Can I take a firestick on a plane?

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If your vacation will take a little longer, then you would feel bad to keep on missing your favorite programs. Fortunately, the firestick is a portable compact device that you can easily carry.

But will the TSA at the airport stop you from carrying it along? Worse, will it work in your new location?

All your worries on if to carry your favorite streaming device on the plane have been answered in this article. So, you better get started reading. 

Can I bring an amazon firestick on a plane?

Travel security administration, TSA, imposes several luggage restrictions when travelling on a plane to guarantee the safety of the passengers. One of the common restrictions on electronic devices and the luggage weight.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

For instance, some devices are not allowed on a plane due to their heavy weight or probably because they interfere with the cellular networks, which is the main communication pathway for the plane.

Phones and firesticks are classified in the same category. Even though you are allowed to carry the phone into the plane, you must ensure it is on airplane mode or switched off.

Considering that the firestick is also in this category, the TSA will not stop you from carrying it to the plane. However, just like the phone, it may interfere with the planes communication pathway. 

Additionally, the construction of the firestick doesn’t contain components that are TSA-restricted.

To sum it up, the firesticks are classified in the same category as laptops and smartphones. Thus you can carry them on the plane. However, you should switch it off. 

Can I use a firestick when travelling on a plane?

The short answer is that you cannot use a firestick on the plane. Below are some of the reasons.

  1. HDMI port

A firestick is a USB-shaped device that is plugged into an HDMI port. Unfortunately, most in-flight entertainment systems have a port to plug in the headphones only. Thus, they do not incorporate an input point for your firestick. 

  1. In-flight WI-FI

This streaming device also requires the internet. In most cases, the Wi-Fi provided in the pane can only support a smartphone or tablet while on airplane mode. 

Unfortunately, the firestick doesn’t support the airplane mode, meaning that you cannot use it on this Wi-Fi. Actually, you shouldn’t even power it on. 

  1. Bandwidth requirements 

Apart from that, you cannot use the firestick because it has a higher bandwidth requirement to stream the movies. However, the Wi-Fi provided doesn’t meet this requirement. As a result, it cannot support firestick streaming efficiently.  

What should you know when travelling with a fire stick?

Now that you know that you can fly with the firestick on the luggage bag, you are probably all over the moon imagining how you will be enjoying your favorite programs and everything that comes with this device.

Well, while that might be true, everything is not guaranteed. Maybe letting you know what to expect when carrying the firestick to your vacation will prevent disappointments. 

  1. Some apps will be inaccessible

Some apps are blocked in some countries because of copyright licensing or any other issues that make them illegal. For instance, you cannot use HBO max app in countries like Indonesia.

Thus, if you are flying to a country that has blocked one of your favorite firestick apps, you will not be able to access it.

  1. You  need to change the location settings

For the firestick to operate in your new location, you need to change its geographical settings.

Changing the location allows you to access the apps and shows only restricted to your location. However, it will not go without you missing the apps and programs termed illegal in your new home. 

  1. some countries do not support video rentals on amazon

Firestick is manufactured by amazon and supports video rentals on amazon. However, this feature is only available to very few countries outside the USA. For example, Germany, Japan, Austria, Spain, France, and United Kingdom.

However, you can use a virtual private network if your destination country doesn’t support the video rentals on amazon. 

  1. You can use the firestick in the hotel

Unlike most planes that do not HDMI ports, most hotel in-entertainment systems have this port. Consequently, you can plug in the firestick and start streaming what you have missed during the flight and much more while in your hotel.

  1. You shouldn’t use the firestick when flying 

I won’t get tired of reminding you that you can fly with the firestick, but you cannot use it on the plane. It doesn’t support airplane mode. Thus, you shouldn’t even try to switch it on. Be patient, and you will use it when you get to your room. 

Can I move my firestick to another TV when flying?

You cannot carry your big screen on an airplane. I even doubt you would have wished to carry it considering its big size and the heavyweight.

Thus, if you can’t wait until you are back to use the firestick, you need another solution. For instance, can you plug it into a different television set?

The answer?

The firestick is crafted independent of the television set. Thus, it doesn’t rely on the television model to function as long as the TV set has an HDMI port.

Consequently, you can plug it into another television without any struggles.

However, you should set it correctly for seamless communication between the firestick remote and the television after plugging it.

Also, you need to be careful not to forget it when packing to leave because it is quite easy to leave it behind. 

Why are electronic devices restricted in airplanes?

For an electronic device to maintain its wireless communication, it must be connected to the closest telephone cellular tower. Thus, changing your location sends signals to find the closest cellular tower.

On the other hand, planes use cellular networks to maintain communication. Thus, if the electronic device is powered on and still tries to find the available cellular tower, it may get into the way of the plane’s communication.

As a result, the electronic devices must be switched off or activated to airplane mode to cut off their communication. However, the firestick doesn’t support the airplane mode; hence you need to keep it off.

The electronic devices are restricted in a plane due to their heavyweight and big size. Fortunately, the firestick has a light and compact size; hence, the transportation security authority has no problems with you carrying it to the airplane. 

Final words 

If you can’t pass a day without looking at your favorite TV programs, it might be stressing you out that you might have to leave your streaming device behind.

Fortunately, a firestick is a lightweight, compact device within the TSA weight requirements. Actually, it is categorized in the same group as a smartphone; hence you can fly with it on a plane.

However, it doesn’t support the airplane mode found in the phones. Consequently, you will have to power it off throughout the journey to prevent it from interfering with the planes communication lines. 

Even better, most of the hotels in-entertainment systems have an HDMI port where you can plug in the firestick. Besides, its operations are not TV set specific; hence you can use it on any TV model with an HDMI port.

However, you better be warned that there will be some changes. For instance, not all apps are available in all countries. Besides, you may have to use a VPN if your favorite channel is banned in your new home. 

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