How To Connect LG TV To Netflix?

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Netflix and LG have teamed together to give Netflix an on-screen application for watching movies. Netflix movies are streamed straight to your TV from your queue or on-screen menu by using the NetCast option in the Netflix app. 

Wireless connections are not available on LG Internet-connected TVs, but an Ethernet cable is required to connect to your home network rapidly. Netflix accessed within minutes after signing up for the service. 

How To Connect LG TV To Netflix?

Netflix subscribers get access to a large selection of films, television series, and original programming for a low monthly fee. Any internet-connected computer, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV or streaming box used to view Netflix.

  1. Set Up A Wi-Fi Connection For Your Smart TV At Home

To watch Netflix on your Smart TV, you’ll need an active internet connection. Attach your TV to the wireless connection or your connected Ethernet network. As long as your TV isn’t connected to a streaming device like a Roku, Google Chromecast or Firestick (or Apple TV), you can watch anything on your television.

A cable internet connection is much more reliable than a wireless one. Your modem or router’s Ethernet port should be open, and then your TV’s Ethernet port should be connected to the internet through the Ethernet cable. Locate the Network options in the TV’s settings menu. Then, using the remote control, enter the wifi password for the network you’ve just selected. 

  1. Choose The Netflix App From The List Of Available Apps On Your Phone

Netflix is written in red characters over the top of the symbol, which is black. Press and hold the arrow buttons to browse the applications on your smart TV’s user interface. Hit the Enter or Ok button on the Netflix app icon using your remote.

If Netflix isn’t showing up on your LG Smart TV, try downloading it through the TV’s app store. Your TV’s firmware need to be updated to use streaming applications. You’ll download the file, transfer it to an Usb stick, and then plug it into the TV. 

However, the method vary. See your TV’s Support page for more information.

  1. Log In To Netflix Using Your Netflix Credentials

Enter your Netflix email and password into the on-screen keyboard, click Sign In and hit Enter and Ok. A Netflix subscription that includes streaming video is required. Use the TV application with any of the viewing plans. You join up for Netflix through the Netflix website if you don’t already have an account. Select the Netflix profile you wish to use if you have over one.

  1. Utilize The Remote Control To Do Some Browsing

It’s easy to go around Netflix with its arrow keys on the remote control. Click the “Select” or “Start” key on your control to start a video you’ve selected. 

You choose the episodes of a TV show you wish to watch. Select “Seasons” on your TV’s remote control and pick a season. Then, on your TV remote, hit Enter or Ok to watch an episode you’ve chosen from the list.

LG TV Settings For Netflix

Please choose the option that best matches your equipment to link it to your Netflix account on your LG TV or projector.

  • Netflix accessed from the app’s Home screen.
  • Select Sign In from the Sign-Up menu.
  • Select just Are you a Netflix member? Screen if you don’t see Sign In.
  • Become a member online if you haven’t already.
  • Enter your Netflix activation code at if you have one. Enter your email and password if you don’t see an activation code.
  • Netflix has now been successfully set up on your device.

How To Get Netflix On Non-Smart LG TV

Typically, a Smart TV is a television with Internet access and run third-party applications. Third-party applications, such as Netflix, are supported by most modern-day intelligent TVs, such as those made by Samsung, Sony, or LG. 

Search for Netflix in the Google play store on your TV and download it. A smart LG TV won’t work, of course. It is possible to watch Netflix even if your TV doesn’t have Netflix built-in.

A Laptop or A Pc Will Do

Use the PC or Mac to stream Movies on your non-smart TV. Mirroring your laptop screen to an external monitor or television is standard for almost all laptops. You’ll need a high-quality HDMI cable to get started. Make sure your HDMI cable is plugged into your computer or Mac and the rear of your TV. 

The HDMI-to-Type C adapter is used if your new Mac has Type C connectors. We use an Anchor converter, and it works just fine. You don’t need to purchase an Apple-approved adapter. Even if your TV is new, you need an HDMI converter if it doesn’t have an HDMI slot. 

Learn how to use it by watching the Fire TV stick tutorial on an old monitor. To watch a TV or movie on Netflix, go to the Netflix site or use the Netflix app and log in. 

The sound source of your laptop need to be changed if the audio is coming from the computer rather than the TV or if you don’t hear anything at all. 

On a PC, enter ‘Manage Audio Devices’ in the search box just at the bottom left of your screen to access the audio controls. Double-click on your TV icon in the Playback tab. When using a Mac, enter the Audio settings and pick TV from the Output drop-down. 

