How to Charge Eufy Doorbell? (w/video)

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

If you are a Eufy doorbell user, you must know that you have six months of battery life for the doorbell. According to different circumstances, the battery life might have changed. However, if you know How to Charge Eufy Doorbell, that will not be a problem at all. This guidance will help you with that.

Note – If you use a Wired Eufy Doorbell, you don’t need to charge the battery. New LR30 Hybrid+, New LR30 Hybrid, X8 Hybrid, X8, G30 Hybrid, and 11S MAX are a few of the Wide Eufy doorbell models that don’t need to charge.

If you think you are not adjustable to the Eufy Doorbell charging process, you may purchase one of these models.

How do you know when to charge your Eufy Doorbell?

There are 03 main indications to know when your Eufy doorbell needs to charge.

1. Eufy Doorbell is not responding correctly

We noticed that some users complained about the responsiveness of the doorbell. If your doorbell doesn’t respond to objects that move, it is a sign of a battery running out.

2. The lack of noise coming out of the Eufy doorbell

We noticed that there is a slight change of noise when the battery is low.

3. You have passed 06 months since your last charge

 If your device captures 10-second clips up to 30 in number per day, you will only be able to use the device for up to 180 days from one charge.

The Step by Step guide to charging your battery

I have time-stamped the following steps for easy understanding.

Step 01 – Get The Removal Tool

The first step is to locate the removal tool. It is an identical tool but larger than the sim ejector tool you use. Even if you can’t find it, you may choose a paper clip after expanding it.

Step 02 – Remove the Eufy doorbell

The next step is to remove the Eufy doorbell from the frame. You must insert the removal tool through the hole located in the doorbell’s bottom part. Since there is an icon of the “removal tool” near the spot, you may identify that.

Removing process of the eufy doorbell from frame

Special note: The Eufy doorbell will be popped out as soon as you insert the removal tool through the relevant hole. You must hold the doorbell with one hand while ejecting it. We observed that there could be a risk to have physical damage if it falls onto the ground.

Step 03 – Locate The micro USB port In The Eufy Doorbell

You will see a micro USB port on the backside of the Eufy doorbell you removed. It is located right above the two bolts that you see. You have to pop up its cover.

Finding the micro USB port of the EUFY Doorbell

Step 04 – See If the Eufy doorbell notification ring Is Orange

Now you must plug it into the electricity. Also, you will see that the Eufy doorbell notification ring has tuned into Orange, indicating the doorbell is in the charging position. You must use a 5V/1A USB charger for charging.

Special Note About Charging

  • It will take about 06 hours to complete the charging. If you use a better charger, you can reduce the time by up to 01 hour maximally. Here are the original Eufy chargers that we recommend you charge for your Eufy Doorbell.
  • When the charging is complete, you will see the orange colour ring has turned blue. You may unplug the Eufy doorbell from the charger. Also, you may check whether the battery has been charged or not using the Eufy Doorbell app as well.
Charging Status monitoring process

Step 05  – Fix The Eufy Doorbell On The Frame

Now you are ready to fix the doorbell right where it was. You should put the doorbell on the frame and push harder. You will hear pop-up noise, which is the infection for a nice fit. 

Mount back to the wall

Step 06  – Note Down The Date

Next, you must put the removal tool where it was. Also, you must note down the date as you may use it for charging the battery for the next time.

The detailed guide must have helped you with your Eufy Doorbell charging. We found this article from the Eufy Official website, which explains the technical specifications of some Wired-Eufy-Doorbells. You will be able to get rid of the charging headache forever.


We have brought you the best and the easiest way to charge your Eufy Doorbell. If you see that your Eufy Doorbell is not charging in this method, you must contact Eufy Customer Care for assistance.