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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

On my Fitbit charge 4, there was a symbol that I could not identify. After going through several resources, I found the “Stairs symbol.” Although I searched Fitbit Charge 4 user manual, I could not identify the “Stairs” symbol and how it works.

Several users had not been able to identify the Fitbit charge 4 meanings. I thought to list them for ease of use.

Symbols Indicated On Activities

You may see these symbols after swiping them up.

Feet Symbol

Feet Symbol in Fitbit

The steps you walked are displayed through this icon. The Charge 4 will count the steps you walked within 24 hours and save them for your preference. (The clock starts at midnight and ends at midnight every day)

You will find the same data on your Fitbit App on the smartphone by going to “Activities” and then Today.

Hourly Activity Goal Icon / Standing Man

The standing man icon symbolizes the hourly activity goal you should complete. You will see this icon always along with a half. For example, it may show you as 150/250. 150 means the steps you have taken, and 250 represents the steps you have set hourly.

Note: You can change the hourly goal or even turn it off completely.

Zone Symbol

Zone Symbol is to remind you about the Active Zone minutes. It symbolizes the number of minutes you have been actively participating in intensified activities. According o world health standards, it is recommended to do moderately hard work for 150 minutes.

You will be given 22 minutes daily, and the watch will monitor it. That is why you see it as half out of 22(155 minutes per week).  

Heart Symbol

Heart Symbol in Fitbit

The heart symbol symbolizes the heart rate when you are resting. If your heart rate increases due to an activity, you will be moved to a Heart Zone. It will be counted as BPM.

Heart Symbol In A Circle

The heart Symbol in a circle delivers the heart rate info when you are in a heart zone. You will automatically be brought into a heart zone during any activity. That will be symbolized by a heart that is covered by a circle.

The circle around the heart symbol will be filled when the heart rate increases. When you do moderate activity, it will keep filling.

Note: These data will be counted for the Active Zone minutes, and the watch will notify you.  

Empty Herat Symbol

This indicates the difficulties when detecting the heart rate. Lack of skin contact is the same meaning. Also, this will come when the user has turned off the heart tracking.  

Map Locator

Map Locator in Fitbit

Map Locator indicates the distance you have walked. The distance will be indicated as a goal that fills the more the user walks. That will be shown in miles. The clock will be reset for the day at midnight.

Note: You can see the distance data for up to 01 weeks without the premium. Along with the premium feature, you can access the activity data for up to 03 months.

Flame Symbol

The flame symbol on the Fitbit charge 4 indicates the calorie burning. It will be indicated in a circle that fills when you do activities. Workouts, pace, speed, distance, time, steps, and heart rate are used by the watch to depict the flame symbol. The circle will be emptied at midnight.  

Stairs Symbol

Stairs Symbol in Fitbit

I found that the floors I climbed are displayed through the Stairs symbol. When I climbed 3 meters with the watch, the device would remember it and count it as 1 floor. Users can set floor goals as well.

Note: Although you go downstairs, the device won’t calculate or subtract the floor count. Only the additions will be remembered as a plus.

Score In A Circle

The SPO2 score is displayed in a circle as a value. Below that, you will see a sleep icon and SPO2 in words. The score displays as a digit below 100. The values will be displayed with comments such as “Good.”

Also, the value will not change until you take sleep at night. The percentage you see at the moment is related to the previous night’s sleep.

Moon Symbol

The Moon symbol indicates sleep. The number of sleep hours, light, deep, and REM sleep-like details are visible through this symbol. Your sleep will be recorded both night and daytime. You will see it in hours and minutes below the Moon symbol. 


The settings icon will give you access to the GPS, Sleep tracking, and more settings. If you want to perform a reset, you must get here.


There are 39 apps on the Fitbit charge 4. But, the Fitbit charge 4 contains only Exercise and Spotify as pre-installed apps. You may access the apps by swiping left.  

Running Man Symbol

Running Man Symbol in Fitbit

The running man symbol indicates access to the exercise modes. You may set the exercise modes such as running, biking, swimming, hiking, and more after clicking on this.


The Spotify icon symbolizes the Spotify app. After clicking on this you can go to songs you have been listening to on your account.

Note: you must have your smartphone to listen to the songs.

Other Symbols on App

If you have symbols belonging to apps that you don’t know, go to “All Apps” on your Fitbit app. After that, you will see to what app that symbol belongs.

I found this article on the Fitbit website. It teaches how to install and manage apps on Fitbit charge 4.

Warning Symbols On Fitbit Charge 4

I discovered some warning symbols you should care about on the Fitbit charge 4 devices.

04 Dots

04 dots means you must perform a restart or reset to fix this issue. You won’t be able to see or do anything to the watch.

Play Symbol

Play Symbol in Fitbit

If you see this symbol during a workout, it means the device is still searching for a GPS signal. This will stay for 10 minutes and then shut automatically.

The Exclamation Mark

You will see this sign when you either have a low battery or a failed firmware update. You must connect the charge 4 to the charger and check. If it doesn’t work, you must continue the updating process.

Frozen Fitbit Charge 4 Logo

You must force restart the Fitbit charge 4 when you see the Fitbit charge logo for more than 05 minutes.

Notifications Symbols

Here are the notification symbols you may see on the Fitbit charge.


You will see the Zzzz symbol on charge 4 when you have set the alarm. After tapping on it, the alarm will snooze for 9 minutes.

Smartphone Notifications

Smartphone Notifications in Fitbit

You will see notifications from the smartphone. You will see them as the icon of the particular app.

Message Symbol

When you receive a text message, you will see this message symbol while the text appears below. You can see this text again in the notifications.

Call Symbol

You will see the call symbol when getting a call. You must go to your smartphone when answering the call.

Smiley Face

Smiley Face symbol in Fitbit

After performing a restart, you will see this symbol. It will disappear within a few seconds and turn on the device.


If you still have symbols that you can’t identify and feel troubling the performance, contact Fitbit customer assistance.

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