How Many HDMI Ports on Samsung TV?

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HDMI ports are a standard feature on most modern TVs. They allow you to connect external devices such as cable boxes, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players to your TV.

The number of HDMI ports on a Samsung TV can vary depending on the model and size of the TV.

However, most Samsung TVs come with at least two HDMI ports, with some models having up to four HDMI ports or more.

How to Find the Number of HDMI Ports on Your Samsung TV?

To find out how many HDMI ports your Samsung TV has, you can check the specifications listed for the TV.

Alternatively, you can physically look at the back of the TV and locate the HDMI ports.

hdmi port marked in a samsung tv
This image shows how HDMI port looks like in the backside of a Samsung TV

You should be able to identify them easily as they will be labeled with the letters “HDMI.”

Most famous 10 samsung tv models and number of HDMI ports

This table has the most purchased Samsung tv models and respective HDMI port numbers.

Model NumberNumber of HDMI Ports
This table shows 10 most famous samsung TV model numbers and respective number of HDMI port

Please note that the number of HDMI ports can vary depending on the specific model and size of the TV.

What can we do with Samsung Smart TV HDMI Ports?

To know the use of Samsung Smart TV HDMI ports, it is essential to read about the types of HDMI ports. There are mainly five different types of ports such as A, B, C, D, and E. The most common HDMI port is used which has 19 pins, Type A. This is further used to connect HDTVs, Laptops, and DVD players. 

Let us see how we can use Samsung Smart TV HDMI Ports. 

1.      Watch movies and video content.

The most popular use of HDMI is you can watch video and audio content from your laptop and Mobile. A TV certainly gives a better view of your desired content. For instance, if you want to watch your favorite movie, you just connect your Mobile with an HDMI cable. You can even use your laptop to watch any content, be it a movie, songs, wedding videography, etc. 

2.      Connect to the second monitor

Another popular usage to connect HDMI cable is watching content on two different screens. However, most people find it in working on one computer, but some require two. If this is your case, you can find it easily with an HDMI cable. This is often used by video editor, developers, etc. Moreover, it mainly improves the minimizing and maximizing of the windows that improve productivity.

3.      Connect your Decoder

Yet another good use of HDMU cable is connecting your Samsung smart TV with PayTV or air decoder. With this, you can come with high-quality audio or video content on your TV. Another benefit you can enjoy with HDMI is you can connect your TV to a streaming box TV. With this, you will be able to watch video content, and people are able to watch Apple, prime video, or other entertainment. However, these services are increasing at a rapid pace. 

Now with HDMI, your TV is no longer to be TV. It becomes smart, and streaming boxes can help you achieve the good results you need. 

4.      Connect the soundbar

If you love listening to loud music along with watching video content on a high-quality level, then HDMI is available to you. This results in raising the sound quality, and it gives better output on your slim TV. However, to make its use make sure your TV has a supportable connection to it.

How do I connect my phone with an HDMI cable to Samsung Smart TV?

If you want to connect the phone with an HDMI cable to Samsung Smart TV, then you will have to follow the given steps. 

1.      Check the charging port your phone has

With this, you will find three types of ports such as micro USB, Slimport micro USB, and USB type c. Check the port type that you have on your phone. 

2.      Check whether your TV needs a special adapter

Most new Samsung Smart TV has HDMI ports. If the port has an MHL logo, then it means your phone is supportive of MHL, and your TV does not need an adapter. 

3.      Connect the phone with a cable

Now, take your HDMI cable and connect it to your phone. 

4.      Connect your cable to the adapter

Next, you will need to connect the HDMI cable to the adapter to get the visual/audio content.

5.      Connect the adapter to the TV

To display the audio/video content on your TV must ensure you have connected the adapter to the TV.

6.      Use a TV remote to change the source.

Finally, to watch the content, you will need to switch your TV to HDMI. Then select what you want to check. 

These are the steps to be performed to enjoy the content with the help of an HDMI cable. While doing this, make sure you are performing each step carefully. In case of any doubt, you must ask an expert. 

Besides, if you want to connect your laptop or streaming channels, the above steps will be performed to get the best output. 

The Bottom Line

Most new Samsung Smart TV includes 3 HDMI ports for different uses. All you need to read the manual guide of Samsung Smart TV to get the best use of it. We hope with the above guide; you can know how HDMI ports can help you achieve good results.