Does my LG TV have HDMI eARC or ARC?

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Determining whether your LG TV supports HDMI eARC, ARC or optical output is essential for achieving the best audio-visual experience. HDMI eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) and ARC (Audio Return Channel) are technologies that allow for the transmission of audio and video signals through a single HDMI cable. While ARC has been a standard feature in HDMI interfaces since version 1.4, eARC is a more recent development, introduced with HDMI 2.1, offering higher data rates and better audio quality. Knowing which of these your LG TV supports can significantly impact your home theater setup.

Here’s a quick how-to guide for identifying HDMI eARC or ARC on your LG TV:

  1. Check HDMI Ports: Look at the back of your LG TV to identify the HDMI ports. Ports labeled “ARC” or “eARC” will indicate the feature’s presence.
  2. Consult the Manual: Refer to your LG TV’s user manual for specifications related to HDMI eARC or ARC.
  3. Navigate to Settings: Go to the ‘Settings’ menu on your LG TV, then to ‘Sound,’ and look for an option that allows you to select the audio output as HDMI ARC or eARC.
  4. Check Compatibility: Ensure that your audio device, like a soundbar or receiver, also supports the same HDMI technology for seamless integration.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to identify whether your LG TV supports HDMI eARC or ARC and how to make the most of this feature. Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or a beginner, this guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive yet straightforward roadmap for optimizing your LG TV’s audio settings.

What’s an HDMI ARC?

An HDMI ARC is a connector that transfers both videos as well as audio through a single channel from the source to a destination, such as a speaker or a TV screen. It acts as an accessible channel for creating AV connections. With the interface evolving through time, you can now watch videos in highest form of resolution, which is 4K, 8K and even High-Definition Reality.

HDMI ARCs are used with Smart TVs that have built-in apps such as Prime Video, Netflix, etc. You need transmission of sound and visuals. It is also crucial for using devices like a gaming console, set-top box or even Spotify.

The HDMI is connected to a video source like a TV and an audio source like a soundbar or a speaker system. So you get the best reception of visuals with Dolby Sounds.

What’s an HDMI eARC?

HDMI eARC stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface Enhanced Audio Return Channel. It’s an evolved version of the HDMI ARC function and comes with the HDMI 2.1.

eARC increases the speed and the bandwidth of the connection, which allows transmission of higher-quality sounds. It sends 32 channels of audio with 192kHz uncompressed data signals at a rate of 38 Mbps.

eARC requires HDMI 2.1 features cable to function correctly.

How do I know if my LG TV has eARC?

The best way to catch out that LG TV has eARC is by looking at the hind of the TV and determining which HDMI port is connected to your TV. Then, inquire around the eARC port if it is connected or not.

Now, see if your AV device connected is compatible with eARC and whether the HDMI cable is HEC or HEAC supported. The sure-fire way to know is by visiting that HDMI 2.1 version is available on your TV.

How do I know if my LG TV has ARC?

If you wish to locate the HDMI ARC in your LG TV, look at the backside of the television set. HDMI is a legit label on the port, which one can identify very quickly, while any other port might mean that it is ARC supported. So, for example, a device that has an HDMI 14 will have ARC since it was made in 2009.

Since LG is a pioneer in making HDMI ARC ports, you will definitely find ARC ports in LG TVs.

 Some models of LG TV that support HDMI ARC is the LG OLED55C8PUA which is a 65-inch TV and very high-quality TV of 2018.

Where is HDMI ARC and HDMI eARC in LG TV?

For locating HDMI ARC, you must look in the back of the Television set. The ports will have been labelled with HDMI and ARC, respectively. Also, all TVs working on HDMI 14 must support ARC as well.

For locating eARC, A device has to be HDMI 2.1 certified, which will mean that it supports eARC. LG was actually the first brand to manufacture new TV models with the best Resolutions TV with 4K quality and HDMI 2.1 ports.

Therefore, in case you want to see whether your TV is HDMI ARC supported or HDMI eARC helped, check on back of the TV and read the ports’ label.

Which LG TV models support HDMI ARC?

Some LG TVs that support HDMI ARC are:

  • LG OLED55A16LA 55-inch Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV
  • LG OLED48A16LA 48-inch Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV
  • LG Nano cell 55NANO966PA 55-inch Smart 8K Ultra HD TV.LG 82UP80006LA 82-inch Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

Which LG TV models support HDMI eARC?

Some LG models that support HDMI eARC are:

  • LG G2 2022 | 4K OLED 55-97″
  • LG C2 2022 | 4K OLED 42-83″
  • LG B2 2022 | 4K OLED 55-77″
  • LG A2 2022 | 4K OLED 48-77″

How Do I Connect My Sound Bar or Receiver to the ARC?

  • First off, turn off the TV and the Soundbar to ensure no power surges through them and disconnect the cables.
  • Now, connect the HDMI eARC’s port with a high-speed HDMI cable to the Soundbar’s eARC port. If the ports are not labelled, then you can connect with whichever HDMI port you see. One optical cable will be connected to both devices as an audio cable. At the same time, one optical cable will come from the TV’s OPT-OUT (optical out) towards the Soundbar’s OPT-IN (Optical In).
  • Reconnect your visual device with the HDMI like a gaming console or a set-top box with the TV’s HDMI port. 
  • Simultaneously connect the Soundbar with the HDMI inputs.
  • Now attach the power cable with the socket and turn the power on for both the devices, i.e., Soundbar and the TV.
  • Go to Menu settings and allow the settings of Soundbar. Sometimes, you may have to adjust specific settings for the TV with respect to the compatibility of the audio device on your TV.

Now, once both of them are connected, you will be able to control the settings of both the TV and Soundbar with the TV from the TV’s remote or from the Soundbar’s remote as well.

Since they are connected at a single junction, it is easier to use a single remote control for controlling the sound as well as functions like turning on or off.

How do I convert HDMI to HDMI ARC?

Usually, all the HDMI cables work with ARC. However, you can plug the HDMI cable from one end of the cable to the ARC HDMI input and the other to the output, i.e. the Soundbar or audio receiver. Now, remember to turn off the power before attaching cables and such.

 Does HDMI ARC turn on Soundbar?

Yes. First, connect an HDMI cable from the output port to the Soundbar and TV’s HDMI port and change the soundbar settings to D.IN mode by clicking on the source button on the remote. Now, after 2 seconds, the Soundbar’s source will change to ARC automatically.

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