How To Reset LG TV Without Remote?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

To conduct a factory reset on an LG TV without the need for remote control, follow these instructions. It is pressing and holding the button for 5 to 10 seconds to perform a hard reset. There at the bottom or on the back of the TV, you’ll typically find it. This forces a restart of your device. 

Factory resets remove all of the user’s stored data and custom settings. In other words, the equipment is restored to its factory-new state. This approach fails from time to time. If so, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Menu.
  • The Settings option is found by clicking on it.
  • Select General Preferences from the drop-down Menu.
  • Press the Reset button once you’ve located it.
  • Notice: A caution notice pops up at this point.
  • To confirm your action, click the Confirm button.

Password reset on specific LG TV models requires a preset PIN or password. To initiate the factory reset, enter the password or PIN. When you’re done, the TV automatically comes back on.

Please tell me what the LG TV’s default PIN is. When you initially set up the LG TV, you’ll be prompted to provide a password. If you haven’t used or updated the password since purchasing the device, it has a four-digit PIN as a default. The most common values are 0000 or 1234.

Install LG Thinq Or A Remote Control App That Works With LG Thinq

LG offers a wide range of televisions, some of which lack conventional control buttons. If you have a model, you don’t have to be concerned. Still, you can use your smartphone to solve it.

Downloading the LG ThinQ App is a quick and easy option. Your smartphone becomes a remote control with this app. 

The app is simple and allows you to control your smart TV easily. You will be able to do a system reset and all of your remote’s other vital capabilities.

Using the app, take these steps to do a reset:

  • Choose “Gear Icon” from the available options. It’ll bring up the TV’s settings menu.
  • Choose the General tab.
  • Revert to the default settings.
  • To connect to your LG TV, use another remote control app. Before downloading an app, make sure it works with your LG TV. Resetting an app is quite similar to that of other programs.
  • However, you must keep one thing in mind for the application to function correctly. Make sure your smartphone and smart TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Universal Remote Control

The goal of a universal remote control is to make it easy for everyone to use. One or more electrical equipment designed to work with it.

Does a universal remote work with LG televisions? Yes. As a first step, you need to set up the universal remote for the LG TV. To do so, enter the five-digit LG television code. Three possibilities exist 11423, 10178, and 11178.

After connecting the universal remote, you can effortlessly reset your TV. Use the same steps you would if you used the original LG remote control. A universal remote used to reset the LG TV.

  • Go to the menus on your TV and choose the “Settings” option.
  • Choose the General tab.
  • Revert to the default settings.

Using a universal remote to operate many electrical items, such as your LG TV. A new remote control purchased directly from the company (LG) comes reasonably priced even if you don’t need to control much electrical equipment; a factory remote control costs just $20.

Take Advantage Of A Gaming System

It come as a surprise to you, but your game system double as a television! Use these methods to reset the LG TV if you happen to be near an Xbox or PlayStation game console.

  • The first step is to turn off your television but keep its power cord connected.
  • Plugin the HDMI or VGA (Video Graphics Array) connection from your game console to the TV.
  • Then, switch on your television again.
  • This procedure not always be practical. However, if it works, you’ll be able to conduct everyday remote-control tasks, such as resetting the television.

Consult The User’s Guide

discover how to reset the LG TV without using the remote by consulting the handbook. If you can’t find your user manual where you left it, go to the LG website and download one. 

All of the company’s electrical products have manuals available on the company’s website. The model number of the LG TV is all you need to type in to obtain the relevant handbook.

All you have to do is listen to the instructions in the handbook. If you follow these steps, you should be able to correctly reset your TV without causing any severe harm to it.

For A Soft Reset, Unplug The TV

Doing a soft reset is as easy as following this guide. Here is a systematic guide to doing this:

  • Check sure your LG TV is unplugged from the wall socket.
  • Wait for approximately 30-60 seconds, then try again.
  • Make sure you re-connect the television cable.
  • Check to verify whether a soft reset on your LG television is by turning it on.

Remove The TV’s Battery For The Time Being

When all other alternatives have failed, this procedure employed. Unplugging your device, using the TV’s control keys, and using a universal remote didn’t work, so try removing the phone’s battery. 

A system reboot required as a result. This method should be used only in an emergency since it is generally not advised.

Without The Password, How Do I Set My LG TV?

The first thing to note is that reset your television without a password. Passwords either pre-programmed or set to the system’s default value.

What if you completely forget your TV’s pre-programmed password? Even if you haven’t used the code in a while, it’s not your fault if it’s difficult to recall. 

As it turns out, there is a workaround; you’ll need to change the pin code you’ve already put up.

  • Press the power button on the remote control, then find and pick the Menu option.
  • Find and choose Settings from the Main Menu.
  • The Advanced Options option should be selected.
  • Find the Security option in the settings option and press on it.

Reset your password by clicking on the Reset Password option. Select it with the mouse, then hold down the channel scroll while pressing the channel, increasing the frequency twice. When a user forgets their password, this built-in script is there to assist them.

It shows a dialogue window where you enter either code 0313 or 0325. When prompted by a security dialogue box, enter the number 0000 to get access to a page where you modify your pin code or password.

Use your new password to set the LG Smart TV once you’ve changed your password.

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