How To Find LG TV Model Number?

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LG TV model numbers aren’t merely a jumble of alphabetic letters and digits. They include information on the screen size, quality, series number, production year, the nation of birth, and tuner category of an LG TV Box. This tutorial show you how to find out what model of LG TV you have if you do not know the model number. 

Additionally, the model numbers of all LG TVs are broken down into chunks so that quickly determine where and when your TV was created.

What Is The LG TV Model Number?

Model numbers for LG televisions are not only an alphabetical list of numbers. An LG Smart TV’s specification includes its larger screen, resolution, display type, serial number, year of manufacture, country of origin, and tuner.

What Information Can We Extract From LG TV Model Number?

  • Five bits make up LG’s OLED product code.
  • The typeface
  • Series
  • Year
  • Code of three letters

Naturally, the OLED designation appears on an OLED panel. That is followed by a reference to the width of the screen. OLED TVs are available in sizes ranging from 48 to 88 inches. The sequence continues with the following letter. For 2020, LG provide OLEDs in the following configurations: B, C, G, W, and Z.

The most economical option is B, followed by C in the middle and G at the top in design and audio output. W is the 8K wallpaper series, while Z is the line of wallpapers that attach to walls using magnets.

The second digit showed when it was released in 2013. LG has opted for the ‘X’ prefix for 2020 in place of ‘X’ for 2018 and ‘X’ for 2019 (representing ten).

There is a 3-letter code that identifies every LG TV sold in the United Kingdom. Type of television (P is a universal model, whereas W stands for Korea, S represents the United Kingdom/Singapore, and A signifies the United States). When we spoke with LG about the OLEDCX6LB, they revealed that this specific model is only available at Currys Computer World and has a unique stand and colour.

The kind of tuner is indicated by the following letter. A TV marked with the letter ‘L,’ as used in the UK, indicates compliance with the country’s DVB-T/T2 broadcasting standard. In the last letter, which frequently references the design, the kind of stand is often included.

Explaining the LG NanoCell and QNED TV Model Numbers

Use the following decoder to decode the model number to learn more about your LG NanoCell and QNED TV. Model numbers from 2019 onwards identify LG’s new NanoCell & QNED TV models. Eleven characters in the LG NanoCell Hdtv model numbers are broken down into seven groups, as shown above.

Model numbers for LG NanoCell or QNED TVs include the first two numerical figures, which indicate the TV’s screen size in inches.

Depending on your LG TV’s screen technology, the following four characters are either ‘NANO’ or ‘QNED.’

To differentiate between a TV series and a NanoCell TV series, every 8th character of the NanoCell TV series model number is used.

As in LG NanoCell & QNED TV, the 9th character represents the country code for your TV, you can determine the countries of birth of your LG TV by comparing the reference number with the list below.

  • C: China
  • K: Korea
  • L: Europe
  • P: India
  • T: Indonesia
  • U: USA
  • 6: Germany
  • 9: Russia

LG NanoCell and QNED TV’s model number includes the year of manufacturing in the 10th character. Typically, the 11th digit in the make and model of many of these LG TVs indicates a simple design. NanoCell & QNED TVs are the same way. The letter ‘A’ denotes a flat-screen television.

This post is over since you’ve learned how to decode the model number of the LG TV and acquire some vital information about your TV. 

How Can I Find LG TV Model Number? Step-By-Step Guide

  • First, we’ll show you how to identify and search for your LG TV’s model number before getting into the specifics.
  • Navigating to the Information Reporting TV page is the quickest method to determine the model of your LG TV. On the LG TV remote, choose All Settings by pressing the Settings tab with a gear symbol. Go to Settings and pick About This TV in the menu. In this section, you’ll see the model number for your television.
  • Another method for determining the make and model of your LG television is available. Your TV’s rear panel probably has product specifications slip stock that you’ve seen.
  • There has been a substantial shift in the structure of LG TV specific models from 2011 to 2021. They haven’t changed much in that regard throughout the years. 
  • Old and new LG TV models are available on the TV area of the company’s website. The manufacturer does not mention the model’s release date. Quickly determine the year of television production by looking at its model number. This information is required to obtain and manually update the latest software for your LG television.

What Is The LG TV Serial Number?

Even though the serial number of an LG TV does not provide much information, it does enable you to determine the precise date of the TV’s release and the country in which it was purchased. However, the remainder of the TV’s information, including its serial number, remains unavailable to the general public. 

TV component servicing facilities and quality control labs benefit from this device’s capabilities. For example, using the serial number, it is feasible to identify a particular batch of screens. If users contact user care centres, information concerning repairs tracked for future investigation and quality control.

What Is The Different Between LG TV Serial Number And Model Number?

Model and serial numbers identify LG TVs from other brands. The LG TV model number gives us the series, larger screen, model, year, specifications, and design of the LG television. On the other hand, the serial number provides information on the factory in which the TV was built and the date it was manufactured with monthly specificity.

Please read our post on LG TV number plate, SVC code encoder, 2000-2030 explained if you are interested in understanding the serial number of LG TVs. As of 2021, LG has three different model numbers for their televisions. OLED, Nano/QNED, and LED TV model numbers are distinct.

What Is SVC’s Code Name? (Service Code)

In addition, a service code (SVC) or product code is issued to the TV. In the event of a repair, technicians utilize this unique identity, which offers essential information about the model type and the components used in the assembly of your set; knowing when something was created saves time during future troubleshooting! 

To use Product Code, the only useful information is the nation from where the assembled TVs originate, which change based on software versions across countries owing to licensing deals, which include various regionalized programming libraries.

Where Can You Get The Serial Number Of LG’s Televisions? 

The serial number of your magic remote found by pushing the mute button three times.

Thanks to the sticker above, it is on the back of the TV, too!

Which Country Does LG’s HDTV Come From? 

RM is the TV’s assembly-line code. The following codes are allocated to LG plants that make TVs. 604RMMD8U923

RM – Mexico

MX – Mexico

MA – Poland

WR – Poland

IN – Indonesia

As part of the identifier, MD8U923 includes information on which line of conveyors the TV was built on and which shifts and additional characters make the TV id unique.

When you buy a new TV, the serial number isn’t just a number; it’s a unique identifier that use to track down the manufacturer’s customer care. Whether you need to have your TV fixed, you’ll need to know where it was made and if a warranty covers it. Manufacturers use serial numbers to keep tabs on the quality of televisions manufactured at their plants.


With a long history of innovation, LG is still regarded as among the most popular television manufacturers. It is a good idea to know how LG TV model numbers work before purchasing. Visit here to get helpful information about how to find the LG model and serial number. 

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