Firestick Keeps Buffering – Try This?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Do your Firestick keeps buffering, freezing, and spinning? Many Firestick users experience this problem. But here’s the help you need. 

Here are a few possible solutions to Firestick keeps buffering problem. These are all quick and easy ways to solve the issue. Make sure to read till the end and share the love with others. If your problem is related to restarting loop, then read this article.

Why does my firestick keep freezing and buffering

Sometimes you’ll find your Firestick constantly freezing and buffering. One of the most common causes of buffering is a lot of apps running on your Firestick. These can cause the buffering issue, so you can try unplugging the device, clearing the cache, and updating the device. 

You may have installed too many applications on your device, causes it to run slower. To fix this, uninstall the apps you don’t use or don’t want to use. This way, your Fire Stick will be much more responsive. 

Another common cause of buffering on your Firestick is overheating. Firesticks generate heat when they’re running too many applications. To prevent overheating, you should always ensure that the Firestick is updated with the latest version of Fire OS. 

Make sure you’re not running heavy applications or processes on your Firestick, as these can cause the device to run slowly. If the problem persists, you may want to disable them.

It may be a hardware problem or an issue with your internet connection. Another common cause of buffering on Firestick is a bad internet connection. Whenever you use your Firestick for long hours, you may experience connectivity loss, frequent restarts, melted casing, queued on status, and freezing of the menu. 

Another problem is a bad signal from your modem router. You may have trouble streaming videos. To fix the buffering issue, try a different operating system, such as Android. These will make your Firestick run more smoothly and help you enjoy the shows you love.

A third-party app that keeps running in the background is slowing down your FireStick. Make sure to shut down any apps that are running in the background. Leaving them open can cause the device to crash. 

Uninstalling these apps and clearing the cache can help fix the problem. Changing the battery is another easy fix. Lest none of these solutions work, try clearing the cache in your FireStick device.

Sometimes, your Fire Stick may be frozen by third-party applications. Restarting your device may fix this problem.

Firestick keep kicking out of the apps is another problems related to this. Luckily we have a separate article for that one.

Firestick buffering fixes

Have trouble with buffering on FireStick? It may be due to a sluggish internet connection, or possibly other users are consuming too much bandwidth. Are you’re experiencing a constant stream of video buffering on your Amazon Firestick, there are several things you can do to fix the problem. Check them out.

  • Step 1: First, make sure your internet connection is fast enough. If it’s slow, you can only stream movies of lower quality. 

A 1080p movie requires about 20 Mbps or more. Another cause may be ISP throttling, which happens when your provider notices that you’re using a lot of data. You might be using your internet connection too far from your modem, which will decrease signal strength.

  • Step 2: The next step is to disable data monitoring or clear the RAM on your Firestick. Clearing the data will get rid of the cache and other files that are taking up space. This step is highly recommended given that you’ve downloaded too many apps or if you’re running out of space. 

Another way to fix firestick buffering is periodically remove Filelinked codes. Finally, it’s essential to ensure that your Firestick’s WIFI connection is good before trying any of these methods.

  • Step 3: To solve the problem of Firestick buffering, unplug your Firestick. Assuming you’re watching a video and notice that the screen freezes, the device is likely using more RAM than it should. Keeping your Firestick cool is one of the best ways to fix this problem. 

You can try uninstalling any third-party apps that use your Firestick’s internet connection. These apps may be causing the problem.

  •  Step 4: Another common fix for buffering on Firestick is to clear the cache and data on all your apps. 

Clearing cache and data will help clear your Firestick’s memory. By clearing the cache and data, you will be able to see the content you’ve already watched and avoid the buffering issues that may have been plaguing your video. 

However, provided you have a Filelinked account, you will need to clear the Filelinked code periodically. Lastly, the device may be too hot, which may affect performance.

  • Step 5:  Turn off automatic processes, such as app updates. These processes take up valuable storage space, and can affect Firestick performance. Therefore, ensuring that your Firestick is always in a cool place is key. 

Try placing it away from the TV, with sufficient airflow, and uninstall any apps slowing the device down. When none of these fixes work, you may need to try reinstalling apps.

Amazon firestick spinning circle: Fix

Is your Amazon Firestick is constantly in a spinning circle while buffering? It might be due to a slow internet connection. Rebooting the Firestick is an easy, but effective, fix. It reboots after uninstalling apps or clearing its cache. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try one of the following solutions:

  • Step 1: Should your Firestick constantly be in a spinning circle when trying to watch a video, try clearing its cache or data. Clearing data will clear all the information related to an app, including login information.

Turn off background connections for apps using your Firestick. Many of them use these connections while streaming video. You can turn off these connections by choosing the Settings menu on the Firestick’s home screen.

  • Step 2: Another simple fix involves restarting the Firestick. Press the up button to access the top menu. Press the down button to access Settings. After that, click the center of the big circle and select Settings. 

Finally, click the Restart button. After confirmation, the Firestick will reboot. This solution may solve your buffering problems. You may want to check out our guide to fixing the Firestick Remote. There are several other ways to fix the spinning circle problem on your Firestick.

  • Step 3: Check the software version. Firesticks are not powerful machines. They may have outdated operating systems or apps competing for bandwidth with yours. Older versions of streaming apps may need updates to add new features and bug fixes. 

Other applications might be using up processor cycles and memory, slowing down the entire device. And finally, malware can use up bandwidth, which can cause the device to overheat. In case you have already installed the latest software, try rebooting the Firestick.


If your Fire Stick continues to buffer, try restarting it. While it is capable of handling the occasional buffering problem, your Firestick is more susceptible to overheating when you use it continuously.

After you’ve tried all of them, and still no luck? Then you can try switching the language of playback to another one. Try fast-forwarding and rewinding. 

When that doesn’t work, you can close the video and restart it. Sometimes, the lagging audio problem can be fixed by restarting your Fire Stick.