Samsung TV Apps Disappeared? Why & What to Do?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Are you also fed up with the apps disappearing from smart tv now and then? This is quite a more common problem than you would imagine. It could be any kind of app like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, or even BBC iPlayer. 

It could be that the apps have just become hidden, and you only have to retrieve them. There can be a million reasons why that must be happening. You can also seek support from your manufacturer or retailer to correct this problem.

However, we have compiled a potential list of reasons that must be causing this issue. We also have a list of solutions that you can try that could solve you and possibly recover the apps yourself. Therefore, you should keep on reading further to figure out which reason suits you the most and how you can correct it.

Why would the Apps keep disappearing on the Smart TV?

Almost all the TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and even Sony go through such a problem because all their Smart TVs can stream apps such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, Spotify, etc. 

Even though online streaming apps and live TVs are highly convenient to use and a great source of entertainment, it can be quite a hassle if you keep losing apps or they keep disappearing. However, it shouldn’t be a cause of worry as these apps cannot get lost, and there must be an issue with the way it is running or some hardware issue.

There is also a possibility that the TV itself does not support the app, so this should also be kept in mind before jumping to any other conclusion.

Let us read further to understand what could cause the apps disappeared from smart tv, and here we will talk about the Samsung Smart TV. 

Potential reasons why Apps on the Samsung Smart TV keep disappearing

There are a lot of reasons why your apps must not be visible to you; let us check them out:

  • Your Smart Hub must be hanging because of irregular connectivity of the internet. This can happen when your internet connection is not stable.
  • Some new updates that must not be in sync with your TV must be causing the apps to be invisible, for which you just reset the TV settings to their default.
  • Check for your internet connection, whether it’s stable or not. Also, check if the cable that connects your TV to the internet is fixed right in the correct socket. 
  • You must also see if the Software or firmware supports the apps. You can always run a default check on them and whether the apps support them.

A solution to follow that can get the apps back on the Samsung Smart TVs

You can do several things to see if it works for you as well. Let us read further to see what the solutions are:

  • Reset the Smart Hub on the Smart TV: doing this can bring your apps to their default launch process. All you have to do is go on the “menu” key from the remote and hover over the “smart hub” option. 

When you enter the Smart Hub menu, press “Smart Hub Reset,” which will lead to “Reset Smart Hub.” You will have to enter the pin for your TV (default is 0000). On some Samsung Smart TVs, the reset option is available in the “Self Diagnosis” menu.

  • Conduct a Full reset: if the smart hub reset doesn’t work, you can conduct a full reset of the TV. This will make the settings back to their default versions, the way the settings were when they first came into existence. 

Your Wi-Fi details will stay the same, so you won’t have to enter them again. So now, after you have accepted the “Terms and Conditions,” apps will reload themselves to their default version, and this way, you could get the apps back. You must go to the “Self Diagnosis” option and choose the “Reset” option. Here you will have to enter the TV pin as well.

  • Factory reset: if you still cannot get the TV app icons back, you must conduct a full factory reset. Even though Samsung as a brand would insist you on calling a professional from the customer support unit who will know what to do and can guide you through the whole process, they also have the option to access your TV right from where they are to make sure that the procedure is carried out correctly.

It may be better to check for yourself first before you call anybody else since they do not provide any compensation. Also, if you feel like you cannot do it yourself because it feels complicated, then you must call the customer support personnel because he would know what to do.

What to do if you still cannot get the apps back?

It shouldn’t be worrisome for a customer as they can still watch what they want to even if they can’t get a recovery of the apps. There are plenty of ways of watching some of your favorite movies or shows without the apps directly playing them.

  • You can cast the app from another device: casting is such a great feature that comes with smart TVs as it has made so many things possible. Casting is just displaying your app from any phone or even a tablet onto an entirely different screen. Many mobile phones are also cable of casting apps on other screens such as a TV screen. 

Smart TVs are equipped with the necessary Software that can mirror your phone screen on the TV screen. Look for a cast symbol n the app you want to run on the TV from your phone and cast it. It will ask for the device name, and you can select your TV model’s name.

  • Purchase the required TV streamer: you can also buy a streaming device that can be easily connected to the TV from an HDMI port. This is the most famous and used option these days. 

Amazon firestick and Google chrome cast are a few popular examples that support many apps, the same as a Smart TV. However, there are some apps that these tv streamers don’t support, so you must check what all apps you want and what TV streamer supports them.

  • Call the TV manufacturer: Even though app disappearing has become common, it should not be that common. You can call your retailer of the Samsung Smart TV or the manufacturer directly to incur about the issue. They will send customer support personnel to check what problem you are facing and probably correct it.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t any compensation that you would get for a TV that doesn’t show apps or for disappearing apps. However, seven-year support from the retailers as per law enables you to constantly seek support from the designated manufacturers.

We hope this post proved helpful for you. Still, if you have any doubt you can write to us. 

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