Eufy Doorbell Not Charging: Quick Fixes

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

The Eufy Doorbell Not Charging is one of the most common problems for users. Although the Eufy Doorbell Not Charging is the main issue, the users may detect it in many ways.

Not detecting the motions, not providing the online feed, errors in chiming, and many more.

You must know that the battery is one of the vital parts of the Eufy doorbell, and without it getting charged, you will not be able to get the Eufy Doorbell fully functioning.

What causes Eufy Doorbell Not Charging Issue?

  • Not having the original charger
  • Not having the optimum current supply
  • software issues
  • pairing problems
  • connecting with the HomeBase
  • batteries that needed to be replaced

How to Fix the Eufy Doorbell Not Charging Issue?

Eufy doorbell can stop charging due to any cause that I have mentioned in the above list. Either way, the important thing is getting it fixed right away.

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For fixing this, I have found several solutions. I have tested some of them while creating the charging problem manually.

1. Replace The Eufy Doorbell Batteries

The battery used in the Eufy Doorbell is a built-in lithium-ion battery. Similar to any other battery, it to has a shell life.

After completing the particular shell life, the battery will have to be replaced as you may see issues with the charging.

eufy inbuilt doorbell battery
This is the eufy inbuilt doorbell battery. Made by Lithium-ion materials. (source: eufy official)

Can I replace the Eufy built-in lithium-ion battery of my Doorbell?

No. You cannot replace the battery as it is a part of the service agents. As soon as you inform the Eufy service centre, they will come and conduct the service for a special fee.

How do I know that my battery is draining fast?

A fully charged doorbell can last more than 06 months. If your Doorbell battery is draining power, your battery will not last up to 05 months. Also, the functioning period of the battery will start to reduce.

2. Fix The Issues in the wiring

I have seen that this is the most common case for not charging problems. Especially in lots of Eufy forums.

If you are a Wired-doorbell user, then you must check the wiring. You must see if the animals cause scratches or patches. Although the electricity is transferred successfully, the electricity’s voltage or quality might have differed.

Another issue associated with the not charging issue is the transformer (power adapter). In most cases, users had chosen the wrong transformer for the Eufy doorbells to provide electricity.

eufy doorbell charging wires
You can hardwire the eufy for charging. If these wires were not properly fixed, the charging process will not work. (source: Eufy Community)

You must go through the user manual and see if you have selected a suitable transformer for your Eufy Doorbell. After replacing the optimum transformer or fixing any issue in the electricity, you will be able to avoid the issue.

What is the voltage required by the Eufy Doorbell?

It is recommended to use either a 16-24VAC, 30VA voltage, or above for the Eufy Doorbell.

Must I wire the Eufy Doorbell to the transformer?

No, you must not. There are some Eufy doorbell models, such as Wi-Fi doorbell chime, you can avoid wiring trouble. All you have to do is to connect to a 100-240VAC outlet.

Personally, I like this model since it’s less trouble to install.

3. Get The original charger

If you lost your original charger, most probably you are using an alternative charger for that. Right?

These alternative chargers are lower in cost. But they are not so quality product. At least for most of the time. So, after a few weeks of use, these chargers will start to produce lower current or voltage values rather than the rated values.

EUFY doorbell power charger
EUFY doorbell power charger

Once this happens, the Eufy doorbell will not charge. So, I recommended using only the original charger only. You can buy one from the manufacturer as well.

Check this link for charger power rates. It will be helpful if you are looking for a third-party charger.

How long will it take to charge with the 5V 1A charger?

It takes up to 06 hours to charge from 0% to 100% of the battery.

4. Update Your Eufy  Doorbell

Among the most common issues, the software issues of the Eufy Doorbell are crucial. Although the doorbell charging is a physical process, the device’s software performs a unique duty.

More importantly, the Doorbell’s software helps the device to charge the battery in the shortest time.

Also, it notifies the device to disconnect after the charging is concluded. Precisely

eufy security app
Use the eufy security app to update your eufy doorbell firmware

if your Eufy Doorbell avoids the full charge up to 100%, it can be related to software issues. Mostly these things happen with old versions of your doorbell firmware.

The quick solution for this is to get update your Eufy doorbell as soon as possible. I found this article from Eufy website that explains the update process. It’s quite helpful to do this for first-time users.


I hope now you will have a good idea about why your Eufy doorbell is not charging and possible quick fixes. However, if still your doorbell not charging problem remain, then it’s better to consult Eufy customer care for more details.