Can Samsung TV Play MKV?

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Samsung smart TV has become the first choice when it comes to making your home smart. Not only its smart features, but its looks drive you crazy. So, here we have come to yet another query people – Can Samsung Smart TV Play MKV files? Which Samsung Smart TV supports MKV files? How to play MKV files? These are the most asked questions which we will answer in this article. 

Actually, you may have lots of choirs regarding Samsung Smart TV. We hope you can find the answers and go on to practical solutions with this short guide. So, let’s dive!

Can Samsung Smart TV Play MKV Files?

The short answer is yes, Samsung TVs can play MKV files. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, not all Samsung TVs support MKV files in the same way. Second, even if your Samsung TV can play MKV files, you may need to convert the files to a different format in order to get the best results.

Which Samsung Smart TV Models Support MKV files?

Well, we know that Samsung Smart TV has all the standard features you want. But not every Samsung model is the same. Here in the table, we have enlisted the Samsung models from 2022 to 2023 that support MKV files. Check below:

  • Samsung UN40KU6300
  • Samsung UN43KU6300
  • Samsung UN50KU6300
  • Samsung UN55KU6300
  • Samsung UN60KU6300
  • Samsung UN65KU6300
  • Samsung UN70KU6300
  • Samsung UN75KU6300
  • Samsung UN85KU6300

If you have a Samsung TV that is not listed above, you can check the Samsung website to see if it supports MKV files.

All of the above models support both audio and video formats in high-quality. However, displaying the MKV files depends on what is inside. Moreover, every media file comes with certain limitations such as: 

  • General Limitations
  • Audio decoder limitations
  • Video decoder limitations

Most often says, they support those files which come with supported frame rates, and each TV model has its limitations. In case of confusion, you can read in-depth details here

How to Play MKV files on Samsung Smart TV?

Playing MKV files on Samsung Smart TV is easy until you know how to do this. Here is your guide to playing MKV files on Samsung.

A screenshot of a Samsung TV playing an MKV file
Samsung TV playing an MKV file

Introduce MKV format to Samsung Smart TV using a USB

Like other video container formats. AVI, .ASF, .MOV, MKV is quite popular feature. Since it supports numerous types of audio and video codecs and might include a universal subtitle format. More, MKV supports VobSub subtitles from digital video discs.

MKV videos can be played with the help of media players such as VLC, windows media players, and more that supports.

VLC Media Player gallery view on a samsung smart tv
VLC player view on a Samsung smart tv

MKV is really a smart and compatible feature of Samsung. However, some TV models don’t support it since MKV is a container, which is Matroska.

In fact, the MKV files support depends on the file which you want to play. If the file has bad compatibility with the TV, it won’t work. If you find your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t support MKV files, then convert MKV to Samsung Smart TV MKV codecs.

Convert MKV files into the Video converter

You can use any MKV video converter to make compatible video files for Samsung Smart TV. For your ease, here we are taking an example with the Leawo video convertor. It is a trusted and easy converter tool used to convert 180+ formats, including MKV to MP4 etc.

Here’s how you can do this. 

Step 1– Launch the video converter, then drag and drop the media file into this program to convert.

Step 2– Keep an eye on the big green button, and choose the change option there.

Step 3- Then open the format >> choose MP4 >> Profile as output.

Step 4- You can edit or make or 3D (it is optional) by right-clicking on the video and choosing edit.

Step 5- Tap on the covert button and set the output directory, and save the file.

Step 6- Now tap on the convert button, which is at the bottom of the page and see the results.

What are the smart tips for playing MKV files on Samsung Smart TV?

Here are a few tips that you could use to convert MKV files into compatible Samsung Smart TV formats.

  • It is true Samsung Smart TV is compatible with MKV files, but if your TV is not supporting it, you need to choose a video converter that creates supportive codecs.
  • You can use a USB device to support MKV files in Samsung Smart TV. You need to stick a USB inside the TV (where it is supported) and enjoy videos.
  • You can even stream the MKV to Samsung TV with the help of a media server.

Why are MKV files not playing on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV supports a range of formats in both audio and video. If your TV is not supporting MKV files, then the following are the reasons. 

1. If the TV has poor compatibility, MKV may not support it. 

2. If MKV media files frames are higher than the supportive specifications. 

3. If the MKV file is corrupted 

4. If the USB is not supportive and compatible with Samsung Smart TV

How can you play Mkv files inside a Samsung smart TV that does not support mkv files?

The answer is simple; you need to take the help of a video converter that converts MKV into MP4. Here, we are sharing some of the best and most free video converters you can use. 

DumboFab Video Convertor

To use this, follow the given steps.

1. Click on add video button and choose MKV files to convert.

2. Now tap on the format bar and choose Samsung TV .mp4.

3. Browse the destination and save the converted file.

WonderShare UniConverter

These are the steps to be followed.

1. Download the WonderShare UniConverter and import the MKV videos. 

2. Select the format (mp4, mp3, etc.) you will need to convert for Samsung Smart TV.

3. Save the files and play video.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

It is an excellent converter that requires the following steps to be performed. 

1. Open the WinX HD and tap on the +video button to add the MKV files. 

2. Then output profile status will open. So, check the MP4 video to convert. 

3. Once done, save the video and enjoy the streaming. 

The Bottom Line

Samsung Smart TV supports MKV files, depending on the files you are trying to play. In case you’re unable to play MKV, then a video converter can help. So, choose the best. We hope with the above-detailed information, you have added great knowledge about Samsung Smart TV. 

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