth Hearing Aid Compatibility

Note: Bluetooth hearing aid compatibility through Multi-output Audio is not available on 2014 and earlier TV models. To access Multi-output Audio settings, refer to the instructions listed under each TV model in the above table.

How can we connect a hearing aid to Samsung smart TV using Bluetooth?

Here’s how you can pair or connect your Bluetooth hearing aid with your Samsung TV with Bluetooth.

  1. First, start the headphones with Bluetooth pairing mode and ensure they are discoverable. Or you should check the user manual before getting it started. 
  1. Next, search for the Bluetooth device on your Samsung TV and opt for the pair you want to connect. However, the process will vary depending on the Samsung TV model you have.

How to connect Samsung R, N, and M models with Bluetooth hearing aids?

1. Open Samsung TV settings, then scroll down to sound.

2. Tap on sound output and find the Bluetooth speaker list.

3. If the device is not seen, refresh it and connect it as usual.

4. Once the device is connected, you will receive a pop-up on the screen and enjoy your TV.

How to connect Samsung Smart TVs K models with Bluetooth hearing aids?

1. Go to the Samsung TV settings and scroll down to the sound section.

2. Select sound output and look for expert settings.

3. Tap on the wireless speaker manager and find the Bluetooth audio devices.

4. If the device is not visible, reboot it and connect to the audio device of your choice. 

How to connect Samsung Smart TV J models with Bluetooth hearing aids?

1. Launch the menu and search for additional settings.

2. Tap on the Sound Connect option, and the list of Bluetooth devices appears.

3. Choose the device you want to connect to and enjoy yourself.

4. In case you are not checking your device on the TV, clean the given list and try the whole process again.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV H models with Bluetooth hearing aids?

1. Open the menu and look for a sound option. 

2. Here, navigate for speaker settings, then tap on TV sound connect.  

3. A list of Bluetooth devices appears.

4. Select the device to which you want to connect.

5. It might take a few seconds to connect your device.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV H 2014 models with Bluetooth Hearing aids?

1. Start your TV and launch the Menu 

2. Find the speaker settings and tap on the TV sound output 

3. Ahead to Bluetooth headphone 

4. Connect to the device and enjoy the TV

What if you want to connect Bluetooth hearing aids with multi-output audio?

If you want to turn on both the TV speaker and Bluetooth device at the same time with your Samsung TV, then here are the details.

For R, N, and M Models

Go home >> settings >> general >> accessibility >> multi-audio output.

For the 2016 Smart TV K Models 

Home >> settings >> systems >> Accessibility >> Multi-output audio

For 2015 Smart TV J models

Menu >> system >> accessibility >> multi-output audio

Note- These features are not available on older TVs.

How to pair signia hearing aids to samsung smart tv?

To do this you will need, streamline TV from signia.

Then, you can connect your Samsung TV audio line to streamline TV. Streamline TV will make sure to connect with your signia hearing aids through bluetooth.

Following video explains streamline tv connection process more visually.

The Bottom Line

That’s all we have to say in our today’s guide- how to connect with Samsung Smart TV. A Bluetooth hearing aid is the most useful tool that not only keeps you entertained but also keeps you cut from noisy sounds. 

While using hearing aids, ensure you have connected as per your TV model. Good Luck!