Are Eufy doorbells easy to steal?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

We could see that some customers had been curious if the Eufy doorbells are steal-proof as well. In this article, we have brought you the readiness of the Eufy doorbells against thefts and measures you can take. 

Hard Reset Works on Behalf Thieves, But

If a thief steals your Eufy Doorbell, they may use it for another home appliance. All they need to perform is a hard reset. 

Suppose that thief has another Eufy doorbell, then he will be able to use it for his system. Even if the particular person is on the recorded videos saved in your home, he can delete all those files at once even before you see them. 

We inquired about this matter from Eufy official support, and they confirmed it. The support mentioned that this issue would be solved ASAP as they are working on a remote-server solution already. 

Note – Although a thief can steal your Eufy Doorbell and ears all his footage, you can save proof onto your smartphone.

The resetting must be conducted immediately after the theft is done. If the thief gets away from the WiFi network, he will not be able to complete the resetting by deleting all saved files. We practically think that a regular thief will not be smarter than this. 

The Detaching of The Eufy Doorbell

If a person needs to detach the Eufy Doorbell from the mount, they should use the detaching pin. It is somewhat more significant than the sim ejector tool, and we tried to eject the Doorbell using that. 

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We could not eject that but, we could do that using an unfolded file clip, and it took a bit longer. If there is a person who comes prepared with a hairpin or film clip, they will eject eh Eufy doorbell. 

Use Hard Materials to Mount The Eufy Doorbell

We could see that the Eufy cameras mounted on Wood are damageable and easily detachable in a theft attempt. As the reason for that, we realized that there were no pre-drilled mounting holes. 

A firm grip is capable of taking the Eufy camera off the mounting surface if it is wood. Therefore, we recommend you mount the Eufy Doorbell on concrete, brick, or stucco. 

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The exposure of the Eufy doorbell was the main reason we saw as a flaw. Besides the mounting, there is no physical security in front of thieves. 

We tried an Eufy doorbell anti-theft case to increase security. It was observed that the stealing time and the possibility could be reduced by 95% in these cases. 

You may try these Eufy doorbell anti-theft cases

Eufy Doorbell Camera Has 16GB Of Storage Space To Record

Eufy doorbells have internal storage of 16GB. It can save videos for up to 02 months with a single camera. When it comes to a dual camera setup, it will hold up to 01 month of videos. The point is, you will be able to identify the thief even if he detached the Eufy Doorbell and went away. 

We saw that some users had complained about the WiFi jamming. We tried to jam the WiFi connection we were reusing, and we could not. The Doorbell uses 2.4GHz WiFi along with necessary encryption. A customer may refer to models using AES-256 data encryption or military encrypted. 

Eufy Security App

Eufy security app allows you to keep your eye on the device wherever you are. There is a specific area known as the field of the doorbell camera. When a thief enters that area, you will receive a notification on your smart device. You can either warn the thief or capture his footage in the future. 

Theft Protection Policy

We thoroughly went through the Eufy official website and contacted the official assistance to know about any Theft Protection Policy. Neither Anker nor Eufy has introduced a theft protection policy. They said that they are working on it, and it will be made available from 2024 onwards. 

We found this article from Eufy official website that explains their privacy. It will clarify you more matters.


We have explained whether Eufy doorbells are easy to steal or not from a different point of view. If you could not find what you seek, the Eufy official contact centre will clarify your doubts.