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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Are you planning to install a Ring doorbell or a security camera in your apartment? Here, the thing is, your apartment is in a condominium building or under the Homeowner association.

So, according to the rules and bylaws of Condos and HOA, do they approve installing your Ring doorbell and Security camera in your apartment?

All right, if you want to know the exact details about the above issue, you are in the right place. In this article, I will let you know about Do Condos, and HOA allow Ring doorbells? Or can you put a security camera in your apartment?

Do HOA allow Ring doorbells?

Well, unfortunately, the answer is No. The Homeowners Association (HOA) doesn’t allow Ring doorbells, although they have claimed to discuss the issue with Ring at their future meeting.

Ring doorbells are one of the most popular and new technological advances that keep your home more secure than you ever thought. Besides, people want to know who is at their doorstep even when they are not at home.

And also, when shopping online and the purchased products are delivered and left out the doorstep, things become more complex while picking them up. Sometimes, you may find out that your purchased products get stolen from your doorstep. 

So, considering these issues, the tenants want to install a security camera at their front doorstep like a Ring video doorbell. But the HOA association claims that installing a security camera goes against the HOA’s guidelines, rules, and laws of the residence association.

This is because the Ring doorbell can capture audio and video of the passersby, so it is like invading the residence privacy.

So, although some tenants requested the HOA to allow Ring doorbells, they didn’t permit installing them. Moreover, I have figured out that some tenants installed Ring doorbells on their doorsteps without knowing these rules and regulations.

But, when the homeowner association became aware of the matter, they immediately sent a notice to remove it. The reason is the doorbell is an exterior modification, and it wasn’t board-approved. So, they had to remove it, unfortunately!  

Can HOA deny security cameras?

Yes, of course, HOA can easily deny security cameras. They reserve the right to enforce rules and regulations for their properties and the residents living in their residential buildings or apartments.

As the resident’s privacy matters, the reasonable expectation of privacy is a significant concern for the Homeowner association. Therefore, installing security cameras can be both confusing and also challenging.

Especially if it’s private property, the homeowners typically have the right to install a security camera on their unit, but they need an ARC board approval.

And also have to ensure that their security cameras don’t point to the windows, backyards, or any other private areas of their neighbors as it hinders their privacy.

Yet, the Homeowners association has the right to install a security camera in their common areas. However, to install it, they also have to maintain the HOA security camera policy, rules and regulations.

Can you use a Ring device in a Condo?

Well, it’s a complicated question, really, yet, here also typically, the answer to your question is No. You can’t use a Ring doorbell in a Condominium building. Although technically, they are allowed to be installed in the apartments, as long as these video cameras don’t invade the neighbor’s privacy and property.

And, as you know, the landlords usually reserve the sole right to enforce specific rules and regulations; they claim that using a Ring device in a Condo is considered a violation of their powers and restrictions.

Besides, some Condominium governing authority restricts doorbell cameras on their Condominium property; it doesn’t matter if they are installed at the homeowner’s doorstep or outside of the unit.

However, I have mentioned above that it’s a complicated thing. So, why is that? This is because I’m not sure actually if this is the case for every condominium building.

It has been said that if you own the apartment, you may be able to install the Ring doorbell device on your doorstep. Yet, if the apartment is not your property, possibly the residence association will not allow you to use the Ring as an external modification to your apartment.

The reason is that as the condominium buildings and their apartments are usually located close to one another, these doorbells have been found to capture audio and video footage from their front doorsteps.

Thus, the Ring devices violate the Condo’s rules and also invade the privacy of the neighbors. And, this is illegal and unethical as well.

However, if you switch off the audio recording option of your Ring doorbell device, it can be considered a matter of compromise between you and the residence association.

Can I put a camera outside my condo door?

In short, the answer is Yes and also No. Whether you can put a camera outside your condo door entirely depends on some rules and regulations of the Condos. 

Usually, according to Condo, they prohibit using a security camera on the doorstep and outside portion of the condo door.

However, they claim that the boards of directors of the Condominium are considering the rules and restrictions over installing security cameras outside the condo door like the common areas-hallways.

While installing a camera outside a condo door, the owners have to ensure that it is board-approved and doesn’t violate the rules and regulations of the Condos.

Besides, the camera has to reasonably preserve the neighbors’ privacy and protect the appearance of the condo’s common elements, e. So, it can add safety to the Condominium residents in a convenient manner by ensuring that it doesn’t invade their privacy.

For this, the boards of directors of Condos have set some practical as well as uniform policies. So, they can easily prevent any accidental issues.

These policies include banning the camera if they find out that the camera has captured audio recordings, or the recorded video footage can view the inside of neighboring units.

Although the Condominium boards usually have the sole power to either allow or prohibit the installation of security cameras, the board must consider the issues and have a plan when the homeowners submit for a camera installing petition.

Ring Doorbells Violate Wiretapping Laws?

In California, according to Penal Code Section 632, it is mandatory to obtain consent from an individual before recording their voice. The law prohibits the recording of “confidential communication,” which refers to any communication intended solely for the parties involved.

When using a Ring doorbell camera, the most straightforward approach to prevent violating PC 632 and facing wiretapping charges is to disable audio recording. If you prefer not to turn off audio recording, it is advisable to inform individuals such as friends, family, and mail carriers that their voices may be recorded when they are in proximity to your front door.

Final verdict  

So, now what do you think- Do Condos and HOA allow Ring doorbells in your apartment? Suppose the apartment owners will enable you to use the doorbell camera, and the boards of directors give an external modification approval. In that case, you can install it on your doorstep or in the outside portion.

Otherwise, it’s not possible to install them into HOA or in a Condominium building.

But remember that, once you have installed it, the period will be as long as the device doesn’t go against any rules and regulations and doesn’t violate any community guidelines of Condos and HOA’s.