How to Use the Wyze Camera as a Baby Monitor?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Use a WYZE cam to watch your baby while he or she is playing the home. Real-time recording helps the parents to keep an eye on each movement of the Child. Now you can leave the Child alone in the room without worrying about security. 

The Wyze cam comes with the WIFI-enabled service that makes the Wyze accessible on the Smartphone. You can watch the real-time video on the Wyze app and get a constant update on your baby. 

Benefits of using Wyze Cam in the home 

The Wyze cam allows the parent to focus on their work while keeping an eye on their Child. No need to stay near the Child all the time. The camera ensures safety, so you do not have to create a distraction while working.  

How to Use the Wyze Camera as a Baby Monitor
Use WYZE camera as a baby monitor

Imagine if housewives would like to follow their passion after they have a child. 

They are left with only one choice, which is to work from home while doing the parenting job. In this case, managing work and Children would be a difficult task.  

You may lose focus during work because of the Child. You cannot leave your child alone.

In this case, the Wyze camera would reduce the concern you have, and it may make you more comfortable as the video would always be there to help you stay focused on your job. 

You can keep your child in one room and work in the other room without any interruption. 

Keep the live video active, so that if an unforeseen event occurs, you will be able to watch on the monitor and take immediate action. Additionally, the cost of setting up the WYZE cam is very cheap.  

You can get it installed in a day and start using it instantly. It is one of the most affordable security cameras you find in the category. 

Work excellently fine, and you will never have trouble managing it. It is a better option in the baby monitor candidate for the security and safety of your child.

Pros and Cons of the Wyze cam as a baby monitor

The list of pros and cons will help you to identify the flaws in the camera service offered by Wyze. 

You can compare the details with the other service provider and decide which one to buy for your home.


  • The whole setup of the Wyze camera is very affordable. Anyone can buy it and install it themselves.
  • Compatible with the Alexa and Google Assistant. You can sync the camera with these voice command services and operate the camera with the voice. 
  • The full-service voice-controlled device provides smart activation and monitoring service. Use your voice as a command mode to activate or disable the device whenever you want—no need to physically interact with the device.
  • You get a free cloud storage facility with the device. The available free space will store the clips on the cloud server. You can easily access these files and watch them in your comfort.
  • The camera’s size is small, which quickly gets attached to the baby crib or the doors. 
  • It captures full HD quality video (1080p) that you can stream directly to your Smartphone device.
  • The audio output gives you the needed ability to listen and watch the baby’s movement while working in the kitchen or doing your home chores. Audio output has a two-way communication facility so that you can talk to your baby over speakerphone. 
  • Night vision activation would give you clear video quality in the darkroom. It uses infrared technology to view the subject in the dark and provide videos with high-quality output.


  • The only drawback that the user may find in the Wyze camera is the limited range of vision. After several feet, the video looks blurred. You cannot use the base camera version of the Wyze for long-distance viewing. It is suitable for close monitoring such as room, drawing hall, kitchen, or front door. 
  • You would find the necessary functionalities in the Wyze cam. The camera itself is excellent in quality, but the Wyze cam has limited exposure to the advanced features compared to the other service provided in the niche category.

What are the features of the Wyze Cam?

1) Wireless connectivity: Wyze cam comes with wireless connectivity that enables the users to control the cam remotely via a mobile application. 

You can share the access to multiple family members, so others can keep an eye on the baby’s activity at home if one person is not available. 

The video is recorded in real-time, which means you are watching the same thing happening right now in the house. 

2) Motion detection: The Wyze cam has a motion detection feature that alerts you with the push notification when it senses the motion or sound in front of the camera. 

You can adjust the setting as you need and activate or disable it as per your comfort. 

Too many activity notifications may be irrelevant to you, so you can disable them when you know the family member is available in the home to take care of the baby.

3) Camera zoom: The zoom facility makes video recording more fun. You can zoom into the detail when you want to capture specific action or the subject moving in front of the camera.

There are two options given in the zoom function, do it manually or let the camera adjust it automatically to capture the best viewing angle and clear picture.

4) Speakers on both sides: Two-way audio communication feature gives the advantage to the housewives while parenting. 

They can talk to their child from the other room while working. This keeps the baby calm alone, and he will not be afraid. 

5) Magnetic Stand: You get the Wyze cam with the magnetic base to install the cam anywhere with the iron surface. 

It sticks to the surface and gives you wireless connectivity. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and activate the Wyze cam service.

6) Cloud Recording: The cloud recording facility makes storage easy. The high definition video files require more storage space than regular files. 

Your home computer will soon run out of storage space if your Wyze cam is used throughout the day. The cloud service would help you to record and save the video clips on the server.  

You can access the stored video files from anywhere in the world. You get 14 days of free recording service with the signup. 

If you want more storage, you can go with a monthly plan to safely route your video files to the cloud server. 

7) Smart Device Integration: No matter what kind of smart device you are using in your home, you get full access to connect with any smart device instantly. 

The wifi-enabled connectivity would guide you to connect your device to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Fire TV stick, etc.

8) Night Vision: Now, you do not have to worry about security at night. The Wyze cam has an infrared-powered night vision facility that makes the subject easy in the dark. 

The night vision camera gives you the necessary service that keeps the home secure all the time. The night vision cam facility operates with the motion detection feature.

How do I install a WYZE camera on my computer? 

The Wyze offers a mobile application to the users, which is handy and offers instant access to recorded video clips. 

Some might have requirements for the Compute base access of the Wyze recording. While working, you might not like to access your phone every time to see what is happening in your home.  

The Smartphone screen is also comparatively small in size, which sometimes causes problems when detecting the close object. The computer screen would give you access to the details. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to install the Wyze camera on your PC.

Step 1:  

The Wyze cam app is developed on the android platform. To run the Wyze cam app on the PC, you need an android emulator to run the app. 

Use the BlueStacks android emulator to access Wyze Cam app on the PC. Get eh Bluestacks file from the web and install it on your computer.  

BlueStacks offers a free service, so you can download and run the app for free. 

Once you downloaded the app’s copy, install the app generally the way you set up the windows app on your computer. Once the download is complete, open the app on the computer.

Step 2: 

Create A BlueStacks account

You need a Bluestacks account to access the features. The signup process is simple. Create your account and log in to the dashboard. 

Step 3: 

Next, download the Wyze cam app apk file from the authentic source. You will find the APK file online. Get it downloaded to your computer. 

Step 4:

Run the apk file on BlueStacks

After the apk file is downloaded on your device, run the Wyze cam app on your desktop computer. 

Please right-click on the file and run it with the BlueStacks. The application will automatically get added to the software, and it will make the file usable on the computer system. 

The process may take a few minutes. Once the process is complete, you will see the shortcut app icon on your desktop computer. 

Step 5: 

If you can see the Wyze cam icon on your desktop, you are done with the installation. Now you can access the Wyze cam service on your computer. 

You may have to log in to your Wyze cam service to access the stored file. You can save the login details, so you do not have to log in every time you access the app. 

With the desktop application, you can now multitask while babysitting. You can keep the Wyze cam app monitoring window open on your computer and work on the other window. 

If there is any notification, the app will prompt you with a notification message so you can check what is happening around your baby in real-time. 


Wyze Cam is one of the best applications available in the market. It is the cheapest camera security service that you can buy anytime and install to secure your home. 

The cam runs on a wifi enabled device, so you can connect it to any third-party application that supports the home security camera and enjoy the features of Wyze cam.  

The mobile app of the Wyze cam provides essential features. You do not have to look for any other security camera to protect your baby in your absence. 

Get it today and experience the real-time video monitoring service.