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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Apple’s AirTag device has grown to being  favorite tracking device. Not only is it affordable, but it offers some of the most extraordinary features to ever exist on tracking devices. You can use AirTag devices to keep track of almost every item in your life. Including your pets. 

AirTag tracking devices are tiny so they can be connected to any item including your cat’s collar. Although people have been using AirTags to keep track of their pets, Apple have never given an official statement encouraging or discouraging the use of AirTag to keep track of your pets. 

However, thanks to the large community of Apple’s AirTag users, I have collected some of the common experiences of people who have used AirTag on their cats. At the end of this guide I will give you a list of some of the best AirTag cat collar in the market. Stay tuned. 

Can I use AirTag for my cat?

Apple have not yet offered an official announcement on whether it is advisable to use AirTag for pets. However, most people who own cat have used an AirTag and there have been mixed feelings about the tracking device. 

For starters, there are not many techniques that can help keep your pets safe. If by any chance your pet wonders off, it might get lost forever. However, thanks to Apple’s AirTag, you can keep your cat safe now. 

AirTag has made it possible that even if your cat ever wandered away, you can use Find My app to track where exactly your cat is. Despite of It’s capability, there is some downsides to using an AirTag for cats. One of the big disadvantage is that you will need to attach the AirTag to a collar which cats really hate. 

We are going to sample some of the experience people have had with using AirTag for their cats in the review below.

AirTag cat collar review

Unlike pets like dogs who can be easily restrained, cats are tiny and can fit in open windows and wonder off. Your cat can then get confused and forget where it lives. To prevent this happening, you can buy AirTag tracking device for your cat which retails for $29. 

Connecting your cats AirTag tracking device to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is not very complicated. 

  • You only have to turn on your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, two-factors authentication, and enable Find My app. 
  • After all the requirements are met, bring the AirTag closer to your Apple device and it gets connected. 
  • You then go to Find My and start setting up. Rename your device to avoid confusing your cat’s AirTag with other AirTags you have. You can connect up to 16 AirTags to one Apple ID. 
  • Attach the AirTag to your Cat’s collar to start tracking your cat. 

Despite the ease of connecting an AirTag to your cat’s collar being easy, you will still have a hard time tracking your cat. 

Your cat is always on the move. 

Unlike a dog, you cannot restrain your cat with a leash. You can only put a collar for easy identification. 

Even if the cat is wearing it’s collar that is attached to a connected AirTag, it is impossible for your cat to be closer to your iPhone all the time.

You will therefore keep receiving Pop-up notifications of someone stalking your AirTag. This notifications can be very annoying. 

Find my network might not be as efficient as you think with cats

Most cats will avoid crowded places when Wondering off. If your cat is not in range of a working Find My network, it will get impossible to track it. 

If by any chance your cat is in a crowded place, you will receive thousands of notification telling you where your cat was last seen since it is mobile. This might make tracking your cat very hard.

 You cannot compare AirTag attached to car keys and cat’s collar. 

The sounds produced by AirTag might be annoying to both the cat and the owner

When an AirTag has left the side of the Apple device which is connected it’s Apple ID, a sound is triggered that can be used to pinpoint exactly where the device is. 

In our case, a cat will never stay closer to the owner all the time. If the AirTag sound is triggered, the cat might get confused. And since the AirTag will keep making noise until it is found, a lost cat might get more confused and keep running away trying to ditch the noise. 

On the other hand, every time the cat is in range of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch which is connected to find my network, you will keep getting notifications which can be so annoying. 

Sometimes the cat is just taking a walk.

Cat collars are uncomfortable

Although people use cat collars for their cats, cats really hate those accessories. They refrain them from doing what they want. 

Unfortunately, you will have to connect an AirTag to a cat collar since you cannot attach it to it’s skin. 

Most cats collars available in the market, are uncomfortable. You will have to find some high quality collars for your cats if you want to use AirTag to keep track of your cat. 

Is AirTag cat collar worth it?

Although AirTag cat collar are somehow uncomfortable, they have their advantages.

You will know your cat is okay

Every time you receive a notification about your cats location, it is a step closer to finding your cat. 

You can follow the trail of notifications you receive to know if your cat is coming home or going further away from home. 

It is easy to track a cat when it is resting

Your cat might wonder off and find somewhere to settle once it gets tired and confused. If there is someone closer who has an Apple device, your cat’s location will be updated on iCloud which you can use to track your cat. 

If by any chance someone finds your cat, they can easily reach out to your to give your cat back. 

An AirTag on the collar is the best way possible you can track your cat

Despite the sound produced when the Cat is away from the connected Apple ID, you can always tell where your cat is at all time. You can take advantage of find my network and Find My app to track your cat. This way your pet will never be lost forever. 

AirTags are very tiny. If your cat is already used to cats collar, it might not notice any change once you attach an AirTag. 

You cannot rely on just any collar for your cat. If you want to make your cat comfortable while keeping him safe, you should invest on the best AirTag collars. I have researched 10 best AirTag collars for your cat and given a brief explanation on them. 

Best AirTag Cat Collars

Nemo cat collar

Unique features

  • Sleek and lightweight: Simple design collar which is made of soft silicone to make your cat feel less uncomfortable
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the size of the collar from 20cm to 31cm. This collar is ideal for cats which weighs more than 3kgs. 
  • Safety: Nemo collar has a quick release clasp that opens if pulled reducing the risk of strangulation
  • Premium quality: waterproof, hypoallergenic and robust. Made of 100% soft silicone. 
  • AirTag case: The cat collar has an AirTag encasing which is from food grade TPE.

