What is the LG TV warranty? (Full Guide)

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Have you ever incurred huge costs on a device that you felt you couldn’t survive if it got damaged before its lifespan? 

We all know that you survive, but we can’t overlook the disappointments received when an expensively acquired item gets damaged when it is barely a month old. 

Besides, we are pretty skeptical when making an order as a result of countless brands which do not live up to their promises of producing high-quality items.

Worry no more! Ensuring that the items you pay for have a warranty leave you with fewer things to worry about in your busy life.

You wish to know what is LG TV warranty if it is your first time to get LG products, even how long a warranty lasts, and much more details. 

I will not only answer those questions, but I promise to reveal to you everything you need to know about LG warranties. Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started. 

What is an LG TV warranty?

A warranty is a written agreement issued by the manufacturer at the time of purchase promising to repair, replace or refund the money within a specified time if certain conditions are met.

It outlines terms and conditions under which this agreement remains valid, including duties to be meant by the buyer, duration, and the manufacturer’s promise. For instance, the LG electronics brand based in South Korea offers an LG TV warranty on all their devices. 

There are terms and conditions on how you should use every item. If you live up to the letter and the device gets damaged, you can claim for a repair, refund, or replacement.

However, the warranty becomes invalid if the device got damaged out of negligence or any other cause contrary to terms and conditions of use.

Besides the basic warranty valid only within a limited period, this brand offers lifetime and extended warranties that they promise to repair at their cost. 

Similarly, the Part warranty promises replacement or repair of the core components of huge devices such as refrigerators. 

How long is the warranty on an LG TV?

LG TV warranties are classified according to their validity period.

First, there are limited warranties only valid within 1 to 3 years since the new purchase. 

Additionally, some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty item promising free repair services on their items until it depletes their lifespan.

Lastly, there is an extended warranty. In this case, the manufacturer offers to repair your appliance within a certain period after your warranty has expired.

One thing to note is that there is no standard warranty item. Some devices have a warranty period of one month, while others last to 10 years.

The warranty period of an appliance depends on several factors, such as item worth, warranty type, and the device’s lifespan. 

LG TV warranties usually last for two years only. Within this period, usually, you receive free repair services and replacements. 

The below table shows the warranty period of other LG Products

Warranty periodProducts
Two years Accessories 
Two yearsSoundbars and speakers
Two yearsTV, BluRay DVD players, Monitors
2-5 yearsRefrigerator, microwaves
1-2 yearsHome heaters
Two yearsWashing machine, Dryer, Dishwasher
ProductPartWarranty period price
RefrigeratorsCompressorTen years
Washing machine, Dryer, DishwasherMotor drumTen years
MicrowaveCavityTen years

What does the LG warranty cover?

A warranty covers the entire item or a part of it.

If it is a complete warranty, you get replacement or repair services if any part of the item is faulty. For instance, you can claim the warranty services if the monitor, power board, or backlight is not working

However, a part warranty is valid if the specified part is faulty. For example, the ten-year LG refrigerator warranty is only valid if the compressor is faulty. 

Additionally, the items covered by the warranty or only claimable if only the faulty cause is not against the term and conditions of use. 

Take an instance where the LG TV monitor is not working due to moisture. That will be termed negligence, and hence, the warranty will not cover its repair expenses. 

What kind of warranty do LG TVs have?

LG TVs have a limited type of warranty. Within the warranty period of the TV, LG promises to repair your item if it damages when in normal use as prescribed within the license agreement.

Usually, the LG TV warranties range from one year to two years, depending on their model and cost. 

What is the standard LG warranty?

LG warranty varies depending on the item in question and the brand’s agreement. As a result, some devices have a warranty period of 1 year and others ten years. Similarly, some warranties only cover parts of the appliance.

The standard LG TV warranty has a validity period of up to two years and covers the entire device. The manufacturer promises to give free services within that period if the TV gets faulty.

How do I check my LG TV warranty?

As stated earlier, the warranty agreement is only valid within a certain period. If you can’t find the purchase documents, nor do you remember the stated warranty period, we have a solution on how you can check if the LG TV warranty is valid.

First, visit the official LG warranty page by clicking this page. Enter the valid TV serial number on the input bar and click on the search bar.

How do I claim the LG TV warranty? 

You want to know how to claim the device’s warranty without physically visiting the manufacturer. We got your back. 

There are several ways how you can claim your warranty. But before we get there, ensure that you confirm that the warranty is not expired.

  1. Claim the warranty over the phone

Follow the below guide to claiming the LG TV warranty over the phone;

  • Using your phone, call (800) 243-0000
  • When the representative receives the phone, explain your warranty claim
  • Disclose the device details that are needed for processing
  1. Email LG 

Alternatively, you can claim the warranty by emailing LG on their email form page;

  • Click this link to access the LG email form page
  • Enter the details required
  • Take photos of the faulty device and attach them 
  • Click submit
  1. Claim LG warranty online 

Lastly, LG has a support page where you can raise warranty claims;

  • Visit their support page 
  • Click on the request a repair link
  • Type in the model number of the device
  • Enter the malfunction details
  • Type in your contact details
  • Click submit to send the request

Final words

Lg TV warranty is the manufacturer’s promise to the customer on services offered if the product in question gets damaged on normal use.

LG TV has a standard warranty with one to years that covers all its components. 

Additionally, the brand offers other types of warranty, such as a lifetime that can be claimed during the product’s lifespan and a part warranty that covers only a specific component.

You should remember that the warranty is only valid if the product gets damaged on normal use within the specified period and varies from item to item.

Besides discussing what the LG TV warranty is, we have discussed how you can check if the TV’s warranty is valid by visiting the LG warranty page.

Similarly, you can make a warranty claim through a call, email, or online support page. 

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