When does Sonos go on sale? 2023 Discounts

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

If you want to set up the best multi-room audio system in your house, look no further than the Sonos. The Sonos are one of the most popular audio sound systems because they provide excellent sound services.

However, setting up this Sonos audio system is fairly expensive if you don’t get the best product deals. This is because, as you may know, Sonos sells its products very often. So, it’s not that easy to get the best deals.

Thus, if you want to set up your Sonos sound system at a lower cost; you must have an eye on when and where Sonos sells its products with big deals and also discounts.

Therefore, considering these facts, here, I’ve come up to let you know how often the Sonos product goes on sale. All right, let’s go through the article without wasting much time!

Do Sonos ever go on sale?

Yes, of course, Sonos goes on to sell its products. But, as I mentioned before, they rarely go on sale their product not only with giving discounts but also with some exciting deals.

Well, these products include Sonos’s entire speaker’s line-up system such as Sonos beam, Sonos one and SL, Sonos arc, Sonos move, Sonos sound play bar, Play 5, sub surround speakers, etc.

From time to time, you will find that they are giving small discounts. Surprisingly, I didn’t find any huge discount on Sonos for their products.

Yet, the significant part is there are some product deals for Sonos users which usually happen mostly on holidays. However, it also happens throughout the year.

Well, the thing is that I would recommend you wait at least a couple of months to get a Sonos big products deal. However, it is, especially when they are announcing $50 off-sale products.

How often do Sonos speakers go on sale?     

Sonos products are such expensive items that go on sale very rarely. Especially, when it comes to Sonos speakers, it is, however, once a year actually going on sale.

Typically, you will somehow barely find the Sonos speakers including Sonos Beam, One, Move, Sub, surround speaker, Play: 5, Arc, etc., in stock as soon as the announcement is made.

As they go on sale very often, when they announce it, it’s obviously a pretty big Sonos products deal. Therefore, most of the Sonos users will of course go for the deal.

All right, I would like to suggest that if you want to get the best Sonos speakers deals, then wait for the best times. There are some of the best times like Black Friday or Cyber week when you can save your extra savings.

During these times, Sonos sells its products with great product deals and big discounts. With the Black Friday Sonos products deals, you can get great Sonos music service technology in your home without costing so much.

Moreover, you will get a Sonos promo coupon code while you are buying a new Sonos speaker set. And, you need to use that code and purchase from WIRED during Cyber week and also save the extra cost.

Sonos is offering several sales promotions in February 2023, including discounts of up to $280 off speakers and soundbars, as well as trade-in deals for up to 30% off and other special offers

Does Sonos have a Christmas sale?

Sonos obviously has a Christmas sale. In fact, this is one of the best times when you can buy Sonos speakers at a very cheap rate.

Fortunately, Amazon also makes its prime day during Christmas as well as the Easter holidays. So, there is a possibility that you can save at least 20% extra cost.

To get the best Christmas sale, Sonos is likely to give Christmas vouchers, coupon codes, discount codes, product off-sales, and big product deals. With the help of these vouchers and codes, you can take advantage of your Sono’s best deals.

However, if you’re searching for a Christmas sale on Sonos products, keep an eye out and look for these vouchers, promo codes, and discounts, and use them online at Sonos.com whenever you need them.

Besides, you can also check them on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, etc.

How about Sonos Black Friday deals? Do they offer good discounts?

Sonos always likes to go on product sales with their Black Friday deals. At this time, they offer a wide range of Sonos items with a good discount.

This is the best time to buy sonos speakers for sure.

As the name goes by, this Black Friday deal will surely start on Friday after the ceremony Thanksgiving. Every year, this date of Black Friday product deals shifts. However, this year, the date will be November 2023.

Well, you can expect a huge Sonos products discount on this Black Friday 2023 deal. Besides, during this time, the retailers like Amazon, Best buy, etc. go on online competitions and offer the lowest price. So, saving both money and time will be an easy task for you.

Moreover, it is also before your Christmas day and there will be a Cyber Monday followed by Black Friday deals on November 2023. Thus, you will get plenty of time to make and prepare a Sonos item list for your Christmas.

All right, to get and have an idea of the best black Friday deals, you can compare the prices with previous Black Friday deals.

Yet, to make it easier for you to understand, here is a list of Black Friday deals in 2020 given by Amazon retailers with the Sonos products list and their price.

Products namePrevious priceDiscounted price
Sonos Beam$399$299
Sonos Sub$699$599
Sonos Move$399$299

In this table, you can clearly see that Sonos offers big discounts on the Sonos Beam, Sub, and Move with its Black Friday deals where the retailer Amazon reduces $100 on these Sonos products.

Besides, if you want to know the Cyber Monday deal and discounts for Sonos products, here are the Cyber Monday 2020 deals and discounts comparison.

Products namePrevious priceDiscounted priceRetailer name
Sonos One$199$159Amazon and Sonos
Sonos One SL$179$139Amazon and Sonos
Sonos Move$400 (Best buy) $399 (Amazon)$300Amazon and Best buy
Sonos Five$500 (Best buy) $499 (Sonos)$399Best buy and Sonos
Sonos Beam$400 (Best buy) $400 (Sonos)$300Best buy and Sonos
Sonos Sub$700 (Best buy) $699 (Amazon)$600Best buy and Amazon

The above-mentioned table shows you that the Cyber Monday deals cut off the prices and discounts around 21% and 23% off-sale for Sonos One and SL, and also discounts $100 off the product prices for Sonos move, Sonos Five, Sonos beam, and Sonos Sub.

How can I get a discount on Sonos?

Getting discounts on Sonos is quite easy if you follow some tips and tricks. Well, if you don’t know how you can get the Sonos products discounts, don’t worry.

Here, I have shared with you some tips to get a discount on Sonos products easily.

  • You will get available huge saving opportunities if you use the Sonos promo coupon codes and deals to get discounts from WIRED.
  • You can take advantage of getting a Sonos discount on your product trial period if you purchase a new Sonos speaker set.
  • To get a discount, you should keep an eye on the Sonos products sale on social media and also should follow Sonos.com if there is any product available at discount.
  • To know about the latest Sonos product sale offers, you should sign up for the newsletter of Sonos.
  • You also have to watch out for the Sonos product’s free shipping day to get discounts.

Does sonos arc go on sale?

There are deals and discounts available for the Sonos Arc in February 2023, including a $200 discount from Apple Insider, $40 off the Sonos One from CNET, and bundle offers from Best Buy and The Verge.

Does the sonos sub ever go on sale?

Yes, Sonos Sub usually offers sales and discounts. There are also deals and discounts available for the Sonos Sub in February 2023, including offers from TechRadar and The Verge.

Final verdict

Building the strongest audio sound system with your Sonos speaker could be expensive. Therefore, to help you out, in this article, I have shared with you some information about selling Sonos products with their best sale deals and also discounts.

Hopefully, you have gone through the whole article and got an idea about when and where the Sonos products go on sale.

Besides, by following the discount tips, you can also easily get Sonos products discounts when they are available for sale with a big deal.

So, no more waiting! Check for the Sonos deals and discounts and grab your desired one!