Why is my LG TV saying no signal?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Are you fed up because of the No Signal pop-up on your LG TV? Technology has already become a handful for novices; this message puts anybody in a bad mood.

If this pop-up is displayed on your TV screen now and then, the TV does not receive the input signal like it is supposed to receive. Therefore, I have jotted some important pointers for you to follow and rectify this issue. So, let’s get with this!

What do you do when your LG TV says no signal?

Every time you receive a message saying “No Signal”, try some troubleshooting steps to identify what exactly is the problem with your Television. Some troubleshooting tricks and tips are:

  • Turn off the input ports and check if they have been labelled correctly. Check whether the correct cables are connected to the right labelled port.
  • Find out if the HDMI is working properly or if the port is faulty? For this, plug the cable into a different HDMI port, and you will find out the correct problem.
  • Connect other multimedia devices with the TV to see if the problem is a simple signal issue or there are some serious issues.
  • Change HDMI cables if they’ve been used for a long time.
  • The problem could lie in the fact that the device is not compatible with the TV and needs a newer updated version. For example, 4K blu-ray players need Smart TVs that work on High 4K resolutions video. 

Why does my TV say no signal when the antenna cable is plugged in?

  • Essentially, inquire about the cables connected with the TV and video machine and see if any of these devices have loose connections.
  • Modify the channel of the TV or use a different input device.
  • Check if the signal strength is weak or strong. Depending on the situation, in case of a strong signal, there is no problem with your satellite box. However, if the TV is receiving a weak signal, then there is an issue with the antenna.
  • In the case of an air antenna, one has to move the antenna a bit to get the connection and improve the signal strength.
  • In the case of a built-in tuner in TVs, rescan the tuner and look for active cables that have high signal strength. However, avoid doing this if you have a cable box.
  • Check if the indicator LED is blinking or not, which show that the antenna cable is connected or not.

Why does my LG TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

Sometimes, HDMIs cause quite a riot, and nobody even suspects until they dig deep and find the issue. Therefore, you receive a “No signal” message if the HDMI cable is incorrect or damaged. If the graphic’s driver facing an issue, it must be displaying such a message too.

Signal issues that root from HDMI connections are:

  1. Graphic driver not working or un-updated.
  2. Ports are damaged due to different reasons.
  3. HDMI cable is not compatible
  4. Poor connection quality
  5. There is a software bug in the system.
  6. Chipset is wrong.

Every now and then, TVs have seen issues with the HDMI port that was the root cause of poor signal strength.

  • If the HDMI is not plugged in properly, the TV won’t receive a signal since the external input is HDMI which is responsible for receiving the signal and converting it to Video.
  • Check if the HDMI cable is connected properly with the port and is compatible with the device.
  • Sometimes, graphic drivers the problem stopping your TV from receiving the signal because of an un-updated driver or old version.
  • Sometimes, constantly receiving a Signal lead to the system lagging and not receiving the signal properly. Therefore, try to disconnect and reconnect every HDMI connection.

Why does my LG TV say no signal when I turn it on?

Picture this – You’ve returned from work and finally sat on to watch your favourite TV series, and “No signal” Displays on your TV screen. After checking every HDMI connection and even the antenna on your roof, the TV doesn’t seem to work. What do you do now? 

There are possibilities that the issue is not in your TV or TV cable or even the HDMI port but some naturally-occurring problems.

  • MotherBoard

The chances are that the hardware has stopped working and is malfunctioning. But the major downside of this problem is that you cannot simply change or rewire anything. Instead, you have to buy new parts or get the entire hardware changed by a professional. This problem usually arises when the TV is very old, or the motherboard has expired or reached its update level.

  • Cable Box

Try to unplug and plug the cord connected to the cable box to check if the signal issue rectifies or not. Just simply remove the cable, wait a few moments and reconnect it. Usually, cable boxes come with an antenna that one has to constantly check to see if they are a cause for signal issues.

  • Picture Quality

Picture quality always be a clear message of weak signals, which again cannot be rectified since signals be tampered with by a lot of uncontrollable things like weather etc. Or, sometimes, the picture quality you have chosen to watch is such high quality that the TV cannot support it, which is why you are unable to watch the show.

  • Weather

Totally out of our hands, this problem must be dealt with patience. Since you cannot actually receive the signal due to bad weather, turn off the TV to save power and wait for the signal to get better again. However, rainy weather or thunderstorms result from the signal wavering in the sky and not reaching the antenna as it is supposed to. Do not try to correct the antenna on the roof as it risk harming yourself, especially if there are thunderstorms around followed by lightning.

These issues are quite common as opposed to the reasons we discussed above, while some are absolutely out of our control. Even though the signal issue rectify from one of the many things I wrote about above. However, one must try everything before resorting to calling a customer support executive from the LG office.


Receiving the ‘No signal’ message be pretty annoying if you are watching your favourite show. Imagine watching Sherlock and waiting for a signal to come back, leaving you stuck on cliffhangers.

Even though I have talked about all the issues that causing the no-signal problem, call a professional if you still can’t seem to correct it. It is better to consult a pro than to wait for a problem to rectify itself.

Therefore, we say the signal be improved and rectified if the correct measures are taken at the right time! However, always turn up to a professional in case the process of rectifications seems complicated. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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