Do your ring doorbells come with batteries?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

Install a ring doorbell and be free from unnecessary worries! Well, it’s a great idea indeed, but before having this one, you may be wondering what keeps them charged so long and makes them work as your security guard.

Do your ring doorbells come with batteries? Or, do they need to be hard-wired or need a power source to be charged?

Well, here in this article, I will tell you about the above-mentioned issues. So, your doubts about these things are removed, and you can have them without any hesitation. So, let’s see whether they come with batteries or not.

Do all the ring doorbell models come with batteries?

In short, yes, your ring doorbells come with batteries. According to Ring, they feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so you can charge them further if they are out of charge.

And, to charge the ring doorbell battery, you will need a micro-USB cable. However, it would help if you bought an additional doorbell battery as a battery backup. Well, you can buy them on the online stores of Ring’s website. And, buying this extra one will cost you only $20.

Having an additional battery works as an alternator and helps to keep your ring doorbell in working condition while your main battery is in a charging state.

Usually, almost all ring doorbells come with batteries, including 1st and 2nd generation, doorbell-2, doorbell-3, doorbell-3 plus, as well as the Peephole Cam.

Yet, the Ring doorbell Pro and Elite don’t come with batteries; rather, they need a home’s existing doorbell wires and an Ethernet cable with internet connection accordingly to power themselves.

Besides, although they are battery-operated, all of them can be hard-wired as well, except the Ring Peephole Cam. However, if you do so like you have plugged in your ring doorbell to be hard-wired, it doesn’t matter really because they still need a rechargeable battery to operate.

For your better understanding, here I have provided you a table that will show you what power source has been used in which Ring doorbell model.

Ring doorbell modelPower-Source
1st generation Ring DoorbellBuilt-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
2nd generation Ring DoorbellBuilt-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Ring Doorbell-2Quick-release rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Ring Doorbell-3Quick-release rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Ring Doorbell-3 plusQuick-release rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Ring Peephole CamQuick-release rechargeable battery
Ring Doorbell Pro16-24 VAC doorbell wires
Ring Doorbell EliteEthernet cable with internet connection

How many batteries does your ring doorbell come with?

Well, the ring doorbell typically comes with only one battery. Ring manufactures their doorbell providing one rechargeable battery, and therefore, you need to buy an extra battery to continue your ring doorbell to work.

Besides, all the battery-operated ring doorbells can also be hard-wired to the home’s existing power source. By doing so, they don’t have to rely on their batteries all time; rather, they can use them as a backup power source.

Along with this, you can also use a solar-powered charger to keep your ring doorbell battery charged no matter what the weather condition is.

Overall, the hardwiring and a solar charger supply a tremendous and trickle charge to your ring doorbell battery. Therefore, one battery is actually enough to keep your doorbell functional. Yet, an additional doorbell battery also keeps it always performing and thus protects your home.

Do all ring doorbell models have removable batteries?

Usually, most ring doorbells have removable batteries. Yet, some models don’t have easily removable batteries as they are like a built-in battery or don’t have a battery inside them after all.

The 1st, as well as 2nd generation Ring Doorbells, come with built-in batteries inside them. This type of battery can’t be removed easily. Therefore, if you have to charge the battery of these Ring doorbell models, the whole doorbell has to be removed from the mounting bracket.

While the Ring Doorbell-2, Doorbell-3, Doorbell-3 Plus, and the Ring Peephole Cam come with quick-release removable batteries thus, you don’t need to remove the whole doorbell while charging their batteries.

On the other hand, the Ring doorbell Pro and Elite models don’t have batteries. So, there is no point in removing the battery in the case of these doorbells.

Does the Ring doorbell-3 come with a battery?

Yes, the Ring doorbell-3 comes with a quick-release rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This battery needs to be occasionally charged by plugging it via a USB cable, and it requires six hours to be fully charged.

With this charge time, the battery of the Ring doorbell-3 model lasts for at least 30 days. However, you can use your home’s pre-existing power to hard-wire it, so it can keep the battery charged to power the Ring doorbell.

To hard-wire the Ring doorbell-3 model, you will need the power source of 8–24-volt A/C doorbell wires. Yet, if you don’t have pre-existing home doorbell wires, you will need an A/C adapter to power your doorbell and helps it to work effectively.

Final thoughts

So, finally, your question about Do ring doorbells come with batteries? – has been answered. Hopefully, after reading the article, now you have an idea whether your Ring doorbell model has a battery or not.

Well, it’s time to get your security guard; I mean Ring Doorbell! So, please don’t waste time anymore; go and grab it fast!