Similarly even if you don’t have internet right now, you still can stream Movies on your TV, which is a nice perk. 

Use of A Mobile Phone

This one is more like a debunker of urban legends than anything else. It is possible to mirror your Android device to your TV without the need for a wireless network, as shown in several online videos. 

Netflix on LG TV Not Working

Intelligent TVs have transformed the way we design our home theatres. There is no need for additional devices to access all of our favourite streaming services. It’s convenient to be able to start up programs you’ll want to binge, but what happens if anything goes wrong? If Netflix is not functioning on your LG TV, how to fix it.

Do A Quick Network Check And A Netflix Check

Ensuring you have internet access is usually the first thing you should do when encountering an issue. Netflix not be functioning if the LG TV isn’t connected. A phone or laptop check whether your internet connection is operating. 

To see whether it’s a problem with your television, try resetting the connection on another device. If you can’t get your TV to connect to your modem or router, try resetting them. They’ll have time to shut down and reconnect when you do this.

It’s a good idea to see whether Netflix is working after resetting your wifi connection. If there are any issues with the platform, check with the platform’s official help site.

If Netflix Isn’t Functioning On Your LG TV, Upgrade The TV’s Firmware

Different versions of Netflix operate on your TV and your mobile device. Your app automatically updates while the television doesn’t, so keep this in mind if you have an LG TV. In theory, both should be updated automatically. However, this isn’t always the case. If Netflix isn’t functioning on your LG TV, follow these steps to upgrade the firmware:

Once you’ve scrolled down, click the “All Settings” logo (the gear picture) using the remote control.

Navigate to and pick General from the drop-down option that appears. Select “About This TV” from the drop-down menu. Depending on your LG TV, you’ll be able to check the latest software version there. If a new program version is ready, it should say so. If this is the case, choose Download and Install from the drop-down menu.

LG TV Netflix App Missing

There may be newer versions of Netflix pre-installed on LG smart TV based on which countries are supported. If you cannot locate the Netflix app on your LG smart TV, download it from the LG content store. If you do not see the Netflix app in the app section, check your country and region settings on LG smart TV.

  • Changing your nation and region is necessary if you cannot locate Netflix on your LG smart TV while searching for the app. 
  • Once you have the app loaded, change your area if you see the need to do so after you have already found Netflix on your LG smart tv.
  • Menus appear on the right or left end of the LG bright tv screen when you press the menu button.
  • All options (3 dotted lines) are found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. The LG smart TV’s left side shows a new menu.
  • Scroll down to General, then hit the ok button on your remote to finish.
  • Go to Settings -> Go to Place and hit OK. Press the OK button on LG Service Country to proceed.

How To Get Netflix On LG TV With Universal Remote

The good news is that a wide range of universal remotes supports Netflix. Netflix menus and films are navigated using the arrow keys on the TV Universal Remote. 

  • Click the “Select” or “Start” key on your control to begin playing a video you’ve selected. 
  • Choose which episodes of a TV show you wish to watch if you’d rather not watch the whole series at once.

How To Close Netflix App On LG TV

Open Netflix on LGTV and return to the main screen to log out. To get Help, access the menu by pressing the Left key on your remote and scrolling down to Get Help. Finally, click Log Out and then click Yes to confirm.

  • Take a look at Netflix’s homepage. Press the button on the remote to achieve this. To go back to your home screen, close the program and reopen it.
  • To access the menu, press the Left button on your remote control. The Back button does the trick if you’re using a remote control.
  • Next, click on the Get Help option. If you have a remote with a down button, click Select, OK, or Enter, and release the button.
  • Finally, to confirm, click Yes.


How To Update Netflix On LG Smart TV

When you press the Home/Start button, the launch bar displays. You’ll be sent to the LG Content Store by clicking on the start bar. To access the Apps menu, use the arrows on the remote to go to it. To begin the Netflix installation, click the Install button.

  • Go to My Apps. First, go to Apps.
  • On your TV, you should be able to access the applications. Every time an update is made available, be sure you click it. To view all of your applications, choose All and click Update All.


It is possible that even after switching to another country’s location on one LG TV, you are still unable to locate the Netflix app or in the LG content store. To remedy this, first try restarting your LG TV. If this does not work, unplug the power wire and wait 30 seconds before turning the device back on.

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