How to Connect a Phone to LG TV using USB? (2023 Guide)

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Projection the Android device’s display on the TV right near you is valuable whether you want to post a video or a film, show off some images, or watch your favourite Smartphone game. 

Those days, many of our images, movies, games, and workplace/schoolwork papers are kept on our smartphones; happily, we now can share these on the LG TV at home, in business or in school. This will enable you to reflect everything you do on the phone on your TV till you switch off the casting. To link your Smartphone with LG TV, you can rely on this post to help you.

How Do I Connect My Phone To My LG TV Via USB?

How Do I Connect My Phone To My LG TV Via USB

Apowermirror May Be Used To Connecting Android To LG TVs

You can screen connect Android to LG TVs or other more extensive displays like computers or projectors with the ApowerMirror app. A widescreen monitor allows users to view movies and shows mobile games while simultaneously demonstrating course modules in their classrooms, meetings, or seminars. 

You may also use this function to record games or any other activity on your LG TV from your mobile phone. It is also compatible with iOS devices, which may be connected through a lightning cable or wireless internet server, depending on your preference. 

Using a USB cord, attach your Android to your PC. After that, a link is automatically established. Begin by clicking “Start Now” on your phone. To connect it to your LG TV, you’ll need an HDMI cable. As a result, the screen on your phone is now shown on your LG television.

Use Miracast To Connect Your Android Device To An LG TV

You may also use a Miracast-capable TV to show what’s on your Android phone or tablet on another device. Furthermore, the LG TV will display precisely what you see on your Android phone. Using this USB-like gadget, laptops, tablets, and Android phones may be streamed to TVs or displays over a wireless connection. 

Use an HDMI cable and a USB cable to connect your Miracast receivers to your TV. Then, press the power button and pick HDMI mode from the drop-down menu. Select “Cast Screen” on your Android phone’s phone settings. Once you find the Miracast device, press it to begin the connection. It seems that your LG TV is mirroring your phone.

Connect your Android phone or tablet to an LG television with LetsView

The answer is yes. LetsView is a good option. It shares a lot of features and protocols with the Apowermirror. LetsView, on the other hand, is entirely free and has all of the same features. There are no sign-ups and no restrictions on use. All of the functions are available to you at any time. Likewise, this applies to all types of devices and operating systems.

How To Connect Phone To Old LG TV?

How To Connect Phone To Old LG TV

Thanks to technological improvements, we can now broadcast anything we see on our smartphone’s tiny screen to a larger screen, like your HDTV at home. After all, this should be a simple process. It’s possible to achieve this, but you’ll need extra equipment and instructions. You have three options to choose from.

 You May Use A USB To HDMI Connection To Connect The Android Phone 

 Using HDMI, you can watch high-definition videos on your TV since it supports this interface’s ability to show high-quality films. Only a few Android phones can output HDMI, so be on the lookout for that capability before buying. 

 Most contemporary smartphones include USB-C HDMI ports, although there are also Micro USB MHL ports, which may be found on specific older devices. The HDMI cable is not often included with smartphones that feature USB-C ports for HDMI output, so you will need to purchase one from the maker or a 3rd vendor. It’s only a matter of attaching the wire to the TV and the handset to the cable.

 Connect Your Android To Your Television Over Wi-Fi

Connect Your Android To Your Television Over Wi-Fi

 The widespread use of Wi-Fi means that you can wirelessly link your mobile to your television if both devices are on the same network. Wi-Fi connectivity is available on a few smart TVs, but not all of them. The Chrome is a dongle that allows your TV to access the web when plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. Additionally, you may use your TV to get data, photos, and video from your phone.

 Connect your TV to the HDMI connector of your Chromecast dongle as soon as you receive it. In addition, a power supply must be connected to the Chromecast. Just download and install the Google Nest app, and you’ll be able to broadcast your Android smartphone to your TV. Android 4.2 and earlier phones may use Miracast, and so many intelligent TVs also support Miracast.

 First, make sure your smartphone and TV both support it, then consult any relevant official paperwork. Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection now. 

Then, go to Settings or touch on Cast in the Quick Settings menu to enable the capability. A list of compatible displays will appear, and you can choose one from the list to begin casting your phone’s screen to it.

An AV Cable May Be Used To Connect An Android Phone To A Old LG TV 

If the two methods outlined above fail, give this one a go. A CRT or plain TV without the need for an HDMI port may also benefit from this strategy. It’s important to remember that this approach may not always be successful.

 Both an HDMI input cable (MHL or USB-C) and an HDMI phone are required. Prepare an HDMI to composite movie maker to lower the phone’s high-definition output to an SD signal that may be seen on television. Finally, you’ll need an AV cable to connect your video converter to your television set.

 Here are the actions you need to do. The first step is to integrate the HDMI output connected to the device and the other end of a cable to the HDMI input port of the converter device. Next, use an AV cable to connect the adapter to an old LG TV. Check if you can see video output from your phone on the TV by selecting the AV input just on the TV.


How To Connect Phone To LG TV Using Bluetooth?

