How to Fix a Ring Doorbell that Keeps Ringing? Best 4 FIXES

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

A Ring doorbell might keep ringing all the way without no one pressing its button, constantly nagging you and your home mates.

Like any other device, when your Ring doorbell ages, wear and tear can happen to it. No doubt, if you’re like most people, you don’t really want to repair it yourself, or at least maintain it after every while.

Unfortunately, the doorbell is often an ignored home feature until it rings on its own in the middle of the night, or you keep missing important deliveries because it didn’t ring.

Yes, many problems are arising with the Ring doorbell.

Some people are complaining about why does my ring doorbell keep going off? While some have concerns like my doorbell keeps ringing and no one is there.

My research has shown that frequency, stuck buttons, etc. are the main causes of Ring doorbell misfires. There are other reasons as well that I have compiled for you.

Quick Solutions for fixing ring doorbell keeps ringing

  • Clean the buttons
  • Change the frequency
  • Install new hardware

Why is my ring doorbell ringing by itself?

There are following four major reasons why a doorbell can stop working or start shouting like there is an emergency outdoors.

  1. A sticking button.
  2. A frequency interference.
  3. 3. Mechanical chime going off.
  4. Outdated transformer.

Wireless doorbells can ring by themselves due to sensor contact or signal frequency interference.

When the doorbell rings, you expect somebody to wait at the door. And, when you frequently find it a SCAM, you stop taking it seriously.

That’s certainly not a good idea. Guess what? My friend’s father came to see her and she didn’t open the door. You can imagine her struggles now. She was having the same issue-self repeating the doorbell.

 “My doorbell keeps ringing and no one’s there” I actually took this remark from this review of one of my friends.

Customer review:

“I installed my Ring video bell and I was satisfied as everything was going well until it started behaving awkwardly. It would randomly ring and nobody would be there. It has happened many times so I have removed the bell so it doesn’t ring and I can go to sleep at least. I am really looking forward to the solution.”

Listen, my friend, Ring doorbell often shows that behaviour whether it’s a video one or simple.

But, don’t worry!! This is just another common issue that we are going to solve using only DIY ways.  

Another issue coming in the wholesale numbers is:

 “I’d been using my Ring Pro doorbell since the last August. Suddenly, a month ago, I saw that the chime went off ‘ding dong’ like a crackpot continuously ringing – you can imagine how furious I was as it was the middle of the night and I was snoring!

Since then, I have troubleshot it many times, and ended up bringing out my old doorbell, what else could I do?”

Well if the older one is working without any issues, it means that’s not a Chime issue.

The ring has updated its transformer requirements while many people are still using an outdated transformer.

The irony is, your device can still happen to work perfectly with outdated transformers, but it can stop working at any time. 

Maybe the issue with this user was also with the transformer.

A minimum of 16VAC / 30VA is required now. Previously 10VA was also fine.

The fixes for the ring doorbell that keeps ringing

Let’s address the issue: Why does my ring doorbell keep going off?

If your video doorbell is ringing randomly and you are having alerts on your app as well, or even if it is going off every other second, make sure the bell’s button is not damaged, it is not affected by debris or dirt around the button.

Sometimes due to a damaged button, the connection becomes feeble and the bell keeps going off very often. A repaired button keeps that situation away. Btw, the most occurring issue with the bell button is its inability to recoil back so it keeps badgering the users all the time.

Solution 01

Let’s Fix Ring Doorbell – Sticking Button

The problem might arise when the button gets stuck in the pressed position and is continuously ON. The most frequent culprit here is the dust and dirt coming from the hands.

Eventually, the button doesn’t slide back and the constantly ringing bell drives you into a black mood.

Here is a simple guide on how to solve a sticking button problem:

Start with cleaning the wall area around the button, especially the little area where the button is situated.

You know when the button is off, there is enough gap between the button and the sensitive area (the point where connection establishes). When the gap is reduced to little (due to dust or dirt), there could develop electrostatic charges that are discharged (and the bell goes loud) when:

  • There are vibrations in the surroundings.
  • There is moisture in the premises of the button. 
  • There is a little electricity fluctuation (which is ignorable in normal circumstances) 

When you clean the area, these culprits will finish.

