Ring Battery Lifespan (2023 Guide)

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Are you planning to buy a Ring video doorbell? If so, then the first thing that comes to mind is how long your Ring video doorbell camera batteries last and how long they will work until they are recharged.

Well, don’t be panicked; here, I have come to you to provide information about the lifespan of the Ring camera batteries.

In this article, I will let you know how long the battery lasts and provide other related information. So, stick with the article to know in detail.

How long do your Ring camera batteries last?

All right, in short, the batteries usually last well up to 3-4 months with an average battery life of about 2 months. However, according to Ring, they claim that the batteries should last for 6-12 months with normal use before they need to be recharged.

Basically, the battery life depends on how much your Ring Video doorbell is being used. If it isn’t used for normal use but rather used for more events, the battery lifespan will be reduced quickly, and it needs to be recharged fast.

The Ring usually manufactures its Video Doorbell using spotlight and stick-up cam battery cameras. Both cameras technically offer a 6 to 12 months battery lifespan, while the charging time is about 5-10 hours.

With that charge and normal usage, they feature a battery life of approximately 1,000 activations before having to be recharged.

How often do you have to charge your Ring camera battery?

Well, it usually depends on your usage. With normal use, your Ring video doorbell works perfectly fine, and therefore, its cam battery can go at least 2 months and a maximum of about 6-12 months. Yet, it may go less than 2 months, like a couple of days with high usage.

Moreover, several factors reduce cam battery life and thus require more frequent recharges, including your home’s environmental and outdoor weather conditions, the number of high events captured, etc.

So, if your Ring video doorbell is exposed to various environmental conditions and captures more events, you need to recharge your Ring camera battery more frequently.

While on normal usage, the battery life can reach about 6-12 months technically, and you don’t need to recharge it within this time generally.

Ring doorbell battery dies quickly: Let’s Fix

As I mentioned before several factors decrease your Ring Video Doorbell battery life; therefore, it can’t hold a charge for so long.

So, if you are experiencing that your Ring doorbell battery drains so fast and thus you have to charge it more frequently, know that these factors cause this battery to drain quickly.

Well, now, I will describe the most common factors in detail that let your battery drain too fast.

  1. The Outdoor Weather Conditions

One of the most common factors that may cause your Ring doorbell battery to die is if your outdoor weather condition is not conducive to the battery. Basically, both low and high temperatures reduce the lifespan of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

If the temperature goes below 40°F, the Ring doorbell battery will be less effective, can’t hold its charging capacity, and may fail to recharge. It doesn’t matter then if your doorbell devices are hard-wired.

Not only that but also during this time, these batteries tend to show some behavior changes like at 36°F temperatures, the efficiency of the battery charge holding capacity will be decreased, at 32°F temperatures, the battery won’t be recharged at all no matter if it is connected to a power source.

And also, at -5°F temperatures that are considered too low, your Ring doorbell battery will stop performing completely.

Moreover, your doorbell battery will also stop working if the temperature is high enough due to exposure to direct sunlight, which causes overheating. And, ultimately, it leads the battery to fail and let it die quickly.

  1. Capturing a high number of events

If your Ring Video doorbell device captures a high number of events like a lot of foot traffic or vehicles in front of your house door, the doorbell’s motion detector will be triggered. And, thus, it will capture more events and send you an alert by using its battery power.

So, the battery charges are drained quickly due to being engaged by capturing a high number of events throughout the day. As a result, it needs more frequent recharge to keep the doorbell in working condition.

  1. Having a poor Wi-Fi connection

If your Ring doorbell experiences a poor Wi-Fi connection and access to a strong Wi-Fi signal, it can’t work efficiently.

The device has to struggle more to find a strong Wi-Fi range connection, and thus automatically, the battery transmits high power that leads to higher battery consumption. Therefore, the battery of the Ring doorbell device drains so fast.

How to keep your Ring doorbell camera and the battery long-lasting?

Well, several ways help to keep your Ring doorbell camera and the battery long-lasting. Besides, by following these ways, you can also minimize the battery recharging time. So, here are they-

  • Prolonged the battery life of your Ring doorbell by hardwiring it to your home’s pre-existing power outlet, such as an electrical circuit.
  • Limits the use of live streaming of video footage from the doorbell device and only uses it when you actually need it.
  • Avoid too high or low outdoor weather temperatures to keep your doorbell functional.
  • Adjust the motion detector of the doorbell device to reduce too fast battery drainage. You can set up motion detection zones and use a motion schedule to adjust the motion detector settings. Or, you can also adjust advanced motion detection zones and motion frequency.
  • Ensure an optimum level but a strong Wi-Fi signal strength to run your Ring Video doorbell more efficiently. Here, you can install a Wi-Fi booster to access a strong Wi-Fi connection and increase the signal.
  • Besides, you should also monitor the Wi-Fi signal strength by monitoring the RSSI-Received Signal Strength Indicator using the Ring app. So, you can ensure a strong signal.
  • Don’t recharge it when the charge level is full; rather, recharge it in low-level charge conditions.
  • Make sure that the nightlight option of your Ring doorbell device is switched off during the daytime. This is because turning on the nightlight feature reduces the battery power, thus draining the battery quickly.
  • While charging the battery of your doorbell, you should use the charger of your Ring doorbell device that comes with the box.
  • Avoid high currents as well as high charges while charging the doorbell battery. Besides, low discharging of about 2-2.5 volts should also be prevented.

Final thoughts

Ring video doorbell has gained much popularity as a home security product. Besides, having a rechargeable battery with so many features such as incredible audio and video abilities, even with night vision, makes it more reliable.

However, since it comes with these features, you may be wondering how long the cam battery of this Ring doorbell device lasts and provides security services.

Therefore, in this article, I have tried to describe the above-mentioned issue by providing some other information that you may want to know while considering having a Ring video doorbell for your house.

All right, it’s your time to decide if you will have this incredible Ring doorbell as your home security system.