Are Apple Airtags Waterproof?

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Since its release, Apple Airtag has become a must-use device to keep track of our belongings. Can’t find the remote? Let’s put an Airtag on it. Cower in fear of losing your wallet? Why not keep an Airtag inside? Like these, people are using Airtags for countless reasons. 

But how long does an AirTag last? Are they waterproof? These are the questions people have in their minds. Looking at people’s interests, I’ve decided to address these queries. So, in this write-up, you will know whether Airtags are waterproof, how you should use them, and how long they will last. So, let’s get started. 

Are Apple Airtags Waterproof? 

Apple Airtag is made from very sturdy materials. This location tracker comes with an ingress protection rating of IP67. The device is completely protected against dust, sweat, and water splashes. So, Airtag is water-resistant and can work up to one meter into the water for thirty minutes.  

Since the release of Apple’s location tracker Airtag, people have been using it for various purposes. In some cases, this tracking device might have to tolerate some splashes or get wet from time to time. You won’t have to worry about a little splashes or sweats because this device is designed to tolerate them. 

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Sometimes while using Airtags might come in touch with water and get wet. It can be rain or snow. Many people use this tracker with their pets, especially dogs that might get into the water at anytime. So, there’s always a chance your Airtag might get wet. But it will tolerate water to some extent. 

Apple has designed Airtags to have a protective rating of IP67. As a result, they are protected from dust and splashes. But they are not entirely waterproof. Airtags are water-resistant and can do that for up to one meter under the water for thirty minutes. If your Airtag goes beyond that, it will be damaged. 

Can Apple Airtags Get Wet?

We’ve learned that Apple Airtags are dust, water, and splash-resistant. So, they can tolerate a little water. Even they can slightly get wet without any issue. But you cannot completely submerge it into the water for a long time. An Airtag can work from one meter under the water and for thirty minutes. 

Beyond one meter or thirty minutes, your Airtag might not work anymore. In the worst-case scenario, the internal components of this tracker will break down, and you won’t be able to recover them. So, you must be careful using this location tracker near water. Make sure they do not get completely sunken into the water. 

If your usage requires Airtags to get wet continually, you must ensure proper protective measures for them. Otherwise, they will be damaged real soon. 

How Water-Resistant Are Airtags?

We already know that Airtags are water-resistant and not completely waterproof. So, it can tolerate water splashes but can’t be submerged in the water. But now the questions arrive, how water-resistant Airtags really are. The answer is simple. If we look into its water-resistance rating, we will get the answer. 

Airtag has a rating of IP67 under the IEC standard. According to this rating, this device can work underwater up to one meter for thirty minutes. Besides, it can withstand any amount of water splashes and sweat. It is also dust-resistance. So, you can understand the level. 

However, the water and dust-resistance power will not remain the same during its lifetime. With the flow of time, its water and dust resistive performance will decrease because of normal wear. 

Here’s how Airtag works in various conditions: 

Completely Dry ConditionWorks Perfectly
Under RainwaterWorks Okay
Water Splash or SpiltWorks Okay
On WaterWorks Okay
Submerged (Less Than 1 Meter)Works For Thirty Minutes
Submerged (More Than 1 Meter)Does Not Work

Can You Swim With Airtags?

You can swim with Airtags if you can make sure that they won’t submerge into the water. Your Airtag will work fine for any time on the water as long as it doesn’t go under. So, if your Airtag stays on the water while swimming, you will have no problem taking it with you. 

But if it drops into water or submerges, it might not work anymore. Airtags will survive for thirty minutes under one meter of water. But if it goes deeper than that, it might suffer irreversible damages, and you won’t be able to fix it anymore. 

So, take it with you for swimming or attach it to your pet’s collar while swimming but make sure they do not submerge into the water. Your Airtag is not designed to take the water pressure beyond one meter. You can also use protective covers to keep it safe underwater. 

How To Dry Airtag?

While using, your Airtag might get wet at any time. Since it has water resisting power, you won’t have to worry at all. Just dry off your Airtag, and it will be ready to work again. You shouldn’t dry it with a blower or drier; there is a specific way to dry the Airtags. I will show it here. 

Follow the steps below to dry your Airtags: 

  • At first, take the water to a dry place and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Do not let your Airtag move; otherwise, water might get deeper into the device. 
  • Now, open the battery compartment of the device. You will have to rotate anticlockwise to remove the battery cover. 
  • Then remove the battery from Airtag and let the device, battery, and cover to dry. You can keep some silica pack around them to help them dry faster. 
  • Keep them under light for a couple of hours to air dry them. 
  • After that, reassemble the device again. Put the battery in and close the cover. You will hear a sound after putting the battery in place. 
  • Finally, go to the Find My app and test whether your Airtag is working correctly. Also, test the speaker by playing sound. 

This is how you will have to dry your Airtag after it gets wet. 

Should I Buy A Waterproof Case For Airtags? 

A waterproof case can become an essential element for Airtag n many situations. A waterproof case will protect if you have to use it in wet places. Sometimes we use Airtags with items where they might get wet from rainwater or snow. For all those situations, a waterproof case will keep your Airtag dry. 

Again, if you use a waterproof case, your Airtag will be fine even if it submerses into the water. The case will keep water out and help it tolerate the water pressure. So, the internal components of your Airtag won’t get damaged. That’s why you should use water resistant case with your Airtag. It will also keep this tracking device discrete. 

How Tough Are The Apple Airtags?

Apple Airtag’s body is made of polished stainless steel. Besides, it has sturdy plastic on the back. In a word, the materials used for making Airtags are very robust. As a result, Airtags are incredibly tough. They do not bend or change shapes with regular use and wear. 

Besides, they are strong enough to go through the various harsh environments, several free falls or drops, and washes. Still, they will work okay. It can tolerate up to one meter of water pressure for half an hour. So, you can understand they have a robust build quality. 

Are Apple Airtags Durable?

Apple Airtags are exceptionally durable. The build material and the components inside of Airtags are solid and will last longer than you expect. If we look at the outer shell material of this tracking device, it will make sure why it doesn’t break or bends. 

Apple has used precision-etched polished stainless steel to make Airtag’s body. As a result, they are strong and will withstand regular use for a long time. On the inside, they have a Bluetooth chip, Ultra-Wideband chip, NFC chip, U1 chip, a built-in speaker, and many other necessary components. 

Since Airtag is a small device, all these components are placed compactly and firmly. So, Airtags are durable, and they are designed to last longer. 

Are Airtags Weather Resistant? 

Airtag is weather resistance in the sense that it can tolerate rainwater, snow, and temperature to some extent. Besides, they are dust-resistant. However, they are not waterproof. So, submerging them in water or liquid will damage all the components. 

Although it has no definitive weather-resistant rating, you can use it under any standard weather condition. But to make sure your Airtags are not damaged, you can use protective covers. They will keep your Airtags firmly attached, protect them from any harm, keep them dry, and make them discrete. 

Final Thoughts 

Airtags are water-resistant, not waterproof. So, you have to be careful using this tracking device. Ensure they do not submerge even if they come into contact with water. Because you can dry off a few splashes and use Airtags again, but once the internal components are damaged, there’s nothing you can do to make it alive. 


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