How do I know if my LG TV is 4K?

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4K tv display technology is one of the trendiest tv features that everyone wishes to have; who doesn’t want to have clear and sharp images while enjoying their favorite shows? 

But before we dive in, what is a 4K TV?

A 4k tv resolution means that your tv set has a resolution of 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels, which is usually abbreviated as “3840 x 2160 tv.”

The “K” in 4K means kilo; Lg television set has achieved 4000 pixels on the horizontal resolution.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

As a result of the immersive experience offered by this technology, everyone wants to know if their devices support it.

The simplest way to know if your tv is 4Kis to check the user manual or the details on the packaging box. In some user manuals, this feature is denoted as “3840 x 2160”, 4K, or ultra-high-definition abbreviated as UHD.  

However, if you misplaced the user manual, keep on reading this guide to get the answers of how do I know if my LG TV is 4K.

How to check if my LG TV is 4K?

Every brand is taking advantage of the new 4k resolution to give its users a better experience. This feature makes the images sharper, thinker, and more precise due to their high pixel density.

Actually, if you bought the device within the last three years, it is more likely to support this feature. However, you are not here for guesswork. You need facts.

 Below are some of the checks you can perform to know if your TV is 4K.

Method 1: Check the user manual

As I earlier said, the simplest way to know if your tv is 4k is to check the user manual. In most cases, if not all, the manufacturers highlight the features of their devices on this booklet. Besides, you can also check the details on the packaging box.

Method 2: Check your tv specs online

Nonetheless, if you are too lazy to look for the manual, MR Google has your back. 

LG tv brand highlights the specs of its devices on their website, which you can access via this link.

Additionally, if you bought the device from an online store such as Amazon or eBay, you can visit the product page and click on the specification or features tab. 

Method 3: Use the menu screen

Another way to check if the LG TV is 4K is to check the device’s specs on the tv menu. 

You can follow the below steps or watch this video to know if your LG TV is 4K.

Step 1: Navigate to settings 

You can move to the settings screen by tapping the settings icon on your remote or finding the icon on the home screen and tapping on it.

Get to the settings screen and move to the next step.

Step 2: Tap on all settings

All settings contain general settings details about the device. These settings include pictures, sound, programs, connections, and much more. On the left side of the screen, find the All settings tab and tap on it. 

Step 3: Picture settings

4K resolution is a property of the picture display settings.

Therefore, tap on the setting of the picture.

Step 4: Additional settings

At the bottom part of your screen, tap on the Additional settings tab.

Step 5: video settings’

Next, find the video settings or display settings menu and tap on it.

Step 6: Check the output resolution

The video display menu contains the output resolution that shows the resolution used by the device to display the images. Thus, if your device supports 4k resolution, it should be indicated on the output resolution details. 

Are all LG TVs 4K?

One of the market secrets is to take advantage of new technologies that improve the user experience. As a result, most tv brands have incorporated the 4K resolution in their video display. However, that doesn’t mean that all LG TV’s 4K. Actually, this technology is only supported by models manufactured in the last three years.

Fortunately, you can check the device to see if it supports this technology by looking at its specs on the internet. Moreover, before paying, you can look at the user manual or consult the seller.  

How do I set my LG TV to 4K? 

The 4k video resolution is not set by default. Thus, you need to alter the manufacturer’s settings to display your images in this high-quality and clearer video setting.

Follow the below steps on how to set your LG TV to 4K;

Step 1: Navigate to the settings screen

Using your remote, click on the settings icon.

If your remote doesn’t have the settings icon, press the home button and then search for the settings icon on the screen. 

Step 2: Select All Settings

Clicking on the settings icon displays a menu of several types of settings. Click the All setting tab

Step 3: Picture 

On the displayed menu, click on the pictures and select picture options.

Step 4: Select Additional settings or controls

Select additional settings and then customize the picture settings to your liking.

Final words

4K is a high-definition video resolution that supports 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels. Consequently, it has a higher pixel density, resulting in sharper and clearer images.

 The LG TV brand does not lag. It has embraced this incredible output resolution which explains why it is ranked among the best television brands.

All of its latest products support this technology. Thus, you are guaranteed high-definition images if you have recently bought the device.

However, if you are still skeptical if your tv has 4k capability and wondering how do I know if my LG is 4K, you can check your user manual or the details on the packaging box.

Similarly, you can check the specs of your device on the internet.

However, you should note that the appliance does not have the 4K resolution setting as its default. Thus, you must navigate to the video settings and change to 4K. Fortunately, we have discussed all details in-depth. Therefore, there is nothing to trouble you. 

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