How much does a 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 inche Samsung TV Weight?

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Your smart TV is a huge investment in your entertainment. It can let you binge watch some of the most amazing shows on the internet. You can even transfer your photos and view them on a big screen. However, you should be careful about buying the right TV to suit your needs.

A TV that is too small would not give you the experience you are looking for. Even a slightly bigger TV could vastly improve your viewing experience. On the other hand, if you buy a TV that is too big for you, you may find it difficult to move it around.

How Much Does A 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh? (in Kg and lbs)

The weight of a Samsung TV varies according to its make and model. The following table shows the weights of different models:

 Samsung TV ModelWeight in lbsWeight in Kg
50 Inch26.9 lbs12.2 Kg
55 Inch38.1 lbs17.3 Kg
60 Inch50.7 lbs23 Kg
65 Inch52.2 lbs23.7 Kg
70 Inch53.4 lbs24.2 Kg
75 Inch68.8 lbs31.8 Kg

How Much Does A 50-Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

The Samsung 50-inch smart TV comes with in-built Wi-Fi. Thus, you would not have to worry about placing it close to your router. Further, it is compact and would fit beautifully in any location you choose. It has a power consumption of 59 watts.

However, this is the usual case. The maximum power consumption increases to about 185 watts. This is usually when the TV starts or initializes. It is only for a short duration of time. After that, it goes back to the normal power consumption of 59 watts.

The weight of the TV is 26.9lb without a stand. When a stand is added to it, this number increases to 31.7lb. However, the weight when the product is shipped is considerably higher. It is about 39.7lb.

How Much Does A 55 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

The 55 inch Samsung smart TV has an LED display. Compared to LCD TV, it uses much less power. Further, it does not heat up quickly. In addition to this, the TV shows much better contrast in pictures.

Thus, you can enjoy what you watch even when the brightness on the screen is not too high. You would not have to always turn off the lights to be able to do so. Also, even though it is 55 inches in its dimension, it is quite sleek and thin. This design makes it sophisticated.

If a stand is not added to the TV, its weight would be 38.1 lb. However, with the addition of a stand, the weight is 48.5. Moreover, when you receive the shipped product the weight of it would be around 61.9lb.

How Much Does A 60 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

This model of Samsung TV comes with a variety of features. It is capable of a direct Wi-Fi connection. In addition to this, it has great sound systems. To access the internet, you would have to go to Smart Hub on this TV.

Moreover, you can view all the apps you like with the apps platform this 60 inch Samsung smart TV offers. In addition to this, you can even enhance the color on your TV if you need to. This is because it has a wide color enhancer mechanism.

The TV can also support you in three different languages, namely, English, French, and Spanish. Thus, you can easily use your device even if your first language is not English. In addition to this, you can even mirror your mobile phone with this TV.

The weight of this TV varies on whether it is counted with a stand or not. Without one, the weight is 50.7lb. At the same time, the stand makes the weight go up to 60lb. But, you would find the weight when shipped is much higher. It stands at 74.7lb.

How Much Does A 65 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

The weight of the 65 inch Samsung smart TV depends on whether or not it is measured with a stand. By itself, the TV weighs about 52.2 lb. When you add a stand to the picture, the weight changes to around 60.6 lb. Also, when the sellers ship the product, you can expect the weight to be approximately 72.8 lb.

The TV has an amazing Quad-core process and Wi-Fi already built-in. Furthermore, it has dimming technology. You can also control motion with it. Moreover, it offers you Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, you can access many features with this TV set.

How Much Does A 70 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

Samsung designed this large TV to enhance the viewing experience. Hence, one of the primary features of a 70-inch Samsung smart TV is that it has a very fast processor. This converts all the shows or pictures you watch into great quality. Hence, it ensures that you enjoy clear pictures.

Though it has a huge display, the design causes it to be thin. Thus, you can have great resolution, no matter which angle you watch it from. As if all this were not enough, this TV set comes with not one but two voice assistants. You can use it with Alexa from Amazon or with google assistant.

The weight of the TV without a stand is 53.4 lb and with one is about 54.5 lb. However, during shipping, the weight is about 75.4 lb. This is not a huge increase from the 65 inch TV, especially considering the size difference.

How Much Does A 75 Inch Samsung Smart TV Weigh?

This TV set comes equipped with a Quad processor to ensure that you get the highest quality of pictures. In addition to this, it has a built-in Wi-Fi system. You can also access everything that it has to offer in 3 international languages.

Without a stand, the device weighs about 68.8 lb. However, with one the weight is approximately 70.5 lb. If you notice the weight during the time the product is shipped, you will find that it is around 95.7 lb.

Is The Weight Of The TV Related To Quality?

Not necessarily. You can relate the weight of the TV set to its dimensions. However, bigger screens usually have better displays and offer a good experience. So you can say that this, in some ways, is related to quality.

However, you should remember that the weight itself is not a measure of quality. Even with a considerable increase in display size, some TV sets do not show much increase in weight. On the contrary, if you want to judge the quality of your TV, you should look at the features.

Why Are Lighter TVs More Popular Than Heavier Ones?

The popularity of lighter TV sets is due to the fact that they are easier to carry and ship. Hence, people find them easier to handle. On the other hand, you have to be more careful with heavier TVs. Applying too much stress can damage any TV and the sheer weight of the heavier ones could make you prone to applying more pressure on them.


Hope you can now correlate the different sizes of TVs with their weights. However, weight should not be the sole criterion for choosing your TV. You should read all the advantages and disadvantages thoroughly before selecting one.

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