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The old television models are incapable of streaming from the internet. Also, some of the new television models have minimal channels that you can stream. Those problems are what led to the invention of the firestick.

Firestick is basically a device that adds thousands of channels to your television and makes it possible to stream from any of them.

This device has the screensaver functionality, which is activated to display customized images after some time. But how can you make the screensaver display your own photos? Stick to learn more about the fire stick screensaver and much more. 

What is a firestick?

If you have used traditional television models, you might have realized that you cannot stream movies or access anything via the internet. This gap led to the invention of the Amazon fire stick.

Amazon fire stick is an intelligent device that supports media streaming. Hence, it is commonly used to stream videos, play music, install apps, and much more. It has a USB flash drive shape and is plugged directly into the TV’s HDMI port.

It comes with a remote control which has an inbuilt microphone. Consequently, it supports amazon Alexa and as you have thought, you can talk to give it commands.  

Its manufacturer claims that this streaming device adds tens of thousands of channels to the television, including Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime.

However, to access these extra channels, you must first sign in and have an existing subscription to stream them.

What is a fire stick screensaver?

Having understood what a fire stick, we can now move on is.

Suppose you were streaming and got caught up and left your tv screen on. If the content you were viewing had security issues, it might be exposed to unauthorized personnel. This is where we introduce the fire stick screensaver.

A Firestick screensaver is a program that fills the screen with moving images or patterns when the screen is left idle for some time. 

Screen savers were first introduced to prevent the screen from being damaged when the image is displayed on a CRT screen for a long time, which led to screen burn-in. However, the modern Firestick screensaver does more than that.

First, it stops your video from streaming continuously, making it easy to trace where you left. 

More importantly, a fire stick screensaver acts as an added layer of security. Besides preventing your content from being exposed to the general public, it is configured to ask for a password from the user before returning to their work. Consequently, no one else can access the machine in your absentia. 

Amazon Firestick screensaver picture locations

To find the screensaver settings, including the picture locations, on your Amazon Firestick, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Home Screen: Press the Home button on your Firestick remote to go to the home screen.
  2. Open Settings: Scroll across the menu options at the top of the screen and select “Settings”.
  3. Go to Display & Sounds: In the Settings menu, scroll right and select “Display & Sounds”.
  4. Select Screensaver: In the “Display & Sounds” menu, select “Screensaver”.
  5. View Current Screensaver Album: Here, you can see the current screensaver album, which is usually “Amazon Collection” by default. This album contains all the images that are used in the screensaver.
  6. Change Screensaver Settings: In this menu, you can also change the screensaver settings, such as start time, speed, and whether to display the clock.

Please note that while you can change the screensaver settings and view the current album, the Firestick does not provide specific locations for each image within the screensaver.

For a comprehensive list of all 182 screensaver images from the Amazon Collection on your Fire TV and the locations where they were taken, you can visit Robson Grant’s website.

Can I put my own photos on a firestick screensaver?

Amazon fire stick screen saver comes with its own saved images. Even though these images and sceneries have beautiful stories about them, it would feel better to customize the screensaver with the photos you can personally relate to.

 The good news?

Using the Firestick screen saver, you can fill the screen off your television with photos of your favorite friends, relatives, puppies, or sceneries.

The amazon fire stick supports the amazon photos app, which can be accessed on ios, desktop, android, and the web. This app has a photo storage space of 5GB for prime members. However, you can purchase more space if need be. 

How do I customize my fire stick screensaver?

Now that you know you can customize the fire stick screen saver with your favorite pictures of your friends, relatives, or sceneries, I guess you’re curious to see how you can do it for yourself. Relax! It isn’t a heavy task.

However, before learning how to customize the fire stick screensaver, you must ensure that your fire stick is well set. 

Basically, you are expected to have plugged the firestick into the device’s port and logged in to your Amazon account. Also, if it is your first, you must carefully follow the displayed instructions to set it up.

Let’s customize the fire stick screen saver with that out of the way. 

Guide on how to personalize your photos on your Firestick screensaver

Step 1: Download the amazon photos app

As we earlier said, the screensaver photos are stored in the amazon photos app. This software comes with 5 GB of space, and you can purchase more if it is not sufficient.

Download this app, and let’s get into its setup.

Step 2: Set the mobile app

You need to connect the amazon photos app with your fire tv to allow communication between the two. How do you do that?

  • Open the app and tap on the ‘more tab’ to display other setting options
  • Scroll and tap on Personalize Echo Show & Fire TV
  • If you had not enabled the screensaver, tap on Enable Daily Memories and get to the next step.
  • After ensuring that your screen saver is enabled, it is time to add your own photos. Click on the Add More Collections 
  • You should select some of the photos you want to add to the screen saver. 
  • Select the photos on your collection to add to your screensaver

Step 3: Set the Tv

After enabling daily memories on your amazon photos app and selecting pictures to be added to the screen saver, you can move on and set the fire tv to display the chosen images.

  • Navigate to the Fire Tv settings
  • Find display and sounds and tap
  • On the current screen, click on the screen saver
  • Now click on the current screen saver and select the collection that you need to be displayed

Step 4: Enjoy the TV

Life is all about celebrating our small wins, this being one of them. You have successfully customized your fire stick screen saver. You can now sit and enjoy your family photos or images of your memorable days. 

Where are firestick screensaver photos?

The firestick screen saver photos are stored in the amazon photos app. This software has several collections of preinstalled images, or you have selected yourself. 

Also, in case you have not installed the photos application, you can access it via the amazon photos page, where you will be prompted to sign in.

After signing in, you can click on the plus sign and then upload the photos tab to add more photos.

However, you should be pretty careful about the number of images you will add. This Amazon software provides limited storage of 5 GB for prime members. If you need extra space, you will have to pay for it. 

How do I stop the Amazon screensaver from photos on Firestick?

The fire stick screensaver is set to activate automatically after a certain period of inactivity. Even though this is a good thing to preserve your screen, it might be a bothering thing considering that you will always be prompted to log in every time after the screensaver is activated. 

Thus you can stop the screensaver from accessing the photos on the fire stick, disabling it from activating automatically. Below are steps on how to stop the screensaver.

Step 1: Open the settings

In most versions of Firestick, the gear icon is used to show settings. Click on it on the right of the menu bar to access the device settings

Step 2: Choose the display and sound option from the menu

After clicking on settings, find the display and sound icon on the screen displayed and tap on it.

Step 3: Navigate to the screensaver option

The display and sound screen has screensaver settings. Find the screensaver tab and click on it.

Step 4:  Select the start time option

To stop the screensaver from accessing the photos implies that it should not be allocated time to display the images. There is the start time tab on the current screen, which indicates the time you had set for the screensaver to wait before activating. Tap on this tab, and let’s move to the next step. 

Step 5: Choose the Never option 

After clicking the start time tab, tap on never, which means that the screensaver will never access the photos and hence will never be activated. 

Final words

Amazon Firestick is an intelligent device that enables traditional televisions to stream videos, images, or movies via the internet. It is shaped like a USB flash drive and supports a screensaver. The fire stick screensaver is a technique that deactivates the screen after a specific time of inactivate

When the Firestick screensaver is activated, it displays images or patterns installed by the manufacturer; however, if you want the television to display your pictures during this moment of inactivity, you need to import your own images.

You can access these images by installing the amazon photo images and uploading them there. Later, navigate through your firestick settings to select the photo collection you want to display when the screensaver is activated. 

We’ve already discussed how to customize your firestick screensaver and every other essential detail. However, you can still scheme through to have the content fresh in your mind before getting your hands dirty. 


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