How Cold Can Airtags Get?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

How long does an AirTag last? If you are not very familiar with Airtags, this question is a legit one. Like you, many people have the same questions in their minds. You will be surprised to know that Airtags will last for ages. 

But there is some question like how cold can affect Airtags, but there is no detailed information. If you live in a cold place, knowing the answer might help you come up with a decision. Lucky you, because I’m going to answer these questions for you. So, let’s get going. 

How Cold Can Airtags Get? 

Apple has designed Airtag to be used in various weather conditions. Generally, Airtags work best when the ambient temperature ranges between 0 and 35º C. But they will work in warmer or colder temperatures. So, you can say, Airtags can work in freezing temperatures. However, the behavior of this location tracker might change based on the high and low temperatures. 

Airtag is a location tracker. People use it to track personal belongings like keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, etc. Because of various usage, Airtags go through various weather conditions and temperatures. For example, it might be in the scorching sun, heavy rainfall, or snowfall. 

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Airtags are designed in a way that they can withstand any weather condition. But their performance or behavior might differ with the temperature change. The best temperature for Airtags is 0 to 35º C. The tracking device will work best under this temperature. 

However, it will still work if the temperature goes up or down. Since it’s a tracking device, the components are designed to withstand extreme conditions. But if the temperature rises or drops too much, you might see changes in your Airtag’s behavior. In a situation like that, you must use protective covers to protect your Airtags.  

Can Airtags Freeze?

Apple Airtags have very robust components inside of their round-shaped body. Because of the small size and sleek design, Airtags looks pretty humble. But they are very much capable. Those components are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. The components inside won’t freeze. 

As a result, Airtags will work pretty well, even in negative temperatures. According to Apple, Airtags can work as low as -20º C ambient temperature. It might sound plain, but it’s a pretty extreme temperature. You can effectively track your Airtag with Find My app at this temperature. 

It is possible because the components inside won’t freeze at this temperature and will send location information to your iPhone. But it will be wise to use a temperature protective case for your Airtags to keep them away from harm’s way. Because accidents can happen at any time, better be prepared. 

Do Airtags Heat Up?

Airtags might heat up if it remains under direct sunlight for far too long. Because of the sunlight, the components inside will heat up and overheat the whole device. Again, if you attach your Airtag with your phone or iPad, it might heat up from the heat of that phone or iPad. 

So, if your Airtag is overheated because of the sunlight, you must keep it away from direct sunlight. Detach it from the phone or iPad if that device is the reason your Airtag is overheated. Using a protective cover is another way to protect your Airtags from overheating. 

But you will be amazed to know the operating temperature range of this location tracker. Airtags work best at temperatures that are around 35º C. But they are designed to tolerate as high as 60º C. So, your Airtag will work just fine at this high temperature even though the components inside are heated up. 

Here’s the performance of Airtags at various temperatures:

Temperature RangePerformance
Below -20° CMight Not Work
-20° C to 0° CWork Fine
0° C to 35° CPerfect Temperature For Airtags
35° C to 60° CWork Fine
Above 60° CMight Not Work

What If You Spill Cold Water On Airtag? 

Airtags are water-resistant. They have a waterproof rating of IP67 under the IEC standard. So, this tracking device is dust and water-resistant. It can tolerate water splashes, sweat, rainwater, and spills. Besides, it can work up to one meter underwater for thirty minutes. 

Do not worry if you accidentally spill cold water on your Airtag. You have to dry off your Airtag, and it will be ready to use again. But you can’t dry it with a blower or dries. You have to open the battery and keep it under sunlight. Here’s how you can dry a wet Airtag:

  • Firstly, take your Airtag and wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. Make sure there’s no water on it. 
  • Then remove the battery cover and bring out the battery. 
  • Now, put your Airtag, battery, and the cover under light to air dry. You have to dry it for several hours. 
  • Now, put the battery inside and close the cover. 
  • Finally, check whether your Airtag is working correctly. You have to check it from the Find My app. 

Now your Airtag is dry and ready to use. But if your Airtag still doesn’t work, you can give it to a mechanic for servicing. 

Can You Shower With Airtag?

We know that Airtags are water resistant and have an IP67 rating. So, water splashes won’t damage the components inside. That’s why you can take a shower with your Airtag. But make sure the time does not exceed thirty minutes. If the duration goes beyond thirty minutes, your Airtag might get damaged. 

But if you use a waterproof case, you won’t have to worry about the duration. This case won’t let the water come in contact with your Airtag. So the components inside will remain dry. So, you can use Airtags in your shower. But either make the shower short or use a waterproof cover.  

How To Clean Airtag

Cleaning your Airtag is very important, especially if it gets wet or dusty. There are some rules and procedures you have to follow for cleaning Airtags. Here I’ll show you how to clean Airtags properly. 

Follow these steps below: 

  • Firstly, you have to take a dry and clean microfiber or lint-free cloth and wipe your Airtag down on both sides. 
  • Now it’s time to use isopropyl alcohol. Dampen your cloth in 70% isopropyl and wipe your Airtag with it again. 
  • After that, you have to remove the battery and clean the battery compartment. Use the dampened cloth to wipe clean the compartment. 
  • Then, put the battery back inside. You will hear a sound. Put the cover back. 
  • Finally, check from the Find My app if your Airtag is working properly after cleaning. 

This is how you will have to clean your Airtag. If you follow these steps, your Airtag won’t get damaged. 

What Will Break An Airtag? 

Airtag is an exceptionally durable tracking device. It might look small, but it is designed to last longer. The components of an Airtag are very sturdy and offer the highest performance. The build quality is sturdy as well. The outer body of Airtags is made of precision-etched polished stainless steel. 

That’s why they are exceptionally robust and durable. So, it’s not possible to break them with regular use. You will need a powerful force to break this device. For example, it might get damaged if it falls from a high building. They will break if something weighty falls on them. 

Are Airtags Reliable?

Airtag is a location tracking device from Apple. People use this tracker to keep an eye on their items. As a result, they hardly get lost now. Apple has combined the latest and proven technologies to make this device. It has Low Energy Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband, NFC, and a mighty U1 chip. 

As a result, you will get precise location information from this device. Besides, it also has a built-in speaker so that you can play sound while searching for it. Using the Find My app, you can see the exact direction of your lost Airtag on a map. 

Because of the Ultra-Wideband technology and the U1 chip, this tracker can send precise location pins. Apart from that, the device doesn’t use any GPS signal, internet, or cellular connection. That’s why this tracker is incredibly reliable. 

What happens if AirTag dies?

There are two reasons why your Airtags might die. One of the reasons is that the battery of your Airtag is over. In that case, you’ll have to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. Generally, an Airtag battery lasts about one year with moderate use. 

The other reason your Airtag dies is that it is damaged for some reason. In such a case, nothing much is there to do. You can send it to a mechanic for servicing. It will be easier to fix if you know why it’s damaged. So, find the reason first. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, Airtags can work in a freezing environment. So, you won’t have to worry about this device unless you live in Antarctica. Jokes apart, a little cold won’t prevent your Airtags from tracking. However, you can use protective covers for extra protection. 


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