How To Connect Phone To LG TV Using Bluetooth

It’s easy to integrate Bluetooth into your TV. These are the steps to use Bluetooth to send audio from your TV to a speaker, headphones, or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Audio Output Port: Bluetooth Transmitter

As long as your TV has an audio output connector, you may use a simple Bluetooth transmitter to add Bluetooth connectivity to your existing set-top box. Connecting a Bluetooth transmitter is as simple as plugging it into a USB port or a different connection type. It’s as simple as connecting the transmitter to its designated port.

Ascertain Whether The Bluetooth Transceiver Has Sufficient Power

You’ll need to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to a power source unless it’s battery-powered. Bluetooth transmitters are often equipped with indicator lights that inform you whether they’ve been switched on or not. An indicator light on the transmitter should let you know if the battery needs to be replaced if the batteries power it.

Make use of Pairing Mode on your Bluetooth Transmitter

Because the processes for pairing mode vary depending on the kind of Bluetooth transmitter, be sure to read the provided instructions carefully. You need to hold the button down for a few minutes until an indicator light glows blue and red on almost every kind of transmitter. 

There is no need to think about positioning once it is in pairing mode since the TV is already linked.

Get Your Device Into Pairing Mode

To enable Bluetooth on your TV, you must first go to the connection menu. Click on “Connection Guide” to begin setting up your wireless network on the next screen. Using the speaker option in the menu, there should be a Bluetooth tab that you may choose. Take a look at “Available Outputs” while the TV is in a forwarding state.

How To Connect Phone To Tv With Usb To Watch Netflix?

How To Connect Phone To Tv With Usb To Watch Netflix

Let’s check out how to connect phone to your TV with an USB. 

Using USB Type-C, you may connect your device to an HDMI-enabled TV

Android devices released recently all include USB Type-C ports. Micro-USB is being phased out, favouring USB-C, a cylinder-shaped connector used for charging and data transmission. With this adapter, you may mirror your phone or tablet’s screen to a TV through USB-C to HDMI. To use a USB-C to HDMI adapter or a dongle with HDMI, connect Android to the USB-C cord.

Using USB and MHL to Connect a Phone to a TV

In most cases, a micro-USB cable may be used to connect a phone to an HDMI TV. Mobile devices that support MHL, like smartphones and tablets, may now be used with TVs and projectors. On the main MHL website, you may find a list of HDMI input devices.

In the past, a power connection was needed for MHL. With MHL 2.0, this is no longer necessary. A power cord is a good idea since MHL uses power from the mobile device.

With the MHL cable, you’ll be able to connect any phone to your television. It’s as simple as plugging in your phone and seeing it on the big screen. A USB cable and Mobile High-Definition Link are excellent options for hooking up an Android phone to your TV.

Using the USB SlimPort to Connect a Phone to a Television

SlimPort cables may be used to connect outdated phones to televisions. MHL and SlimPort both employ micro-USB connections, while SlimPort has additional outputs. Since there are no digital inputs, it may be used with a broader range of screens.

How To Connect Iphone To LG TV Using USB?

How To Connect Iphone To LG TV Using USB
  • Using a USB cord to connect the iPhone to an LG TV is simplest. You can charge your iPhone using the USB connections on the side of LG TVs and connect it to view photographs and data.
  • Most individuals will find it inconvenient to be unable to use their iPhone to view videos or surf the internet due to this strategy. It’s almost as if your iPhone acts as a giant flash drive when connected to LG TV via USB, enabling you to download TV videos and images to your iPhone.
  • The usefulness of your iPhone will be severely restricted if you use this approach to move any from the LG TV to the iPhone.

How to connect tablet to a tv using USB cable?

To connect a tablet to a TV using a USB cable, you will need a USB-to-HDMI adapter or a USB-to-VGA adapter, depending on the ports available on your TV. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Determine the type of adapter you need – Check the available ports on your TV and your tablet to determine what type of adapter you need. If your TV has an HDMI port, you will need a USB-to-HDMI adapter. If your TV has a VGA port, you will need a USB-to-VGA adapter.
  2. Purchase the adapter – Once you determine the type of adapter you need, purchase it from an electronics store or online retailer.
  3. Connect the adapter to your tablet – Connect the USB end of the adapter to your tablet’s USB port. If the adapter has additional connectors, such as a power cable, connect those as well.
  4. Connect the adapter to your TV – Connect the other end of the adapter to the corresponding port on your TV. For example, if you are using a USB-to-HDMI adapter, connect the HDMI end of the adapter to the HDMI port on your TV.
  5. Switch to the correct input – On your TV, switch to the input that corresponds to the port you connected the adapter to. For example, if you connected the adapter to the HDMI 1 port, switch to the HDMI 1 input on your TV.
  6. Adjust the display settings – Depending on your tablet and TV, you may need to adjust the display settings to ensure that the screen is properly formatted and sized. You can usually do this through the display settings on your tablet.

With the adapter and cables properly connected, you should be able to see your tablet screen on your TV.

Keep in mind that the specific steps and requirements for connecting your tablet to your TV may vary depending on the models of your devices and the software versions they are running.

My galaxy tab and iPad steps are totally different.


You may use these three methods to connect your LG TV to your Android phone or tablet. You can now use your LG TV to see the activities on your Android phone on a bigger screen at home. 

It will be a blast to enjoy your favorite movies, photographs, and mobile games on your big screen. For the finest quality mirroring, I suggest ApowerMirror. However, all solutions make it easy to connect Smartphones to LG Smart TV. 

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