Do Brita Filters do Anything? SMART way of Filtering

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

A SMART home without smart items is not really smart. Right?

Anyone with a basic setup of a smart home always looks for new smart devices to improve his home. Among them, water filters are not so popular.

That’s because there aren’t many products available in the market now; at least with attractive features, we consider as smart.

However, there are a few brands that offer water filters with several types of smart features. Some of them are smart filtering methods, and others were standard smart features such as voice commanding or IOT monitoring of filter status.

Brita is one of the good brands that offers the best kind of filters to the market. They do offer several models with advanced IOT capabilities.

Are Brita filters effective?

But there is a huge hype in society regarding the effectiveness of Brita filters. It seems that there are lots of internet users trying to figure out whether Brita filters do any good.

Well, let’s find out this problem once and for all.

Does Brita filter do the tasks they advertise?

Yes, actually, Brita filters do what they say, exactly. The way of filtering and removing elements mentioned in their manuals was authentic.

Then Why there is hype on Brita filter effectiveness?

 The problems occur with the general understanding of society. The products that Brita offers have different types of filtering stages.

That means these different products will remove unwanted elements up to a certain level.  

When it comes to water purification, it’s not so easy process.

There are lots of elements in play. The water can have heavy metals, fluorides, chlorines, or viruses that are hard to kill even at 500 Celsius.  

So, to have a filter with 100% filtering capability is impossible for the average home. Even 100% pure water systems cost a fortune. Most of the time, they are in research laboratories.

Due to this complex process, Brita-like companies tend to make smart filtering approaches. That means they offer products with different capabilities.

Some products will remove lead and Fluoride, then some other products will not have that feature.

Sometimes, their products will remove only chlorine and general germs.

With this understanding, what we need to do is, select the correct filter for our needs.

How to select Brita Filters?

When selecting a filter, either Brita or anything else, what you need to do is understand your environment. Then you have to do some homework to see whether your surrounding water needs heavy filtering or just needs to remove chlorine from the tap water.

This information is crucial to select the proper filter for you. Most people do not do this and eventually buy a filter setup that does not cover their requirement.

If your household groundwater system is filled with lead or fluoride, then you much invest in a system that filters those elements.

If you don’t have that kind of problem, then you don’t need to buy such an advanced smart filtering system for you.

What type of things filter by Brita filters?

As I mentioned earlier, Brita does offer different filtering systems with varying capabilities of filtering.

The following figure was derived from official Brita website.

BRITA filter types

As you can see, there are options to choose. If you have done your homework properly, then you can have the best filter system.

By the way, Brita offers a lot more options to select rather than the items shown in the above table.

The IOT-enabled Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher is one of them. We really like this device and its features as a smart device. However, its water filtering capabilities were not that much ideal. So It’s good for general use in a home.

 Does Brita Worth the money?

Yes, Brita is one of the best water filter manufacturers with a quality track record. However, you need to do proper research on your house area water quality to select the perfect Brita filter system.

Similar to any kind of consumer, we all want to know if what we get is worth our money.

I can assure you that if you select the correct model of Brita filter, it will last longer and be worth your money.

But as I mentioned earlier, it’s depended on your situation. Don’t buy a filter that does not cover your needs. In the end, your decision will be a loss of money.

What type of problems with Brita water filters?

Active devices such as water filters can cause lots of problems during their lifetime. Even Brita filters have several problems.

Most of the time, Brita filters face problems such as water flowing errors, brita indicator errors.. etc

These problems can resolve with a few steps, and there are lots of tutorials on the internet for that purpose.

Since Brita is the leading water filtering brand in the USA, the community support and available information were excellent.