Are Ecobee Air Filters Worth it?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Ecobee air filters are known as the home improvement category’s best quality products. It is a Canadian based smart device manufacturing company with intelligent Thermostats, unveiled HVAC air filters, and many other products.

Quick Answer

Ecobee air filters are efficient and quality products when it comes to competitors’ products. However, the price is also higher reflecting in the premium range.

What are Ecobee’s HVAC air filters?

Ecobee’s HVAC air filters are designed to last longer and provide good-quality air filtration in the home.

The subscription package comes with automatic shipments and reminders for the equipment, so you do not remember changing the filter during maintenance. 

The only drawback you may see in the service is the price comparison between the other market players.

Are Ecobee Air Filters Worth it

You may find that Ecobee products are quoted a little high compared to other companies. Good quality products are never cheaper. This is what applies to the Ecobee products.

Are ecobee filters good?

The Ecobee filters are one of the most advanced products that give your existing HVAC system new life. 

Air filters are useful for reducing the amount of contaminated air that enters the home. Air filters block the dust particles and harm full gasses that may directly enter the house and make you sick.

The Ecobee product is designed to sustain longer in harmful conditions and protect the person inside the home. Each unit lasts longer, so you do not frequently change the filter.

 According to the US EPA, the dirty filter’s regular maintenance can reduce the amount of energy the system consumes.

It is estimated that around 5% to 15% energy saving is possible with the dirty filter’s routine replacement.

Ecobee product development team has researched to understand the challenges homeowner face with their air filter system.

After analyzing and spending a fair amount researching the lab’s product, the ecobee has come up with a brilliant plan that will create a win-win situation for both the parties, buyers, and sellers. 

Ecobee has come up with a better solution to regularly replace your Ecobee air filter with a simple Subscription plan.

The service works with the Ecobee thermostat to make it more reliable for the homeowner. Replacing the air filter would help you to save energy.

It will improve air quality and overall health. Clean air makes a big difference in keeping a person healthy. The air you breathe directly impacts your immune system.

Do ecobee air filters make a difference?

The Ecobee Air filters are relatively straightforward. It is designed to do only one job, cleaning the air, and it does that with no errors.

Ecobee air filter protects your home air from outdoor pollution. It improves the air quality and makes your indoors safe for breath.

Additionally, your HVAC system’s efficiency also depends on indoor air quality.

If the system has to clean more dirty air, then the process may add more pressure to the HVAC system, which would lead to an increase in energy consumption.

The Ecobee air filters keep the dust particles out of the homemaking, the clean air to pass from the filter and circulate in the home.

Do Ecobee thin air filter sheet would promise clean air?

The most straightforward answer to this question is, Yes. The Ecobee filter is tested for the various air filtration process types and the capability to sustain in harsh conditions.

The filtration sheet is designed to maintain its quality without compromising the air quality. It will stay intact, no matter how hard the situation gets around your home. 

The air filter comes with a different layer of the filtration process. The small change in the air is instantly detected and requires action to block the particles from entering the home.

Once the Ecobee air filter is installed in your home, you will never have a problem of breathing. The improved air quality will enhance people’s health in the house.

Ecobee air filtration is the best product available in the market, which is capable of your family members’ security and health.

Pros and cons of ecobee air filters

The Pros and Cons information would help you identify why Ecobee is right for you. Or you can check the Cons to know what Ecobee cannot do.


1) Reduce Virus carrying dust particles: Ecobee air filters remove the dust particles from the air while moving the air indoors.

Microdust particles get trapped inside the filter layer, and it would not allow the particles to move inside the home.

It is estimated that the air filter can reduce up to 87% of virus-carrying particles from the air. It also protects your family from Pathogenic particles and gives you clean air to breathe.

Eliminates air pollution is a great extent. It makes your home more hygienic and protected from unexpected events.

2) Built-in Wi-Fi: Every Ecobee air filtration device comes with WIFI connectivity. You can connect the system to your thermostat device and let both devices work in sync to produce pure air in the home.

