Globe Smart Bulb Review: Is It Good?

So I decided to automate my home and started with smart bulbs. I had many bulb slots empty, so I screwed in Globe Wi-Fi Smart LED bulb.

I am going to review what’s been my user experience with these lights, where to buy them at lower rates, what are the pros and cons, some of the popular queries, some user experiences of my friends and problems you might come to face while using them.

Stay tuned.

The lights are good. In fact included in Amazon’s Choice as well. I am really enjoying them as I can now turn on my lights before I reach home, amazing colors mark my entrance now.

Tunable colors also provide me with the choice to lower and enhance the brightness accordingly, works best for the health.

Let’s jump straight to their Pros and cons.


  • Awesome colors
  • Group Control with Alexa
  • Alexa compatibility
  • Dimmable lights
  • Control from anywhere


  • Comparatively low Brightness
  • Difficult to navigate app
  • Weak Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No 4G,5G, 5 GHz network Compatibility

How to use Globe Smart Bulb

Smart Lighting for Home

Download the GLOBE SUITE™ app, unbox the lights, screw them in, register on Android or iOS App, Connect to 2.4 G Hz network and all the next procedure is on the manual.

Now you can integrate them in your Alexa or Google Home Assistant routines as well.

Let’s discuss its pros: Globe Smart Bulb

The colors of the lights are just super cool.  The whole color set is perfect, there are more than 16M. On the top of that, I like awesome controls over brightness and temperature settings. I also like that I can group different lights and control them as sets. I can make different sets and operate them separately using Alexa.

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Setting them up was just like a breeze. Simple process. Linking them with Alexa routines was super easy and they are working smooth with my Alexa Voice Control option. My voice becomes Husky at times but these bulbs still respond well. Both Globe app and Alexa app work great in terms of normal controls

Another thing that I like about Globe bulbs is that they can dim from as low as 5% to max 100%, where 100% brightness seems pretty fair. I have so much flexibility to change the brightness that white color when kept at low brightness level, gives orange impressions

We can change the mood of our room depending on the activity. When our kids are doing homework we can put it at bright white, but I can change it to a soft white when me and Girlfriend are watching a movie.

Let’s discuss its Cons: Globe Smart Bulb

Well I have seen more than 800 Lumens in even $12 smart lights, but this even costly bulb provides 750 Lumens that certainly limit its brightness. Yes they are not that bright that I had expected. Even with 4 of them sparkling at 100% brightness, my room still needs more lights to look cool.  I would really appreciate more than 1000 Lumens for such price.   

Especially if I talk about the color mode, it clearly lacks enough brightness. Way lesser than the expected.

Though it’s easy to use the mobile app but it has some frustrating issues as well. For example, if you need to change the Temperature or Brightness settings, you do that only using Slider bars. It’s annoyingly tough to set a particular value here. As you lift the finger off the screen, the slider jumps and you have to reset it again.     

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Typing a number manually should be made available. It’s annoying.

Color wheel selector also has similar issues. You can’t type color value, rather have to select from the given, could still have been Ok but there are navigating issues.  

The Wi-Fi connectivity is also poor and weak. As I will discuss in the later part, many of my colleagues have had problems with the longevity of the connection.

To me, this is the biggest downside of these bulbs, Wi-Fi connection drops and you have trouble reconnecting it.

Plus you have to connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network to set up these bulbs. So the crux is you have to arrange some old Wi-Fi device to use these bulbs.

The lowest brightness setting still feels a bit too bright than usual

When on the lowest brightness mode which is 5%, it still shines as if brightness was still at least 50%. I think the lights need to be much lower bright for theatre effect. Only a firmware update can resolve this issue.

“Error Try ‘Switch Paring Mode'”

One of my colleagues had this problem. He had all the requirements done, in fact he went an extra mile. Stronger Wi-Fi signals, operating from iPhone app but still, every time he tried to follow the instructions, he had same error with the message “Error Try ‘Switch Paring Mode'”.

His bulb was constantly blinking and the same error was repeating. Many people reported loose Wi-Fi connectivity as well.

About weak network connectivity, a friend of mine said the following words:

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“The light were nice when they worked. Kept losing connection, and had to program each bulb at a time every time. Returned them all”

Some other complaints related to Globe Smart Bulb

Users have also reported a constant blinking.

Some have reported conflicts in the Wi-Fi when these bulbs are connected.  

Some users over the internet also reported malfunctioning in the app but my personal experience with the app is not that bad and my friends also like it.

Some of your questions addressed

What smart apps can be employed to use Globe Smart bulbs?


You can use Amazon Alexa, Android, Google Home, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Mac, Tablet to use these bulbs.

Is this Globe Smart Bulb 220v compatible?


No, Only 120v compatibility is supported.

Do these bulbs provide any Anti hacking guarantee or at least some protocols?


There are no security protocols, it just connects to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. If your smart home is prone to hacking, you better have secure Wi-Fi connection and use only safe-to-risk products. Bulbs are amongst them.


I love these smart bulbs. There are some downsides obviously, Low brightness, little app issues and weak network connectivity but there are some cool features as well.

These bulbs let you change the color of your room too so you can create the perfect mood for any situation. Perfectly hands -free, control your bulb with the sound of your voice using your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or GLOBE SUITE™ app

Overall 4 stars so far but I’m rounding up to 4.5 since the issues could easily be addressed in an update.

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