Why can’t I download apps on my Samsung TV?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So, you must be wondering why you are not able to download any more apps on the Samsung smart TV. Several issues could cause that, such as outdated software, poor network connection, and technical errors or glitches. 

You must figure out first if you cannot download a single app or if is it for every app you try to download. However, if you cannot download a particular app, it could be an issue for the manufacturers of that app.

Let us read further to understand how to fix issues related to the download of any app at all.

1. Network Issue with your internet provider or hardware

This is the most common problem one can face because the connection to the internet depends on a lot of things such as “how far the modem is from the TV?”, “how strong the internet connection is?” etc.

According to, tanaza, the effective wi-fi network coverage is limited to 45 feet indoors. However, if your house has lots of walls, this distance will reduce further.

You can fix this by placing your network adapter at a place that is close to your TV so that you don’t face connection issues.

2. Outdated TV versions will not allow new apps to download

It is always crucial to keep your TV updated, just like any android device. Updates are always important so that the apps work smoothly and without any interruptions.

Even the Samsung support center says your need to update your firmware in order to receive the latest app versions.

Also, your TV’s configuration must match the apps, which means that the software on the TV should match the apps or should be able to handle the apps well.

3. Temporary Issue with the app server

Temporary issues come up several times when there are issues in connectivity or updates on the apps, network, or even the TV. Hence the perfect way to rectify such temporary problems is to restart the components that could be facing problems and solve them immediately.

Temporary issues’ are usually caused due to issues with the app store or the TV software, which arise due to poor connectivity or just certain loading issues.

4. The location is set wrong

Several times the location on the app store is entered wrong, which could lead to issues as the app store cannot locate the app store’s service. The location that has to be entered should be f the place you’re residing as the internet connection will be in the same place.

The software on TV has a live location set so that the app store can easily connect with the TV.

5. The issue with streaming plans

A very unusual problem with not being able to download apps on your Samsung smart TV is that the streaming plan must have some problem with it that is stopping you from downloading apps.

The possible problems could be that your streaming plan only has a set amount of apps you can download, or your recharge hasn’t been accepted, and therefore it is not allowing you to download apps.

There could be many issues that may need fixing, so make sure to read further.

How can you fix the downloading issue on Samsung Smart TV?

Before you go through all the other processes, make sure to first re-launch the AppStore again to see if it was simply a troubleshooting failure. But if it doesn’t work, follow the following solution step by step-

Unplug and plug the TV

Many users have simply unplugged and plugged the TV to solve their issue, and therefore this could be a great start to fixing the problem. This is also known as the power cycle as you drain the electricity from the TV, and that gives your device a cold boot process for the next time you boot the system.

To discharge TV-

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Remove the power adapter for several minutes.
  • Remove the power adapter connected to the main power supply and wait for several minutes.

Plug all of it again in the same sequence

Now, check if you can download apps again. If you still cannot do it, follow the next step.

 Login again on the AppStore

The Appstore could also be the main issue in not being able to download apps on the TV. Therefore, to rectify that, you must Log-out of the application and Log-in again.

  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right of the screen.
  • When you enter the settings area, click on the log out button.
  • Wait for several minutes before you log in again.
  • Press the OK that must be displayed on the remote to confirm.

Now check if you can download the apps again or not. If you don’t understand the procedure, click here.

Check for any network issue

When you are re-logged into the Samsung app store, check that the smart TV is connected to a Strong Wi-Fi connection. The internet can cause problems like this and may be the only reason preventing you from downloading the apps.

Click on smart settings under the settings option and enter the Wi-Fi tab to check if the TV is connected to an internet network. When you locate your network, it must show “connected and secured” to ensure that your TV is connected to your Wi-Fi. Anything else signifies that your TV is not connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

You can also run a free internet speed test online, and if it comes anywhere around 400 but your uploads stay 0, then there is an issue there.

How to quickly correct the network issue?

You can try to restart or relocate the network modem close to the TV, or you can use an Ethernet cable for a strong connection. You can also hit up your internet supplier to further assist you with some professional help.

Check your Samsung TV for updates

Now, if the internet is not the cause of the problem, you can see if your TV’s software is updated or not. Several updates take place sometime apart to enhance your experience of using the Smart TV. Otherwise, this could lead to troubleshooting issues, and you may not be able to download some apps that do require the latest software at all times.

You can update the TV by-

  • Click on “Check for updates” in the settings area.
  • Wait for several minutes.
  • Install any available updates.
  • Your TV will restart to incorporate the updates.

Verify location

The TV must use the current location that is directly connected to your network. If your location is set wrong, it won’t be able to find your internet connection too since both of them deem location important.

Go to the “options” tab and click the location settings tab. Tap on the current location option or set yourself on the map.

Now, finally, plug and unplug the TV again or refresh the settings.

Factory reset settings

If you are at this point, even after all those steps, there must be some issue with the TV’s operating system. The last thing that you can do is a factory reset. You should first back up any image of the configuration you would want to save before you factory reset the whole software.

To reset your Samsung TV-

  • Press on the Settings option and go to General.
  • Choose “reset” and enter the PIN (default is “0000”).
  • Press OK, and the reset will begin.

Patiently wait for some time for the factory reset to complete. Now that the factory reset has been done, you can restart and check if your TV downloads apps now too.

If you want to see a visual representation of the whole process, click here.

The final verdict

When you follow the guide that we have created above, you should be able to fix any software issues with your smart TV, and not being able to download apps will be one of them. 

Even now, if you come across any problem and still cannot download apps, you can contact Samsung’s Customer support, and they will further help you with troubleshooting and would even send a professional to understand the issue.  We hope you found this article helpful and enhanced your knowledge. 

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