Remember: It’s better to consider regular maintenance of your Ring doorbell if you really want to have a permanent solution and are annoyed at why your doorbell keeps ringing and no one is there.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your Ring doorbell:

Pick some tools like a vacuum, screwdriver, and compressed air, and follow this procedure.

  1. Use the screw and remove the button from the body of the already unscrewed bell.
  2. Clean off any dirt or dust stuck around the button and between the switching options.
  3. Thoroughly clean the button and its housings.
  4. Blow compressed air on the button and the surroundings to remove the remaining debris in the areas that are not accessible by hand.


If you want to clean the doorbell to your utmost satisfaction, spray a little amount of WD-40 solution between the button housings.

Caution:  Do not overspray! Accumulation of liquid will attract dirt particles, and eventually, more frequent maintenance will be required.

Solution 02

Fixing a Wireless Doorbell – Changing Frequencies

Sometimes the over-ringing problem with the Ring doorbell is caused by frequency-signal interference.

Let’s first understand how your ring doorbell functions.

Ring doorbells, like any other smart doorbell, use a frequency range of 400MHz to 500 MHz to operate.

The doorbell chime receives the signals of this frequency range, communication is established and the doorbell rings.

But, the problem arises when any nearby device is also using the same frequency signals and there is Signal interference.

Of Note: The regulatory bodies allow only certain frequency bands to be used by public use devices, which means there are fair chances that there will be more than one device using the same frequency band.

Remember: If two neighbouring products are using the same frequency, Signal interference might happen.

Maybe your neighbour’s gate opener is set to the same frequency or your CCTV camera, it could be any close-by device which is using the same frequency band.

There is a thing called a Privacy code.

Privacy code provides the option to feed the exact magnitude of operating frequency for your device (obviously, within a certain range) that you can use to include sub-frequencies.

For instance, if you need to set the frequency of your Ring doorbell to be 450.5MHz instead of 450.00MHz, you need to change the privacy code.

Both the sender (the transmitter) and the receiver (the doorbell) should have the same privacy codes to make your bell utilize that frequency signal to operate.

Why did we choose 450.5MHz? Because the likelihood of any other neighbouring device to be using this frequency is minimal.  

Of Note: In some devices, the privacy code is also called Channel Selector.

Solution 03

When Chime is not working

When using a digital chime kit and you are sure that the problem lies only with the chime kit as it’s going off by itself, you want to make sure the chime is present on the list of Ring-compatible chimes. Any other chime may be problematic and inefficient. 

Solution 04

Installing New Hardwired Transformer

Sometimes, it’s imperative to replace the transformer connected to your Ring Doorbell with an updated one. It’s also a DIY task and there are some precautions before starting it doing yourself.  

  • It can be health-hazardous unless proper safety measures are taken.
  • Lack of care while unscrewing your bell may cause damage to the walls.
  • Be cautious of damaging other electrical components while removing the transformer. 
  • Make sure you have arranged the right transformer which is at least 16 volts AC and 30 volt-amps.

How to install the new transformer?

  1. Power off the supply to the bell and as an extra measure, turn off the breaker as well.
  2. Remove the outdated transformer which is likely to have been installed in some junction box.
  3. First, pull out the three similar wires that are connecting the transformer to the main power supply.
  4. Then, disconnect the wires that are connected to the terminals.

Make sure you take a picture of the current installs so there is no ambiguity when connecting them again.

  • Now pick the transformer out of the box.
  • Replace it with the updated Ring transformer. 
  • Now reconnect the wires and turn on all the supplies.

Remember: When connecting the TWO wires to the screw terminals, no order or sequence is required. Just screw them into any terminal each. 

Time to set up your Ring Video Doorbell again. 

  • Move to the Ring APP,
  • Go to the Ring Video Doorbell > Device Health
  • If the voltage quality reading is “Good”, way to go!

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