How to Remove Eufy Doorbell? Easily

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

We saw that some Eufy doorbell users had asked to know how to remove the Eufy Doorbell. Also, they had caused physical damage to the Eufy doorbell by not following the proper instructions. 

We experienced that both assembly and the disassembly process are similarly easy. Also, you must understand that there are more steps for the Wired Doorbell than the Battery powered Eufy doorbell. This small guide will help you to remove the Eufy Doorbell conveniently. 

Why do you want to remove the Eufy Doorbell?

These are three reasons you might want to remove your Eufy Doorbell,

1. Charging the Eufy Doorbell

2. Replacing the Eufy Doorbell with a new Eufy Doorbell model. 

3. Replacing the Eufy Doorbell with a new Doorbell manufacturer. 

The removal of the Eufy Doorbell for charging or upgrading

Note – The only tool you need when detaching the Eufy Doorbell for setting or upgrading the Eufy Doorbell with the latest model is the Detaching Pin. You don’t need screwdrivers or any other tool for that. The detaching process only removes the Eufy Doorbell but not the mounting bracket.

How to remove a Battery Powered Eufy Doorbell?

Step 01 – Insert the detaching pin through the hole

You must insert the detaching Pin through the hole located underside of the Eufy Doorbell. 

Step 02 – Take the popped-up Eufy Doorbell into your hands

You must hold the doorbell hole, inserting the Pin with one of your hands as it may pop up and fall. That’s all. The Eufy Doorbell has been released from the mounting bracket. 

How to remove a Wired Eufy Doorbell?

Step 01 – Turn Off The Eufy Doorbell

The wired doorbell’s removal is almost similar to the Battery powered Eufy doorbell. But, you must turn Off the Eufy doorbell first. 

Step 02 –Eject The Eufy doorbell

When you insert the detaching through the hole located underside of the Doorbell, the Doorbell will be popped up and ejected. 

Step 03 – Remove Wires attached to the Eufy Doorbell

You must remove two wires from the terminals. You can locate them on the back of the Eufy Doorbell. That is just a touch-and-go situation, as you can easily remove them without any tool. You must pull the wires from the yellow-coloured cap as they get detached.

You may use a screw to unscrew the wires from the Mounting Bracket. But, this will consume more time.

Step 04 – Take the Eufy Doorbell into your hands

Now you have completed every step and you may take the Eufy Doorbell into your hands for charging or upgrading.

The removal of the Eufy Doorbell to install a new doorbell

If you want to upgrade your Eufy Doorbell with a new model by another manufacturer, you will also have to remove the Mounting bracket.  

Step 01 –  Remove The Eufy Doorbell

Now you know how to remove a Eufy doorbell. Please follow the above steps to do that as you must remove the Eufy Doorbell first.

Step 02 – Unscrew the screws on the mounting bracket

Then you must unscrew the two screws which are located on the mounting bracket. After that, you will be able to remove the Mounting Bracket easily.

mounting bracket of eufy doorbell
You need to remove these two screws as shown in the image

Step 03 – Install the new Doorbell

Now you have successfully removed all parts of the Eufy doorbell from your door. Now you can install the new Doorbell you have chosen.

Note – We observed that most Camera Doorbell brands use similar Mounting brackets. It means simply you can mount the new Doorbell on the same Mounting bracket. But, we recommend you to contact the manufacturer for more details.


We have simply explained why you have to remove the Eufy Doorbell and how you should remove the Eufy Doorbell accordingly. If you find this description complex, damaged your Doorbell while removing, or think you have another purpose, then you must contact Eufy customer assistance.