Simket AirTag cat collar

Unique features

  • Simple design: Simket AirTag cat collar is made of silicone and nylon material. It is tiny which makes your cat comfortable.
  • Airtag case: The cat collar comes with a casing which is the same color as the collar. The casing perfectly fits an AirTag. 
  • Adjustable: Simket cat collars have an adjustable length of between 7.8-13 inches. It has have a width of 3/8 inches. Your cat will not feel the cat collar in it’s neck.
  • Breakaway safety: This cat collar comes with a safe buckle that ensures the cat can break free Incase it gets stuck. The collar come with a bell which is detachable. 
  • Lifetime warranty: Simket offers a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee. If your cat does not like the collar, you can get your refund with a lot of ease. 

EXIEUSKJ Airtag Cat Collar

This AirTag cat collar comes with a bell that can help you easily locate your cat. Some of the other unique features of this cat collar are:

  • Simple and elegant design: EXIEUSKJ Airtag Cat Collar has a unique design and a silicone case used to hold Apple AirTags 2021. 
  • Easy to use: You can easily insert your AirTag into the silicone casing. The cat collar has a quick-release buckle. It’s D-ring hardware contributes to it’s ease of use.
  • Adjustable: This safe breakaway cat collars has lengths that can be adjusted between 8.1-12.7 inches. You can detach the safety release buckle by applying some force. And Incase of strangulation, the cat can easily breakaway from the collar. 
  • Reflective: This cat collar is made of a reflective material which makes it easier to see your cat in dark. It ensures that your cat is visible at night which helps prevent accidents. 
  • Pets Name tag: EXIEUSKJ cat collar come with a tag that you can include the cat’s name, and it’s address. However, since you are going to include an AirTag device on the collar, you should avoid adding your home address on the tag. 

The cat collar has a bell which can be detached Incase your cat is noise sensitive. 

OEBEESA AirTag cat collar

Unique properties

  • Simple and elegant design: This cat collar is specially designed to be used by Apple Airtag only. You simply put the AirTag device inside the holder. You however have to buy the AirTag separately. 
  • Breakaway safety: The AirTag is designed in a way your cat can break free Incase it gets stuck. It is designed with cat’s face and round ears to prevent it from scratches. 
  • Waterproof: The silicone material used to make the AirTag case is water proof and scratch proof which protects your AirTag from damage and water.
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the length of the cat collar from 8-11 inches depending on the size of your cat. It is however comfortable for small kittens. 
  • Comes with cute set: OEBEESA AirTag cat collar comes with 1 cat collar, a bow tie, protector film and 1 AirTag holder. The set are flowery which makes your cat look cute and fashionable. It comes with a variety of colors.

Smpili cat collar

Unique features

  • Simple and lightweight: Smpili cat collar has a simple design with an adjustable length of between 8.66-13.78 inches. This ensures you can use it even for large kitties. The width is the cat collar is 0.4 inches. Your cat will not notice the collar around it’s neck. 
  • Reflective design made specifically for AirTags: This cat collar is specifically made for AirTags. It has an elastic AirTag. ASE which ensures your AirTag device is firmly held at all times. 

The cat collar is reflective which ensures the safety of your cat at night. 

  • Fur friendly material: Smpili cat collar is made of nylon rather than silicone which is more soft. You cat will therefore not hurt it’s skin Incase it rubs itself. 

The cat collar is equipped with sturdy strap. It is impossible for your cat to chew the strap or even get struggled. 

  • Waterproof: The nylon material used to make the cat collar is waterproof and scratch proof. Your kitty can enjoy a day in the rain without the fear of your AirTag getting damaged. 
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning the cat collar is easy. You only need wipes and your cats collar is clean. 
  • Breakaway buckle design: Your cat can easily release itself from the collar Incase it gets stuck. 

UMOPET AirTag cat collar


  • Adjustable: This cat collars have been upgraded to fit cats and small dogs perfectly. They come with holes that accommodates length adjustment of between 4.8-12.8 inches. 
  • AirTag casing: UMOPET cat collars come with a casing that can hold AirTag device perfectly. 
  • Comfortable and simple design: This cat collar is made of soft silicone which makes it comfortable for your cat. It comes with 2-fixed buckles which ensures the collar remains intact even when the cat is running. 
  • HD protective Film: This cat collar comes with 1 HD protective film that prevents your AirTag from dust, scratch, dirt, and drop. 

Fossa AirTag Cat Collar 


  • AirTag casing: Fossa AirTag cat collar comes with a casing where you can put your AirTag device for tracking. 
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the length of the cat collar between 8.6-12.6 inches. 
  • Latch lock and comfortable: The cat collar is made of silicone material which makes it comfortable for the cat all day long. It come with a secure latch lock which ensures the collar remains intact at all time even when the cat is running. The cat can however remove the collar easily Incase it gets stuck. 
  • Refund guarantee: if your pet is not comfortable with the cat collar, your can return and get a refund without any struggles. 

All the AirTag cat collars that made the top 7 in the list of best cat collars have so much in common. They are all breakaway safety collars. This means that your cat can remove the tag with ease Incase it get stuck. 

Before purchasing any of the AirTag cat collars, you should read customer reviews to see if they are worth your money. 

Aside from AirTag being one of the smart Apple Innovation, Apple is coming up with more and more advanced devices. There will be a release of new MacBook in the near feature which is speculated to have more advanced features than any other Apple device. 

If you are interested in learning what this new MacBook will have to offer, subscribe to this page. I will always be the first one to inform you of any new innovations in the market. 


Although using AirTags is not recommended for pets, there is no official statement from Apple that prohibits the use of this tracking devices. 

Since you cannot attach the AirTag to your cats skin, you can use cat collars that are specifically made to attach AirTags. 

The guide above will give you guidance when you are buying your kitty a cat collar for AirTag. 

We will continue giving you more and more guidance for those who are new to AirTags in this page. So, if you want to learn all about AirTags, you should subscribe to my page. 


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