Why do the batteries in my firestick remote drain? (solved)

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

The rapid draining of batteries in a Firestick remote is a common issue, but it’s solvable. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding why your Firestick remote batteries drain quickly and offers solutions to fix the problem. The most common reasons for battery drainage include poor-quality batteries, unintentional button pressing, blocked signals, excessive use of Alexa, mixed old and new batteries, and WiFi connection.

Battery Draining Reasons List

  1. Poor-Quality Batteries: Counterfeit or low-quality batteries can drain within a week or even two days.
  2. Unintentional Button Pressing: Accidental pressing of buttons, like placing a book on the remote, can consume energy.
  3. Blocked Signals: Weak signals blocked by opaque materials can drain the battery.
  4. Excessive Use of Alexa: The remote is always listening for voice commands, consuming more energy.
  5. Mixed Old and New Batteries: Combining old and new batteries can lead to faster drainage.
  6. Excessive Use: Constant button pressing, especially by children, can lead to quick battery depletion.
  7. WiFi Connection: The WiFi feature in Firestick remotes also consumes more energy.

To fix these issues, you can notifying the manufacturer, getting high-quality batteries, and resetting the remote among other solutions.

Why do my Firestick remote batteries die so fast?

Without sugarcoating, there is a reason why your remote batteries can’t live up to their lifespan.

Even though the cause might be your use habits, you might have nothing to do with the fast drainage in other cases. For instance, you might always be using the alexa, the WI-FI connection, or an issue with the firmware. 

Below are some reasons why your firestick is dying fast. 


This is the most apparent reason your batteries might be dying that first.  

Firestick batteries have a limited battery, and they can’t be recharged. Thus, you will need to purchase a new set.

Today’s market is filled with counterfeit items, and needless to say, it is pretty hard to distinguish. Thus, if you purchase poor-quality batteries, they will drain in the first week, if not after two days. 

Pressed remote control

Anytime the remotes button is pressed, it sends signals to the television. Simply it activates to work and consumes energy.

In some cases, the pressing might be unintentional.

For instance, when you place a book on top of the remote. In such a situation, the remote will be consuming energy even though you are not operating it.

Therefore, you must store the remote safely.

Blocked signals 

as I said earlier, the remote communicate television through signals. These signals are pretty weak and can easily be blocked by an opaque material. 

Consequently, if there is a blocking material on the pathway, it will be impossible to operate the television, and you will be consuming the battery’s energy for no good reason.


Most of the amazon firestick remotes support Alexa. In other words, you can give the remote instructions verbally, and it will just do as you said.

I know it sounds like a good deal, but let’s think twice.

Your remote will be expecting you to say something most of the time. Thus, it will always be listening to any sound signals and interpreting them even though they are not meaningful to them.

As a result, the remote will be working almost every time. Nonetheless, statistics show that you are likely to use the remote more frequently when using Alexa than the manual operation. 

Mixed batteries

We are often tempted to mix the old batteries with the new ones. For instance, if your remote uses two batteries, you might choose to use one old battery and a new battery,

While that may seem brilliant, especially with the increasingly growing economy, it isn’t wise.

The old battery will infect the new battery, proning them to fast death. Simply, the batteries will not live up to their lifespan. 

Excessive use

The obvious reason your firestick batteries are dying that fast is your use habits. Every button you press on the remote consumes energy. 

Therefore, if you regularly press it, it shouldn’t shock you if you will need new batteries after two days.

Similarly, if you have kids who are regularly pressing the remote while playing, you should also be able to explain why the batteries are dying that fast.

Wi-Fi connection

Further, firestick remotes are designed to support Wi-Fi connections. This connection is sustained by sending and receiving signals.

Like Alexa, the remote will be overworked to receive and interpret these signals. As a result, it consumes more energy.

How to fix a fast-draining battery?

We have named most of the common causes of fat remote battery drainage. However, we are not stopping there. You need your issues settled.

Well, fixing a fast-draining battery may involve checking your use habits, and others may need you to get a whole new set of batteries.

Fortunately, all our fixes are simple, and you can do them all by yourselves. We hope that you will get one that will settle your problem. 

Notify the manufacture

Even though this will not fix your problem, it is essential to let the manufacturer know.

To be honest, some of this problem’s causes might be beyond your control. For instance, it is an issue with the firmware, especially since their software is not open source. 

Get high-quality batteries

It goes without saying that if your batteries are of poor quality, they will always drain their energy in a few days. Get high-quality batteries for your money and say goodbye to these troubles.

Fortunately, several online manufacturers live up to their word of delivering high-quality items. 