You can also use a third-party application to manage the Ecobee air filtration to boost its performance as required.

3) Save energy: It is one of the crucial aspects of the air filtration process. We generally experience a rise in the energy bill after installing the Air filter in the home.

The energy bill may go up based on the pollution around your home. More air unit filtration would lead to a gain in energy consumption. Your energy consumption would go up day by day.

Ecobee air filter designer has recognized this problem and developed the equipment that protects the user’s well-being.

The Ecobee air filter syncs the device to the Ecobee thermostat and controls the airflow depending on the need.

The device automatically adjusts the filtration process and ensures clean air all the time. 

You do not have to control the system manually. It is a smart device that works in the energy-saving mode to reduce electricity consumption and at the same time give you clean air through the filtration process.

You could lower energy consumption by 15% and avoid expensive repair services in the home.

4) Filter Replacement Reminder: All the Ecobee air filter requires replacement after a few months of use.

Therefore, Ecobee has designed a subscription plan that preset the replacement data and reminds you when the air filter replacement date is about the reach.

The facility runs in auto mode, so you do not remember the date. The filter is delivered on the fixed date, and the professional will take the confirmation on the call before visiting your home to change the air filter. 

5) Long-term sustainability: Generally, air filter lifespan depends on the use. If you use it more, the fewer months the air filter lasts.

The Ecobee air filter is designed to sustain for a more extended period and serve the user without compromising the quality.

Even after using the air filter for several years, the air quality stays the same. Regular maintenance could help you to increase the lifespan of the air filter. 


1) Professional installation required: The major problem with the Ecobee air filter is you need a professional to install them.

You cannot do it by yourself. Every Ecobee device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. You would require to install the application, run the setup, install the device at the place, and many other things that need to be managed before you activate the device. 

Therefore, the installation would require a professional to conduct the job and complete the required installation in your home.

Every time you want to replace or change something in the Air filter, you have to rely on professionals. You cannot do it by yourself.

2) Cost: Ecobee air filter is comparatively more costly than the other air filters brand. It sells the product at a premium price.

The high cost of the device may not be suitable for all users. Only people who can afford to invest in the development that charges a premium price would consider having the product.

The cost limits Ecobee from entering the larger market.

ecoBee Air Filter Subscription Service

The ecobee air filter subscription service has gained popularity after its launch. The Ecobee product is known for the best quality service.

The brand has many loyal customers who may want to upgrade their home improvement system.

They might adopt the new change that Ecobee is trying to bring into the home with the latest Air filter equipment. 

The subscription model starts are $13. You can opt for the basic plan to begin and experience the service.

You get the HVAC filter of your choice. Choose from different MERV/ MPR / FPR rating HVAC Systems. 

The subscription is designed to sync with the existing Ecobee device, such as smart thermostat reminders.

Ecobee is building many advanced devices that protect the home and help people live healthy life. Similar to the Thermostats product of the ecobee, the air filter also designs to save energy to a great extent.

It will lower your energy bill compared to the other air filtration products available in the market. You will save a good amount of money that is generally spent on the energy bill in the long run.

The blow table will help you compare the different subscription plans offered by Ecobee. Choose the appropriate plan as you need and get the air filter installed in your home.

Ecobee air filter service is limited to New York State. The ecobee team is working on expanding in the other region soon.

If you live in other states, you may have to wait for a while until the ecobee start shipping the product in the other region.


After knowing all the details and reviews of the ecobee air filter, you may have been convinced to buy the air filter for your home.

Ecobee develops limited products and services for a small group of customers until they find the large community’s best solution.

It helps them work on the research and upgrade of the product, giving them an edge. 

Ecobee products are designed by experts who are focused on innovation. Each product is developed to sustain longer.

It will perform at its maximum capacity even if it is placed in bad condition. Get the energy-saving and cost-saving Ecobee air filter for your home and enjoy the fresh air.

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