Can You Use Firestick with DirecTV?

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Can you use Firestick with DirecTV? You can use DirecTV on your Amazon Firestick. Either install it on Firestick using Downloader app or install directly from Amazon Store. DirecTV is not available on Amazon Store outside of the US. In that case, you have to install it using Downloader App. You will need a VPN that connects to a US server for streaming because DirecTV contents are restricted geographically. 

Can You Use Firestick with DirecTV? 

DirecTV runs on most platforms. You’ll get over 250 live channels here. All the latest movies, shows, and live sports are available. It comes at three price points. The basic one is Entertainment Package. Then comes Choice Package and Ultimate Package. I will show you how to use DirecTV on Firestick. But before that, let’s look at some features of DirecTV. 

DirecTV has many exciting features. They are:

  • It offers more than 250 live channels. You have access to local and international live channels. 
  • Its monthly payment option does not bind you with a yearly contract. So you have freedom to switch after one month. 
  • With DirecTV, you can go completely wireless. This app is compatible with all your devices. 
  • All your favorite live sports are available here. You can watch NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB, and many more. 
  • Apart from Live channels, you will get all the latest and on-demand movies on DirecTV. You have everything on one platform.
  • You will get 20 hours free could storage where you can record any sports or shows to watch later. 

How do I Use Firestick with DirecTV? 

Now that we know what DirecTV offers- let’s see how you can use it on your Firestick. You have to install DirecTV on your Firestick. You can do it either of the following two ways:

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Install DirecTV from Amazon Store

You can directly install DirecTV from your Amazon Store. Remember, DirecTV is not available on Amazon Store for people living outside the US. Follow these steps to install DirecTV from Amazon Store:

Step 1- Search for DirecTV: At first-search for DirecTV on your Amazon Store. Go on the search bar located at the top of your screen. Then start typing DirecTV in the search bar and click hit. You will find related results. Select DirecTV from the search result. 

Step 2- Download DirecTV: Now, you will see a Get button, click on it. It will start downloading the app immediately. Wait until the app downloads. Once downloaded, Firestick will automatically install the app. The app is now ready for use. 

Step 3- Open DirecTV: Now it is time to open the app. Click on the app icon to launch it. After opening the app, you will have to sign-up. Put in your necessary information and sign-up. If you already have an account, you have to sign in instead. Finally, it is up and ready for you. 

Congratulations! You have successfully installed DirecTV from Amazon Store. Stream it and enjoy! 

 Install DirecTV Using Downloader App

Another way to use DirecTV on Firestick is to install it with Downloader App. DirecTV is not available on Amazon Store for those living outside the US region. For them, we will be using Downloader App to install DirecTV APK. But you have to use a VPN for streaming the contents as they are geographically restricted. 

Follow these steps to install DirecTV with Downloader App:

Step 1- Prepare Your Firestick: Firstly, you have to prepare your Firestick to install an APK from another source. Go to Firestick Home and tap on the Settings icon. You will see My Fire TV option; click on it. Some new options will pop up. You have to select Developer Options from them. You will see an option Apps from Unknown Sources- turn it on. Now your Firestick is ready to install the APK. 

Step 2– Download the Downloader: Now it’s time you install Downloader App. Go to your home page again and open the Find menu. You will see Search option there- click on it. Type Downloader in the search bar and click on it. Now, wait for the app to install. Once completed, tap Open to start Downloader app. You will have to allow some permissions to this app.  

Step 3- Download and Install DirecTV: Now the downloader app is open, go to Downloader Home Menu. There you will find a box to enter the URL. Put your APK source URL there and click Go. Your DirecTV APK will start downloading. Once downloading completes, click Install when the option pops up. After installation, click Done. Your DirecTV app is now successfully installed on your Firestick. 

Final Word

It might seem pretty hard to install DirecTV on your Firestick. But trust me, it is not. Follow my instructions step by step- the whole process will become a piece of cake for you. Congratulations if you have installed the app. Now go and enjoy! 

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