Reset the remote

Resetting the remote will alter all other settings in your remote but might help fix the batteries. It solves the issues of slow working remote, resulting in the user pressing the buttons many times.

Fortunately, resetting will not erase your data but will only disconnect the remote and automatically restore the connection after the process. So, how do you reset a remote?

  • For at least 20 seconds, press and hold the Left + Home + Back buttons simultaneously.
  • Wait until the keys light blinks
  • After the blinking, remove the batteries
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds before reinserting the batteries
  • After the time elapses, reinsert the batteries, and the remote will restore its connection automatically

Remove the batteries when not in use

One critical thing you should note about remotes is that they will be working even when you are not operating them. Maybe they are trying to maintain a consistent Wi-Fi connection or collecting random sounds and interpreting them to check if you sent any command to the Alexa. 

Thus, it will be consuming energy even without your operation and dying no sooner than later.

To make the batteries live for at least a few more weeks, we recommend that you remove the firestick remote batteries when not in use. Consequently, their energy will only be consumed when you operate it. 

Use fire stick TV remote mobile app

Besides using a remote to control the television, you can also use a mobile app developed by amazon by the manufacturer and freely available for your use.

The good thing about this app is that you will no longer have to worry about misplaced or dead remotes.

Even better, it incorporates a pretty user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to learn its operations. Below are some steps to help you get started with this fantastic app. 

  • Using your phone, visit the google play store or the app play store
  • Please search for the Fire Tv Remote and click it
  • After clicking on the app, please tap on the Install or Get button to have it installed on your phone  memory
  • Please wait for a few minutes for the installation process and then click Launch to open it
  • Immediately when you open the app, it will connect to the same WI-FI connecting your television which I assume is the same connection you are using on your phone
  • After connecting to the WI-FI, you will see the name of your TV on the current screen, Tap on this name and continue
  • A code will be sent to your Tv. Get this code from the tv’s screen and type it on the input tab on your phone
  • If you have entered the code correctly, wait for a few seconds for the two devices to pair
  • You can now use your mobile app to control the device when the pairing process is done. 

Buy universal remote for firestick

As I earlier said, you are not the only one is facing this problem. Actually, it seems like an issue of every firestick remote user issue. 

Most have decided to avoid using the amazon firestick remote entirely by purchasing a universal remote.

 Even though a universal remote will cost you a few more dollars, it will give you an easier time while operating the home devices. Besides doing away with the first draining remote, you will have fewer remotes in your house operating multiple devices.

Apart from that, most modern universal remotes support Alexa, Wi-Fi connection and have a wide range of device compatibility. Thus, you can be sure to get a universal remote that will seamlessly connect with your tv. 

Use rechargeable batteries

Most of the remote batteries are not rechargeable. That is why you have to incur the costs of replacing them.

Fortunately, you can get rechargeable batteries with modern invention and innovation for your remote. As a result, you will not have to purchase new ones after they deplete their energy.

 Instead, you’ll only need a charger to get them back to work which is more economical in the long run. 

How to prevent the batteries in my fire stick from draining?

Whenever we encounter a problem, our minds are designed to question our contribution to the issue. 

In some cases, we might have a hand in our predicaments, and in other cases, we might have nothing to do with them.

Similarly, you might be wondering if your user habits might contribute to the fast dying of the firestick remote batteries, and if that is true, how would you prevent it in the future. 

If that is what is taking your head haywire, we got you.

Store the remote safely

First, store your remote properly. We know it is easier said than done, but if you get yourself to live up to this rule, you will solve a wide range of daily issues with the remote.

Misplacing the remote might have it crushed by stuff that will constantly press the buttons and, as a result, drain the batteries. 

Always use a new set of batteries

Stop the habit of mixing the old batteries with the new ones. Actually, you will not be helping the situation. Instead, you will be shortening their lifespan. 

Disconnect from WI-FI when not in use

As we have discussed above, one of the causes of your remote predicaments might be the Wi-Fi connection. The constant sending and receiving of the signals consume energy. Thus it shouldn’t surprise when the remote is dead, and you have the WI-FI connected 24/7.

It is a simple instruction. Simply have the device disconnected from the WI_FI when not in use. If you think that will take you forever, simply remove the batteries and go to your next task. 

What is the firestick remote battery’s lifespan?

It is good that you know the suggested lifespan of the firestick remote batteries to tell if it is living up to the expectation easily. 

Standardly, remote batteries are expected to last for 9 to 10 months. However, this lifespan varies depending on several factors.

For instance, if you regularly use the Alexa, the batteries can only last for two to three months. Similarly, if you always have, it is connected to the internet, and on regular use, it can last for only four weeks.