How To Check Hours On LG TV?

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The number of people throughout the globe who use LG televisions has grown significantly during the last several years. Generally, most individuals don’t know how to utilize their televisions to their fullest potential. 

One example of a hidden function is the ability to track how many hours your device has been in use. 

‘How to monitor the utilization hours of LG TV’ is a frequently asked question in numerous forums, even though it may not seem required. How to accomplish it will be explained in this post.

How To Check Hours On LG OLED TV?

Let us check out some easy steps to check the hours on LG OLD TV.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv
  1. Open The Service Menu 

LG Basic / Complete Remote is required to get a comprehensive breakdown of the time spent watching LG TV. 

Any internet retailer will sell you a replacement if you’ve misplaced it or purchased an old TV without it. Unfortunately, an intelligent remote cannot access the service menu.

  1. How To Access The Service Menu On A LG TV

To get the entire amount of time your TV has been on, you must first access the service menu on your TV. This may be done in a variety of methods, and each TV type has its unique button combination described in the Lg TV service menu handbook.

To begin, switch your TV to standby mode and repeatedly hit Info Menu Mute Power on the remote control. If you do not get it right the first time, do not worry; keep trying till you do.

In the service food, be cautious because if you mistakenly switch the incorrect item on the menu, it may render the TV inoperable. If you are unfamiliar with new appliances, you should exercise caution, particularly if you are far from utilizing them.

  1. How Can I Find Out How Long A Show Has Aired?

To access the SVC menu, you must first visit the main service menu. For example, when you click on the option, you can see a great deal of information on your TV—including the time it has been on and off. Hit the ‘Power’ button to leave this mode.

How To Check Hours On LG OLED TV C1?

The button on the remote switch allows you to access – 

  • Quick Settings
  • Configurations
  • Device Preferences
  • About, and Status. 

How To Check Hours On LG OLED TV Cx?

  • Click the SMART power button and choose Settings > Time on the TV menu. 
  • From the TV’s menu, choose the On-Time option.

How To Check Hours On LG TV C1?

  • Pressing and holding the remote control’s button for a few seconds. 
  • Then, press and hold the TV’s ‘MENU’ button for several seconds. 
  • You will see the Service Menu on the screen. After “UTT,” you can see how many hours were utilized.

How To Check Hours On LG TV C9?

Power off hit MUTE, then POWER, and look under CONTROL to see the recorded hours.

How To Set The LG TV’s Sleep Timer Without The Remote?

The LG Smart TV has several features that make watching television more enjoyable and convenient. The TV comes with an on/off timer, enabling you to set a specific time for the TV to turn on and off. 

When it does not work, you may discover how to repair it and use it both with or without the remote on your TV.

  • Changing the timer on the LG Smart TV is a simple process.
  • If you have not already done so, push the Home button on your remote control.
  • To open the Settings menu, click the cog icon in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Look at timers in general
  • To put your TV into Sleep mode after a specific time, you may set sleep and on/off timers from this location. With this feature, you may choose how your TV will come on when you choose (HDMI, Streaming Services, AV, etc.).

Without A Remote, How Do I Use My LG Smart TV?

The TV must be switched on before you can use the app. If you lose your remote, LG smart TVs may be turned on using the physical TV’s power button.

The ThinQ app may be downloaded. Activate the app when it’s been downloaded and installed. Connect the phone or tablet you’re using to access the app to the TV’s network. If that is the case, this approach won’t work.

Activate the plus sign. To put it simply, it should be located on top of the display. After that, the app will ask you a series of questions. Click OK after you have finished filling out the form.

Visit the Home Products page. A list of gadgets that can be plugged in will appear in the app. Click here to watch TV.

Choose the LG TV of your choice. It will take time for the app to detect all the adjacent devices. Make sure you have the proper TV set up.

Enter the code here. You will see a code on your television. Go to the app on a smartphone and type in the code.

Visit the main page once again. All of your TV controls will appear on your phone after finding your way back to your house. You may now use it the same way as a standard remote control.

How To Program LG TV Scheduling

By setting up a schedule based on a single programmer, you may configure the Smart TV to change to or record that particular show. Follow the following tasks to utilize the Pick schedule by programmer function:

  • Press the Q.Menu button just on Magic Remote Control to bring up the Screen Remote from the current screen.
  • Screen Remote: Select to see the Progress Bar.
  • To access the schedule-recording window, click Schedule on the progress bar.
  • Choose a timetable based on a programme.
  • Choose a show from the EPG’s list of available shows.
  • Select a schedule function from the drop-down menu.
  • Schedule the TV to switch to the show when it airs automatically.
  • Chooses a day for repeating, a time of recording, and a date for viewing the programmer.
  • Do not worry if you have lost the LG intelligent TV remote; there are several ways you can still use it.
  • In addition to utilizing using LG ThinQ app, additional options include using an app store or a streaming box. Even if you do not have an Xbox One, you can still use your smart TV’s capabilities and applications if you have an Xbox One.


The longevity of plant matter has been disputed since OLED had been a research effort. LG claims there is no need to be alarmed. As per a report in Korea Times, the newest OLED TV model also has a lifetime of 100,000 hours.

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