Best Eufy Doorbell Installation Height: Top Tips

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

You may use different Installation heights for your Eufy Doorbell when fixing it to a surface. But, you must choose the best Eufy Doorbell installation to cover a large area and get the best out of your Eufy Doorbell.

What is the best Eufy doorbell installation height?

The recommended Eufy Doorbell installation height is 48 inches or 120cm from the ground. 

You are free to make slight adjustments according to the following situations.

  • Having previously-drilled holes on the door or hard surfaces such as concrete and bricks.
  • Having obstacles in front of the camera may reflect the IR light of the doorbell cameras.
  • Not being able to maintain the 15-degree mounting edges on the recommended height.
  • Having reflective; lights that you cannot avoid (Sunlight).
  • Looking for a hard surface when mounting the Eufy doorbell.

However, we recommend you read the following guide to better understand the Best Eufy doorbell installation height.

How may the Best Eufy doorbell installation height differ in a vast range?

We understood that the height may vary in higher values on the following occasions. 

When there are more kids in your area

We tried to test whether the Eufy Doorbell can capture videos of children with the recommended height, 48 inches. If the children in your house or neighbourhood are below 4 feet, they will not be able to talk to you. 

Regarding our case, the Anti-Theft notification was sent as they had to get closed to communicate. We recommend you reduce the height to 36 inches in these situations.

When there are disabled people around

The average height of a wheelchair is about 19 inches. When a disabled person sits on a chair, the height will be 48 inches. We tested this fact and saw that you would not be able to observe them quite well. C:\Users\NINU\Desktop\5-02-03.gif

If you intend to use the Eufy doorbell for a hospital or any other place, you must reduce the mounting height to 42 inches.

When you have many visitors

If more people visit your house, apartment, or the place where you fix the Eufy doorbell, you may increase the installation height and location. The main reason is you get increased security for your doorbell. Secondly, you may observe all of them secretly.

Note: If you have more visitors and want to observe them discreetly, we recommend you use a wireless Eufy doorbell.

When you have too much noise

We measured that the noise intensities of a multi-floored house/apartment were also higher on the ground level. Although the sound intensity is 40 decibels (dB) on a typical house, that was measured as 63 decibels (dB) on the 12th floor of an apartment. 

The only thing you can do is to increase the installation height of the Eufy doorbell. So you can avoid unnecessary sounds.

Note: You must change the camera angle from 30° to 55°. If you change the height and the location, we recommend you to observe through the Eufy Security app as well.


We have simply explained the best height you need to maintain under different circumstances when installing your Eufy Doorbell. If you have issues with the angle you should set up or any other thing, you may contact the official Eufy assistance.

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