Fitbit Charge 5 Band Falls Off: Solution?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

After I purchased a Fitbit charge 5 devices, I thought that I had everything under control. The watch was functioning well, giving me an embracement for my life with various readings.

But that was until I realized the upper clasp keeps coming, and there is a risk of dropping my Fitbit charge 5 off. After going through various forms, I realized that more users have faced several occasions and lost their devices.

How To Stop The Fitbit Band Keeps Detaching?

How To Stop The Fitbit Band Keeps Detaching
Hair Elastic

I tried various ways, went through forms, watched videos, and found some ways of keeping the Fitbit band without detaching. Here are what I found.

Tie A Waxed Knotting Cord Or A Hair Elastic

I discovered that some users had gotten better and inexpensive results using a Wax knotting cord. They had knotted a waxed cord in the last groove and created a wristband utilizing the rest.

Even if the Fitbit watch detached from your hand completely, it will hang on.

I saw that hair elastic would also be usable for this and ease blood circulation into the fingers.

Note: If you use a Wax code or an elastic that matches your skin tone, no one will notice it

Hear The Attaching Noises Well

Most Fitbit users are not aware of the locking, fitting, latching, or attaching sounds of their devices. For example, Fitbit charge 5 has clicking and snapping that verifies a well-attached device.

When it comes to a Fitbit charge 2, there should be a buckling-up noise wearing it. There is a specific sound for the wristbands, and Fitbit has especially been careful about them.

If you don’t wait to hear them when earing, that might cause a half-attached band to your wrist.

Note: There is a specific choice when you attach a band to the Fitbit. I found that half-attached Fitbit bands have caused losses to the users. Therefore, you must be careful about latching noises.

Keep A Few Bands Rather Than Two.

Keep A Few Bands Rather Than Two for Fitbit

If you have two Fitbit charge 5 bands that you change frequently, there is a chance to detach the band without pulling. I found the detaching and attaching are controlled by two flat buttons on both sides.

When the movement of these flat buttons increases when releasing, the latches may be unloosened. When I inquired about those who lost the Fitbit Charge 5 due to hatch detaching, they confirmed.

I suggest you use more than 02 Fitbit charge 5 bands if you are a band changer. If not, you must stick to one band.  

A Fitbit Charge 5 Fastener

The use of a Fitbit charge band fastener is also a better choice. I found that a band fastener has the ability to reduce the watch dropping by 80%.

I found the following Fitbit band fasteners on Amazon. You may purchase them for a reasonable price and expect the highest security for your Fitbit charge device.

I found this specially designed glowing band fastener by Bitbelt that helps protect your device.

Does Fitbit charge 5 band clip help?

Yes, they do. You can easily wear your Fitbit charge 5 using a band clip without a buckle, snapping, or worrying about the locking.

I did not find any Fitbit charge 5 users who had lost their watch after using the band clip.

How To Protect Fitbit Charge 5 Band Breaking?

How To Protect Fitbit Charge 5 Band Breaking

It is essential to place a watch while focusing the least power on it. That saves the watch band from breaking.  

I observed that Fitbit users did not have the proper awareness when wearing a watch. That had driven them to break their devices’ bands as well.

  • Wear a Fitbit device loosely. The watch should be able to move forward and backward after wearing.
  • Keep the Fitbit charge device two inches away from the wrist bone while exercising.
  • Reduce the number of bracelets or accessories on the hand that you wear the Fitbit
  • Don’t attach accessories to the Fitbit charge 5 (Don’t attach many band fasteners)

How Do You Fix A Broken Fitbit Clasp?

If you have a broken Fitbit clasp, you may follow the below steps to fix a typical Fitbit clasp at home.

  • Purchase a new clasp from the Fitbit
  • Turn the Fitbit other side and hold it using two heavy things you have
  • Insert the new Fitbit clasp into the hole (you must firmly insert it)
  • Use a superglue if you feel the clasp is not fitting well to the belt

Note: I found out that the band replacement is the most convenient and time-saving fix for a broken clasp.

Is there a warranty on Fitbit bands?

Is there a warranty on Fitbit bands

Yes, Fitbit bands have a warranty period of one year under normal use. If they detect a defect or a replacement, you will not be eligible for the warranty.

Also, you have a 45-day money-back guarantee for the Fitbit watch and the band.

Where can I buy Fitbit charge 5 replacement parts?

I found three main places for purchasing Fitbit replacement parts, Fitbit Online Accessories, Aliexpress, and Amazon.

How to wear a Fitbit charge 5 properly?

  • Take the watch on to the right hand (If you wear the watch on the left hand)
  • Place the watch 01 inches behind the wrist bone.
  • Note: If you do exercises, the distance should be 02 inches
  • Send the bottom band through the first loop
  • Tighten the peg while your hand is still feeling relaxed
  • Send the loose belt through the second loop between the hand and the belt

Note: you may use a Fitbit band fastener for your charge 5 devices. If there is a band fastener, send the band through that as well.


If you have any problems with the Fitbit device’s band, accessories, warranty, and more, please contact Fitbit for customer assistance.

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